Naomi is diamond painting on Live for 24 HOURS! #MarathonForMentalHealth - INBELLA (2024)

In this live stream, I am going to attempt to diamond paint for a full twenty four hours! There will be prizes, chatting, trivia, and anything else I can think of to keep myself awake! Join me on this adventure (and bring lots of coffee)!

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all right I hit the live button hello hello what’s up guys gals and non-binary PS sitting and waiting in the chat room hello thank you for your support I appreciate it I am about to go live for 24 hours I don’t even know if I can do this you guys but I’m gonna try it we’re gonna see what happens that’s what we’re going to do and it’s for mental health so am I a crazy person probably am I enjoying myself anyways definitely um it has been already an adventure kind of embarking on just having a YouTube in the first place so hello gorgeous oh hey okay let me now I’m supposed to be able to oh maybe I got to do it in hold on I’m gonna have to check something Audrey I have to see whether I can get in on the live itself on the regular page to make you mod I’m not sure how to do it in streamyard let me let me do a little Google Fu really quick while I’m talking to everybody and y’all can look at my beautiful tools um make someone yes okay but I need that on streamyard oh I I can’t watch videos right now computer like that’s that’s not going to happen um is there anywhere where I can read that in text everything’s like videos that’s not going to work um well all right uh maybe I do it on my own page hold on a second let me’s see okay I’m trying to see if it will oh here we go okay I have two open there we go hi Shay what’s up now it says I’m supposed to be able to Aha there it is there we go all right Audrey you are now a moderator how goes okay so welcome how’s everybody doing we’ve got eight people in the chat that’s exciting I just got started okay so the idea is that I’m going to Diamond paint for 24 hours now have I missed two minutes yes I’ve missed two minutes but that was because I needed to figure out what in the heck I was doing um hello Duffy oh okay well thank you midnight huh well don’t worry I’ll be here for a while when you get up tomorrow morning I’ll still be here um going over my tools a little bit here I’ve got my dot dot Putty from Butterfly Effect wees they are one of the sponsors today thank you butterfly effect wears I oh turned my light off um I’m also using my P cat proof tray they’re also a sponsor today so um not sure that I can add it anywhere however today until the 1 of may you can save 20% on the cat proof website on Etsy by putting in Naomi 20 and you will save yourself 20% on your cat proof trays purchase I say go get you some they are amazing I have four different varieties and I love every one of them um I’ve got every like size that you can get I think there’s one of everything so you know go get you some the scents oh the scents from Butterfly Effect wears that they’re giving away are going to be the lucky clover which smells like Lucky Charms you guys it’s am amazing um and then they’re doing the Calypso which is their um upcoming scent for like this month’s drop I’ve got some sticky putty I finally figured out how to open this thing you guys like um okay so it I thought like you got to pull the tab or something no you just like you literally just use the tab thing and open it up uh maybe maybe no yes maybe oh no you know what it is you pull it out and then you can open it yeah use your smart brain nail me oh my god oh Lord okay I’m going to try and keep up on what’s going on in the chat well Wolfie it’s weird for me too don’t worry we can we can feel weird together hi Tracy how are you and go through hi Sarah hello anything core how are you Laura and ShadowCraft Christine Hi how are you welcome oh my goodness that would out smart you yeah it I’m not going to lie like when I did the uh unboxing I was like I messed with it for a hot minute like I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here like am I supposed to and I didn’t realize like the Unicorn is like the cover for it and then you just pull it out well you know you learn things you learn things in your Elder ages hi Leah how are you um so yeah as you can see I’ve never used this one because I have okay I got a sample of the super sticky in like I I purchased something else a bunch of other waxes and I got this like square of a sample and as you can see like I’ve Loved this little lump for so long I’ve just been using this because it’s amazing the super sticky is great if you’re a hard Placer like me get you get you that super sticky and then I’ve got a couple of pens these are from black wolf Woodworks uh they are amazing don’t judge me for my extraness okay I got them from a d stach so um okay so I am going to finish up I wanted to start working on magical moonlighter however um one of my friends Sarah hi Cheryl had con had convinced me that I need to finish working on aisai because I’ve literally only got a square like this this is it that’s all so hi Bobby we’re we’re gonna do this this is what we’re going to work on and I’m GNA get her finished and then I will work on magical moonlighter because yeah I I got to see this thing through to the end but I need to put some new putty in my in my uh Placer here how is everybody doing oh my goodness so I have been Panic stressed about this I mean I went to sleep I did get some sleep last night so there’s that I didn’t think that was going to happen that I was going to sleep but I was able to um I’m thrilled about that but I’ve been kind of panic stressed about it and I like overthink everything hi Carol how are um I I overthink everything like just generally anybody who goes onto my twitch streams or I mean if you watch my videos like even the whiping chats like I really overthink everything I over plan I overthink and I feel like that’s just generally uh a thing with people especially control freaks I’ve I’ve also found that most people use the rest of my winter dreams I’ve got like a little tiny nub left oh I I slept in a little bit don’t you worry about that I did I I did sleep in oh let me get on to the other thing and then I’m gonna make you a mod where’d you go there you are hello Sarah we’re gonna make you a mod bam moderating yes done all right um yeah I I I did sleep in but I feel like most people who Diamond paint are control freaks I I feel like every Diamond painter that I’ve met pretty much is a control freak and I’m not sure what what it is about us and maybe it’s just the the idea of placing dots for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours that like gives us some semblance of control over things that that’s why we dig it it but I’ve just found that most Diamond painters are control freaks yes overthinkers unite indeed because it just yeah it plagues me it plagues me so I like really sat just contemplating and contemplating and contemplating like how am I going to do these giveaways what am I going to talk about am I gonna am I gonna like the whole time I’m I’m like giving a whole Spiel I’m like na me just Diamond paint shut up in Diamond paint that’s what they came here for so I’m going to Diamond paint I’ll be talking about stuff but you know okay I love I love the perforated plastic okay I do I love it however I hope that they make the like because I know that they’re doing some changes I hope that they make the like perforations either a little bit I don’t know like thicker because what happens is it will literally tear the whole like if I pull too much it’ll tear it and then I end up with like a little ridy in it that I don’t like but I digress did I just turn my thingy off again yes um so yeah I figure I will Diamond paint I will talk about things to do with mental health because you know do that anyways but I’m I’m going to Diamond paint and I’m GNA yeah I’m going to do that and focus my attention on what people in the chat are doing and whatnot yes the yes the super sticky is great for heavy placers and I found that the butterfly effect wears dot dot putty it is drier than other putties like I don’t know I I love other I mean I’ve tried other stuff like I like Creations Moren I like um I could probably name every putty company right um I’m getting a new one from uh DP World well this one it’s like I don’t know if there’s extra corn starch or something that she puts in it or whatever I don’t know I have no idea but it is drier than other putties and so like when I place it doesn’t like go over the sides it doesn’t stick to the diamonds it’s just wonderful so if you’re a hard Placer I recommend trying out Butterfly Effect wees because I I’ve had no issues and I’m a really hard Placer you guys like I’m a little serious about it but yeah so I um I panicked for a solid several days um it took Audrey reminding me yesterday that I had a live stream I was supposed to do on Twitch I probably will not be doing the live stream on Twitch tonight or tomorrow night because tomorrow’s Saturday uh just for the record probably will not be able to make it to that one maybe sleeping we will see I mean 11: to 7 that’s 8 hours but I have not tried the no I haven’t tried the diamond art clubs yet hi Janine how are you hi Rachel welcome popping in before oh you’re at work oh I won’t tell anybody I won’t say anything don’t worry it’s our secret um but yeah I I probably will not be able to make it on to the twitch um tomorrow night but we’ll see I mean I don’t want to make my whole life about lives because it has been the last couple of days just like maybe I don’t know relax eat some food I told my husband um okay I’m gonna need you to pick me up on your way home from work I’m gonna need some Starbucks drinks and then maybe buy some cheap pizzas so you guys can make me pizza and come like you know feed me or whatever he’s like yeah and you don’t have time to chew so I’m going to need to baby bird it to you I was like no Dustin the answer is no you’re not going to be baby birding me anything he’s like but you don’t have time to chew no we’re not doing that that pass hard pass pass on that thank you for the offer but no I think I’ll pass but he should be bringing me up some pizzas at some point throughout the evening day I don’t know I’m not a okay is anybody else like not solidly not a morning eater you know what I mean like I I um I wake up I’m not really hungry when I wake up so like people who do breakfast immediately when they get up in the morning it’s like you’re weird I don’t know I can’t I almost have to like build up an appetite before I can eat anything I don’t know if that’s just weird or if that’s normal I don’t know I just can’t I can’t do it so like I just got up about well I got up early took my kid to school had to go pick them up at 10:00 so I got up about like 9:55 or whatever but I wanted to go back to sleep and get those you know couple extra hour hour and a half of sleep so um yeah I I definitely I definitely did the sleep in today I don’t normally do that usually I get right up and start Diamond painting but I figured I’m GNA have enough of that going on stuck on a coffee diet like just generally just drink coffee all day see I’m a Mountain Dew person I got to have my Mountain Dews so I have a couple of cans up here with me but I’m just hoping that my family doesn’t forget that I exist up here and they come check on me every now and again we were going to set up like this messenger thing like on Facebook cuz I I don’t my Facebook is new it’s just my stuff for Diamond painting and so I haven’t like added anybody on it or whatever for my family so we’ll probably do that later or you’ll just hear me yelling down the stairs like somebody come rescue me please but I locked the cat out of the room well I didn’t lock her out I shut the door most of the way so I’m hoping that she’ll just you know mind her peas and cues and stay out of the room but bacon may or may not make an appearance at some point um yeah eating early makes you feel sick yeah okay the the other thing is while I’m EA eating food like literally I could be chewing a bite in my mouth and all of a sudden my stomach will say you’re not you’re not going to swallow that that’s not happening I don’t know what it is it’s like I hit a top or something on my stomach not even like eating a lot it could be a few bites in and all of a sudden I’m like no you you should probably stop eating now I don’t know what it is it’s not it’s not a metabolism thing I’m just not sure oh just coffee for most of the morning oh yes I will plan my stretch every hour that’s always a good thing oh your brain heard that I walked the cat yeah no I have not walked my cat not not not lately anyway I don’t think would know what to do in the outdoors honestly I she’s never she was outside when I okay so bacon was an outside cat she was feral when I found her um she was a tiny kitten she was underneath a neighbor’s trailer like their their home trailer not like a a car trailer um and her and her brother and another kitten had managed to get themselves up into the duct work of the person’s like dryer tubing like for their dryer vent and they said that they could hear meowing like meu basically kitten mewing in the middle of the night and they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from so I was real tiny at the time you know Bacon’s like 10 years old now um real real real little and so I went climbing underneath their trailer and I could hear them up in the duct work so I was like uh well hey they’re up in your duct work like can I pull this out they’re like well you got to do what you got to do well unfortunate there were three of them unfortunately one did not make it um it was so cold that winter too uh and I’m assuming they climbed up in the duct work because it was warm air coming out of it like they must have been running their dryer or something like the day before uh mom abandoned them left them in there because probably couldn’t even fit and uh so I was like I pulled the tubing out whatever and the whose trailer it was he went to reach in the tube to grab bacon out and she latched onto his finger I mean like bit down so hard would not let go like he’s shaking to try and get her off cuz she was that feral she’d never been touched by people before but she was just like itty bitty little tiny kitten just chomping away at his finger um and nowadays she would be so helpless if she went outside like she wouldn’t know what to do she would be lost completely lost but um I took her home and they kept the boy I don’t know what ever happened to him but yeah hi Mrs pixel one two three what’s up it’s a different it’s a different situation than the twitch how is the sound is the sound okay and like there’s not skipping or anything crazy happening like that I mean the the video looks good for my end I was panicked about that too because last night on the twitch I found out what it was though my son was trying to game on his VR headset and apparently like doing it at the same time using the Wi-Fi instead of hardwiring in so I told him today if he plays the VR while I’m on here he’s going to have to hardwire because it was like booting people out of the he was like eating up all the [Music] bandwidth it sounds good all the way to the other side of the world perfect excellente um yeah so she was so feral like just not it took me probably three weeks to tame her down she would not let anybody else touch her she just would she stayed in basically a little carrier because I couldn’t let her loose in my house then she would just be feral cat loose in my house um kept her in a carrier until we finally got her hand tamed but it took a long time to get her to trust me and now it’s like she’s just a tubag goo she wouldn’t know what to do outside she probably get eaten by Coyotes speaking of things getting eaten by things I know I already shared this story but I got to share it with you guys because it Bears repeating um you bad lighting get yourself a lightboard get yourself a lightboard and a desk lamp CU yeah o Diamond Art Club black and white sweet Year of the Dragon oh Laura I have that one in my stash I need to start it but I was planning that one for December because December’s my birthday month so okay so this story that bears repeating I was in my car I’m on my way back from therapy last week and I’m at a stoplight and I look over in like the median the ditch so I’m at a four-way stop like a stop light and over on this side in the medium in in the ditch I see flapping wings and it’s humongous flapping wings black so I’m thinking either it’s a turkey vulture or it’s a ball Eagle turned out to be a ball Eagle it comes flapping out of the grass with a full grown rabbit in its Talons and the rabbit is flailing for obvious reasons um and it just flies away with this rabbit and then I’m like sitting there in my car with my mouth a gape like oh my God I just witnessed murder most foul and this person behind me is like honking and I’m like listen Linda like I I need to process what I just saw and you’re honking your horn at me like calm down it was crazy I we have we have like four four nesting pairs Carol you can get a lightboard on Art Dot and you can use na10 is it na10 I believe it’s na10 it’ll be down in the description um you can use my my discount um but we have like four pairs of nesting bald eagles and the last well okay so there’s one pair that’s down the river okay so I live in this weird Bend in the river okay so like I live the river is like literally that direction from my house is five blocks away and then this Direction behind me it’s two blocks away three blocks away na10 thank you Sarah good moderating way to go um but I live right down by the river and so on that River this way there’s a pair of nesting bald eagles well they’ve tried three different times so the first time they made it and they mate for life so the the couple mated they had a clutch of two babies and the babies both survived everything was fine that year the next year when they had another set of eggs another clutch The Nest was put into a tree that was like dead totally dead we had a really bad wind storm and it pulled the nest down and that Nest was like six foot across it was huge pulled the nest down with the babies in it um one did not make it and the other it was like broken back no good it went to a local um Moon eater uh Moon eater do Moon eater Moon eater unless you want to wait and do it with me I don’t know when the hell I’m going I don’t know when I’m going to K that up but I want to really bad um it’s so beautiful uh I’m having a really hard time deciding what my next squares should be so I’m sure that’ll be another vote on um so anyways the the whole Nest came down whole thing and we have a local like Wildlife rehabilitator she works specifically with Raptors not like dinosaur Raptors but like birds of prey um and she uh ended up taking the baby to her rehabilitation center and the baby my understanding is that the that he’s now a yearl I guess um that he’s going to be ready to be released this summer uh and she’s you know going to put up an event where people can watch it get released they usually bring them back to where they belong you know like where they came from but I don’t I don’t know I mean she’s had it since it was a tiny baby so I don’t know that it has like a spot you know yes Moon eater do it do it do it anytime there’s a anytime there’s a choice yes everyone says Moon eater Moon eater is um but yeah so she is going to be releasing him I don’t know when so then that was the second pair or the second Nest so they build again but they build they build again like I don’t know three trees away from where they built the one that just broke again in a dead tree well same story The Nest fell this time it didn’t have any eggs in it yet the nest had fallen before that so we thought okay they’re they’re going to leave and never come back this pair of eagles well we always used those Eagle Eagles as kind of like a sign for us when we were just buying our house um we weren’t sure whether or not we were going to be able to get the credit together to buy the house like things were all up in the air and we used kind of those Eagles as like our you know like our mascots or whatever like they keep they keep falling down and they keep getting back up well we thought okay well they’re not going to come back to the same spot you know they’re not going to be anywhere nearby because whatever well they like to hunt the same parts of the river that they always hunt the parts the parts that they know and so they did rebuild but they rebuilt um over by a stream that’s off the river so it’s a little further for us to walk to but not terribly I mean in our in our walk that we do pretty much every day because we do about six miles in nice weather um in our walks that we do we see the nest and she’s she’s got eggs in there I don’t know how many but I see her head pop up every now and again and she’s just absolutely just beautiful there’s some people that usually will go down there and you know they’ll have their cameras with their long lenses or whatever and um once once there’s some actual babies and we see some heads they’ll be able to tell us how many are in there but looks like she built it in a really strong tree this time alive tree instead of a dead tree and uh it’s in a little copes of trees where it’s all surrounded by raspberry bushes and like rose bushes so the nice thing is that I don’t think people can get up underneath the nest either like they were before like before because it was all in like a copes of dead trees you could literally just walk right up underneath the nest now granted I wouldn’t want to hang out underneath an eagle’s nest for very long before uh you know your head pecked off or something but um I’m just glad she built again somewhere nearby cuz we thought we thought they were gone for good after that you know third Nest drop see now we like I said we have four pairs four pairs of nesting bald eagles in town like around town there’s like one that’s here I’m in like downtown uh so there’s one in the downtown area there’s another set that are in the like Far West like Northwest side of town um there’s another one far south side of town and then the east side has their’s but there’s a closer actually to another like Township or whatever um our our pair that we see all the time they’re the ones that are the most visited in town because it’s the easiest Nest to find but I after GM closed it made the most massive difference in our River um we have a a group I don’t know what they’re called uh a gaggle a a I’d have to Google it honestly a group of pelicans um because General Motors I mean they were just completely polluting up the water for so long um they removed the dam that we had down there and it started to really like pump water through once they got rid of the dam and the water started to you know get refreshed and recycled moved around a little bit and the the water is actually like clean now I mean I’m sure before yeah I’m in Wisconsin um I’m sure before that uh there would have been three-eyed fish in there you know what I mean like the carp yuck yikes um and I mean they were already of like monstrous size before and now they like look normal they look like normal carp um and the Pelicans they’ll they’ll hang out in groups of anywhere from 16 to 20 they usually show up around end of March beginning of April they they just there was a group of three of them for a while and now we have a group of about I would say 20 and that will double by the time summer comes um but they hang out and they what they do pelicans are really interesting because one they’re humongous Birds I didn’t realize how big a pelican was until I saw one in person and I was like what in the actual their wingspan has to be seven or eight feet it’s they’re Hue humongous Birds um and these in particular they what they’ll do is they group up in the water in a circle and they do like this synchronized like dip of their heads into the water um and then they’ll like fish essentially all at the same time and then they do this thing where they’ll turn and they’ll flap their wings and they’ll turn and they’ll flap their wings all at the same time because they’re like preparing the water I guess for for fishing it’s the coolest thing to see because it’s it’s like watching a group of synchronized swimmers it’s weird but I’d never seen a pelican in person until I don’t know two years ago was when we two three years ago when we first saw them there and we were like what is that what is that huge bird and then we realized it was a pelican it was like that was crazy I never thought I’d see a pelican but when they um the lot that General Motors used to be on is vacant still that’s like a mile a mile and a half of just vacant lot right they were talking about oh well maybe we could turn it into a small amusem*nt park or whatever they were going to turn it into like a businessman’s park or whatever you know like put a squadron thank you a squadron of pelicans um so a NE oh okay hello in Minnesota I believe Lake Erie had fires on it cuz gez um but yeah so what was I saying um something words words words I got all distracted um oh General Motors so they were going to do a businessman’s park there they were going to do like a um you know a bunch of businesses all in one area not necessarily like a strip mall but like an area for offices and crap well they they went to go survey and see you know like what they were going to need to do to build blah blah blah blah blah before they actually bought the plot of land and when they got there and they started doing some like soil um like soil tests or whatever they found a lot of pollutants which is not surprising you know like of course there’s a lot of pollutants it was a car factory well before it was a car factory there used to be a tractor Factory there and then it was General Motors but I digress the um the surveyors found pollutants so uh they needed to do a further like soil test to find out what in the heck was going on so they did some Excavating come to find out apparently a group of diamond painters uh yeah I obsessed yeah obsessed is about right um a sparkle a sparkle of diamond painters is that too gay I mean that like the best way possible obviously I mean actually gay not like lame um I don’t use that kind of phraseology uh but they did a a like a further soil test come to find out at one point or another General Motors had buried um G like 50 like 500 gallon drums of paint into the into the Earth just barrels and barrels and barrels of paint now I know they were fined heavily for it I don’t know how much they were fined heavily for it but I know that they were fined heavily when they you know cuz they vacated whatever but they still yeah they still had to pay fines for all of the pollutants that were found but now they can’t turn it into anything thing until all of those barrels have been excavated which I’m sure like have you guys ever heard of forite it’s not actually a a type of stone it’s um like fossilized paint found typically where there used to be a a car plant or whatever a sparkle what do you do to okay for qualifying for prizes um we could probably do an early giveaway I think let’s do um oh which one do we want to do Let’s do let’s do a a butterfly effect wears giveaway we’ll do our first one um okay so I got to come up with a hashtag let’s see uh let’s go hashtag butterfly so if you want to if you want to be part of the drawing for this first one um why don’t you go ahead and put hash butterfly into the comments and what happens is streamyard will count all of your comments and yeah you can make pens from forite uh it will count all of your comments so put hash butterfly and then I put that into the giveaway tool and it will count how many times and it only will count you once so even if you put it in there a 100 times it’s only going to count it once so go ahead if you want to if you want to um sign up for a drawing for a butterfly effect wears putties there’s two of them it’s the lucky clover and Calypso which is their one that’s coming out now and then you do not need to be here Sharon in order to win that prize I’m going to be doing like prizes throughout the throughout the day in the evening so if you stop in again later and I’m doing something yes you’re my sparklers the little sparklers if I’m doing one later and you pop in and you want to try out for that one too go for it and you don’t need to be here to win I would just obviously watch back for the um I’ll try and put tags or something in the video uh so watch back later to see if you won and if you did just like reach out to me send me an email but I’m going to let you guys I’m going to give you a couple minutes to put that in I’ll uh I’ll draw that officially at like we’ll go 11:45 just to give plenty of time for people who are coming in but now that you’re in it you don’t have to worry about you know missing out or whatever because you’re in the drawing and Sarah and Audrey you guys can enter too just because you’re moderators doesn’t mean you can’t win stuff don’t feel like you can’t enter just because I’m telling you guys man this putty is amazing it’s I I have a really hard time using other putties because this one just works so well for me I’ve literally have zero issues with it but again I’m a hard Placer so that could be part of it but yeah so there’s there’s all of this forite um Audrey and Sarah if you happen to notice people okay uh Jamie hi hello Jamie um we’re doing a drawing for uh Butterfly Effect wears putty and there’s going to be two of them it will be the lucky clover and then Calypso which is their new one that’s coming out so it’ll be a set of two putties and they are willing to ship internationally but you would have to pay um if you’re International you have to pay shipping that’s the only thing so if you’re International and you want to wait until like gift card prizes you might want to do that I don’t know or not I just didn’t want to leave out my International peeps um so yeah they have all of this like all of these barrels I don’t know what they’re going to do with it you know what’s really funny our like local bank system when they tore General Motors down like all the way down brick for Brick they went in there and I don’t know who gave them permission if it was like property management or whatever gave them permission but this bank this Credit Union goes in and they take all of these bricks right from yes sponsors are amazing amazing I’ll list them off here in a minute too um but they went in they took all of these bricks from the like torn down buildings or whatever and then the credit union says they’re going to sell these bricks5 bucks each five bucks a brick from you know for the General Motors bricks for the building buildings whatever and they’re going to use it to fund some like you know Park structure or whatever well so they they announced that they’re going to sell these bricks they had traffic around city blocks you guys for people to buy these bricks from General Motors which is weird to me but it’s Nostalgia you know whatever um I’m sure people who worked there or whatever wanted a piece well so they sell these bricks people in cars around the blocks trying trying to get into this one Bank um Credit Union to get their brick and um sold them for five bucks each do you think that they ever built that freaking Park no the park structure they still haven’t they sure do have a really nice new administration building though for their for their credit union oddly enough but they sold so many bricks so many bricks and yes butterfly effect words man I absolutely love absolutely love them um the sponsors for today’s event are Butterfly Effect wears of course uh we have Lazy River crafts which if you are not familiar with Lazy River crafts I have an unboxing of one of their uh Diamond paintings they are a new uh license Diamond painting company she’s a small business Stephanie is amazing uh definitely check them out but we have a gift card from there um DP with sparklers Diamond painting with sparklers also gave me a little something something um we wax I will have a we wax to give away along with um it’s a we wax and a and a melt that will go with it like for your melting device um and then I have cat proof trays which is I’m using a cat proof tray I it’s all I use honestly is my cat proof tray um cat proof trays they are doing a coupon code specifically so you can actually use that anytime um if you use Naomi 20 you’ll get 20% off of your uh cat proof trays purchase go get you one yeah I honestly I would buy all of all of lazy rivercraft kits they’re absolutely gorgeous so gorgeous and then the last one is Diamond Art Club I have a couple of gift cards from Diamond Art Club to give away they asked if I wanted to do one big one or two smaller ones and I said two smaller ones for more winners so we’re going to do two giveaways for Diamond Art Club but those will be probably you know evening and closer to the end tomorrow morning is so if you’re wanting to get in on a diamond Art Club one I’m going to be doing one of those tonight like maybe um we’ll call it like 7 or 8 o’clock tonight I’ll be doing that one and then um for the for the other one it’ll probably be somewhere close to the end of the event tomorrow so about the same time around 11:00 10:30 11 okay so I really should have done this one last cuz it’s like actually her face face but I couldn’t wait because I want to see what her face is going to look like she’s just so beautiful so freaking beautiful almost missed one so I got this thing when it released and I started working on it I kitted this thing up as soon as it arrived at my door basically and um I have been working non-stop on it as you can see because this is all I have left yeah thank you I’m I am uh excited about even just having sponsorship I gave them like you know two days notice and they still were kind enough to say yes so I’m all about it I wonder if I can pin I think I can pin a post or something where it would have the butterfly effect wear thing on it I’m so new to lives I don’t I don’t know I love this pink Cloud over here sort of deal which kit this this kit this is aisai from uh Diamond Art Club it’s sold out you can’t get it right now um I’m sure they’ll restock but absolutely beautiful the whole thing when I get done I’ll show it to you guys it’s stunning like beyond beyond stunning um check mark check mark we go what time are we at 11:43 so if anybody is just joining us and you want to get in on uh the giveaway that I’m doing right now you need to put in # butterfly into the comments and uh it’s for two Butterfly Effect wears putties and one is the lucky clover which smells like it smells like Lucky Charms you guys it is so good and then the other is the Calypso which is her um release for this this month so if you want to get in on that giveaway away put in hash butterfly it’s only going to if you type it in 16 times it’s only going to count you once but get in on it so I’m going to draw that in just a minute here um yeah so I don’t know if they’re going to end up like doing something with those barrels of paint if it’s going to be donated to science I have no freaking idea um but everything is like literally barbwired down there so you can’t like I couldn’t go down there and try and steal a barrel of dried up paint myself you know nothing like that like nobody can go in there and just grab it um but there we go four of them um I’m just curious as to what they’re going to do with it it’d be really cool if they we have a children’s museum that’s going in in our downtown which they’ve been planning for a gajillion years and have done nothing with it but we’ll see um if they had a section in there on like local history that would be really cool but I don’t think that they will I have I have Dragon Spirit I missed out on satura I talk about it all the time it it’s my it’s my most angry moment of my whole life I had her in my cart and I was paying for her and they sold out while I was paying for her I was so angry um I have I just got onah Heime that um restocked recently okay let me put let me put this into hello diamonds and thoughts welcome marisel listen okay marisel we’ll we’ll get you set up here in just a little bit you don’t have to you don’t have to spend a lot of money and I’ll I’ll show you how all right so I’m going to put in hash butterfly into my streamyard let me see okay now I’m going to share my screen with you where is it present share screen yes I’m aware okay it’s going to be the giveaway tool and how’s that GNA work I don’t know what it’s going to do okay I think that’s right we’re going to find out there we go okay you guys can see that yeah it looks like I’m little and that’s big looks like there are 21 entries are you guys ready for the draw here we go let’s see what happens who’s it gonna fall on oh oh Carol yay Carol’s a winner okay Carol if you wouldn’t mind please send me an email and it’s House of miscellane if you could please send me an email with your information so that I can get your information to Butterfly Effect wear so that they can get that mailed out to you congrats Carol yay sweet we’ll we’ll do some more giveaways as we go but yeah I don’t know what the heck they’re going to do about um like if they’re going to have like something in the children’s museum about local history because I mean General Motors was a big deal there was a very very big deal around here I guess I’m just glad we didn’t end up like I’m sorry to say it but like Flint Michigan it could have been a lot worse I mean at least our water around here is portable you know what I mean Yik um and I mean everybody was affected when GM shut down around here my stepdad was had worked for GM for 40 50 years but now that it’s gone and people are you know kind of moving about their lives they did a lot to um make sure that people had educations or whatever like um they paid for everybody that like was displaced to go back to school if they wanted to go back to school um they were basically just given a free ride scholarship to um the technical college so that they weren’t like left completely you know messed up okay so now marisel um I am incredibly sorry that you have mental health issues and that that debilitates you I can 100% relate um I use my diamond painting has helped me through uh a really terrible debilitating opiate addiction um it’s gotten me through a lot in my life and so I can 100% relate in that it it gets you through some stuff um but you do not need to you can be a baller on a budget as far as Diamond painting is concerned um and I was thinking about giving away one of my diamond paintings from my sta Dash and maybe one of my pens with it I’m not sure um that said there are lots of ways that you can go about getting even Diamond Art Club on a good budget um one of the places that you can check is it’s called um sorry I got hair merari m e r c a r i it’s like a resale type place for um people to use it’s it’s not like an eBay you don’t bid on things but um people can resell you could resell your stuff on there if you wanted to um but your hand is hurting for me thank you Marilyn um but uh merari I’ve gotten like kits that would normally cost 75 bucks on there for 30 bucks like you can get stuff on there there’s also D stach groups on Facebook now I am not part of these D stash groups so maybe somebody who is can help you out my account is too new none of them will take me um because I long story I cut out all my social media like when I quit when I went into rehab um but uh you could probably get into one of the D stash groups because there’s people on there that are selling you know their stuff for decent prices I guess there was a a mystery number 47 that went for $80 I could throw up because I wasn’t on there to buy it myself but you know it is what it is um so you don’t have to you don’t have to pay a lot of money and then as far as pens go um yeah there’s lots of really awesome Turners out there and whatnot you can actually get a a turned pen like not like this one necessarily but a a turned pen for I mean some places sell them for as little as 18 bucks a couple of really budget friendly pen Turners are like uh Jim’s handmade pens um another one is O’Brien’s custom turning they they do a lot of like budget pens um or really you can go on to Amazon and find yourself for like six or seven bucks you can find an acrylic it it looks like a turned pen uh do I have a blank let me see if I have a blank I probably do you can get something like this on Amazon for like six or seven and it comes with tips I don’t have the tips on this one but you know it’s something simpler and honestly I have to use something turned this is too small uh for me so you know this is an A D stash but um I have to use something thicker like this because I have carpal tunnel so something like I was using I was using the wrong pen I used this pen this is in my D stash um I used this pen the other night and it’s so much thinner and oh my God my hand was on fire the next day um but if you find yourself a d stash group otherwise if you’re interested I don’t know what your budget is like but if you send me an email marisel like send me an email house ofm miscellane just send me an email um so yeah I don’t I don’t know exactly I don’t know exactly what the plan is for this like downtown Children’s Museum we’re supposed to have but we’ll see um talking about mental health you know not only not only has Diamond painting helped me as far as my mental health like giving me something to do keeping me you know focused on something other than you know thinking about well lately it’s been cigarettes I just quit smoking on the 31st so part of the reason why aisai is almost completed and she is a what a 75 by 95 she is 65 by 95 um the reason she’s almost done is sry I gotta bump you for a second I got to move something um is because I had just quit smoking when I started working on her and she has kept me from thinking about cigarettes um so not only does it help with that but also like the community that I didn’t realize was out there until I went looking for it like I needed that so much and I didn’t even know I did like it’s amazing to me how um how close I’ve gotten with people you know that I’ve that I’ve met just through either Diamond painting communities or on YouTube or you know on Twitch I’ve met people um I’ve been I’ve been very very very very lucky in that way I’m just reading through a couple comments yeah and some places I mean you can find some places for pens because I’m reading about your pen stuff for 18 bucks merari is another good one for that too but I mean you can find even thicker than that on Amazon or or you know AliExpress or Teemu or whatever the only thing is like I understand that you know not everybody can afford huge huge amounts of like not everybody can afford a diamond Art Club big piece like this you don’t have to buy a big piece like this uh they’re on Amazon they have Amazon exclusives um I’ve gotten really really nice awesome ones for as little as 15 or16 um there’s also like make Market which is in Michaels that’s their like brand name stuff for their craft stuff you can get make market for really inexpensive my whole thing is like yeah you don’t have to you don’t have to spend a lot just don’t buy stolen stuff like you’re you know people will be tempted to buy stolen things don’t do that um I was approached by a company and I won’t name them I’m not going to call them out like that but I was approached by a company that wanted me to review some of their stuff and they do diamond paintings as well as like accessories whatever I was looking at their accessories like their Sun Catchers their coasters their stickers because I don’t have a lot of that kind of stuff I thought well I’d show that off to people because maybe that’s a little easier for somebody to do a sticker than a 65 by 95 cimeter piece well I went doing some digging into their Diamond paintings and the first thing that came up on their page was a Mrs butter D now Mrs butter D is licensed through Diamond Art Club she’s not licensed as far as I aware with any other company um and honestly I’ve also seen that Mrs butter D is one of the most thieved um artist on the internet it seems like hi Amber how are you um but you know you can my my first was a rainbow rose actually from Amazon now that I think about it and it was a rainbow rose and an owl sitting on like a cherry tree or something um but just don’t buy stolen stuff like you can shop at places that have unlicensed things but just don’t buy things that you know that are outright stolen like that’s all you think that you’re going to get like I I’m going to laugh because these people they think they’re going to get quality stuff because it’s going to be a 50 by 70 or whatever it’s going to look like a 50 by 70 piece of hot garbage is what it’s going to look like it’s not going to look like what you’re going to get from Diamond Art Club that’s for sure um not only that but like there’s like I said there’s D stash groups there’s merari there’s um make Market which is I have a video um it’s it’s called um finding the best diamond paint to fit your budget or something like that I don’t I don’t remember exactly what it’s called Uh there’s lots of tips in there too um and I go all the way from like your really cheap stuff that you buy on Teemu and AliExpress and whatnot all the way up to Diamond Art Club dreamer designs you know um licensed companies uh that sell for a little bit more so just know that you do not have to spend a a gajillion dollars to Diamond paint yeah it’s going to cost you a little more to get the things that are uh much bigger and licensed but you don’t have to get the really huge licensed pieces in order to be happy with what you have you know like make Market or diamond diamond dots Diamond dots is in everything yeah Hobby Lobby they they always have coupons for like um percentages off Joanne Fabrics also carries diamond diamond dots and I think they have some Diamond Art Club not positive um but you can check there they always have like their you know 40% off of one regularly priced item so might be might be good to check into your local craft stores but send me like I said send me an email um yeah I I mean I’ve enjoyed the little make Market kits I haven’t done them yet I haven’t tried them out but they seem quality enough you know what I mean I just I know I know where you’re at I get it it’s it’s hard to it’s hard to see especially like and I I talked a little bit about you know the the Envy part of of diamond painting in in one of my whiping chats like it’s hard because you see you know you’ll be watching a YouTuber or whatever and they’re you know they’re doing like one of their hauls or what have you and they’ve got you know all this stuff all of this stuff and you’re like well what the hell I can’t afford half of any of that I completely understand um because you know I also cannot afford most of um a lot of what I’ve got though I got resale the pen that I’m using right now was resale I think I paid now normally on the site that these come from black wolf uh black wolf Woodworks um I feel like this would be like somewhere in the $65 range I think I paid 28 for it something like that the opal one these are normally like 125 I did not pay anything close to 125 I couldn’t afford to but I I found it in a d stash so you can you can find things if you’re you just got to be a little Thrifty about it most of my stash has been purchased on D stash just people who are selling stuff and I found it at you know a really good price not my new stuff my new stuff is obviously just from Diamond Art Club but this was this was a gift from my husband for quitting smoking this was my you’re not smoking anymore here you go keep yourself busy oh okay well Rose welcome at a distance oh gosh yeah see I I ended up with some things from my mother-in-law because she didn’t really know how to shop for Diamond paintings back then and the first squares one that I ever got was just hot garbage um in fact I see a couple I missed um in fact uh I did not do a squares piece until just this year because of that piece specifically because it made me so angry like I threw it in the trash and I vowed never to work on a squares ever again but you know Diamond Art Club obviously is very different from whatever that piece of garbage was that I had um and you know like honestly especially when you’re already kind of feeling you know down and beat up and kicked around like to also then you know come on to you or whatever and then to also feel like crap because you can’t afford all the nice things and whatever like I completely understand I completely understand um but I’m telling you if if you just if you shop around for things that are resale you’ll end up you’ll end up uh finding stuff you like and you don’t even have to spend that much there’s one person um in particular uh I think what’s his what’s what’s his username on merari when you email me I’ll give you this person’s username I was able to talk him down to a bundle of like five Diamond paintings that would normally be like $75 each I got a bundle of them for hundred bucks so I’ll give you his name because I know he still has some and he’s the kind of person that he just really wants it out of he has it listed for a dumb price but uh you can talk him down that’s the nice thing merari too is that you can make an offer for a different amount like if they have you know they if they have a listed for $75 you can like let’s say you see two that you like and you put them together and you bundle them you can make an offer and merari will even calculate for you like this is 5% off this is 10% this is 20% and you can make them an offer they can decline it but if they accept your offer then maybe you end up with some good stuff that’s what I did I put a bunch of stuff i’ bought from him a few times and I put a bunch of stuff into a cart I offered him a hundred bucks for it and he accepted I was like oh was like six paintings okay cool yeah marisel I get it I completely understand I do because well one I’m jobless right now so I see a lot of things that I envy all the time um and it it sucks it does cuz it’s like you know on the one hand you want to you want to be able to have all the nice things but on the other hand you also want to be able to eat food because you know eating is important um so totally get it totally get it there are ways around it though just make sure you send me an email um I won’t be able to answer it today but and answer it tomorrow or something um I got a beat up if I’m going to get into two paintings today can’t be working on this one all day that’s the thing that happens like I get to talking and then I forget what I’m doing um which is why you know Whip and chats and stuff are good but they’re bad because then I like move slower because usually I’m like speed painter yeah definitely check out merari definitely oh you leaving diamonds and thoughts what okay pop it later I’ll see you later on I may have an idea about your uh your critique partner that you’re looking for I might have an idea um but yeah so I I would check out merari Ebay I mean eBay’s kind of Hit or Miss like I got I don’t know four paint gem kits on there and they were being sold for like $111 each which is nothing because they’re normally 35 bucks um and worth every penny of the 35 bucks honestly um although I’ve been hearing people say that they’re having um they’re having massive issues with paint gem like quality I don’t know I’m I’m hearing quality issues around kind of everywhere uh and I don’t know it’s like mostly in the dark colored stuff but just that there’s been drill issues just kind of everywhere I mean I don’t I don’t know what’s going on if it’s like people’s manufacturers or whatever just not everybody took that took that long Lunar New Year break and now they’re coming back just not doing not doing their jobs right I don’t know don’t know one too many her face is starting to shape up you guys I really should have done this one last but it’s okay it’s okay I wanted to see what her face looked like dang it I was anxious to see it um but yeah I also like like I said the the the beauty part of diamond painting oh jeez that was scary just popped everything off of it just trying to move some stuff around for shame they popped everywhere good Lord try that again I’ve been very grateful for the community aspect of it though too like having people to talk to has been really amazing cuz it it can be lonely checking in on break I got it I got it Jayy thank you you coming back later check in again checking in again later I’m looking for these letters that are up here okay a where’s a there’s a finish her hair oh I missed a check mark I hate that where’s my check mark I hate when I do that just need one get that check mark okay so poll question do you guys usually if you see that you missed one do you fix it right away or do you just wait and like do it at the end I personally I have to fix it immed immediately I don’t know why I just I have to fix it right then and there when I find it because otherwise it’ll drive me nuts and it’s staring at me the whole time like fix me I’m sitting here you need to fix me thought that one had a hole in it for a second oh time to stretch oh oh okay time to stretch all right if you are diamond painting it has been an hour you need stand up and you need to move your body for a minute stretch your arms out a little bit put them to your sides do some circles get those shoulders moving fixing right away yep yep yep you got to fix it right away stretch your your hips side to side because you’ve been sitting hello Sean welcome we’re doing a stretch break really quick right now it’s been an hour Audrey remind me it’s time for a stretch break all right yes all right thank you Audrey otherwise I’ll be dead by the end of this too oh wrist flexes yes do your wrist flexing too another good one is like even just massaging this area right here this tendon right there that tendon cluster is what gets cramped up and bundled you just want to you know massage those massage that out a little bit and wrist flexing that’s a good one yeah thank you Jamie take a drink if you’re drinking water drink some water water water water any more A’s on here I don’t think there’s any more A’s okay um yeah it’s like having having the the community around to you know just boost you up make you feel better like talking just even talking because you know I my journey my journey is not unlike many people’s Journeys I mean even just in a in a mental health way um you know obviously not everybody decides to go into rehab and kick a a substance use problem but you know as far as mental health goes like I determined then and there I was just going to shut everything down all of my social medias I basically disappeared from the face of the Earth for I mean I I just just got a Facebook back and I’m not even using my original one I’m using like a business one so I don’t have any friends on it if you want to send me a friend request on Facebook go for it just look up House of miscellania you’ll find it um I think it’s know me House of miscellania but you’ll find it um but that said like you know I I removed all of my social media and then I like focused myself basically into just working for um just working I just worked and worked and worked and I didn’t I didn’t try to I didn’t try to think about anything I just tried to put myself into work and and ignore everything else and sure that’s good sometimes but um I was really like overworking I should not have been working the kind of hours that I was working oh and I missed an a I can see it um but that that backfires on you too eventually because you’re just going to run yourself out of anything that you have left and so like I get rid of all my social media I basically hermit myself besides the people that I have to talk to at work who I did not consider my friends you know what I mean like those weren’t my friends those were people that I worked with most of them were my employees so I wasn’t I wasn’t going to be friends with them anyways that’s just a dangerous a dangerous way to live um but uh I basically just kind of I don’t Know cordoned Myself Away for 5 years and had no friends no people to talk to and it was really once I started getting into Diamond painting communities oh wow well as long as you’re off the Xanax now congratulations because I know that benzos are a problem too definitely a problem Oh from the from the peeing Rose is that what you mean cuz uh totally understand soon as I hit 40 it was like my bladder went I am now the size of a pee um but congratulations because it’s it’s not it’s not easy to kick anything you know what I mean kicking any habit is not easy but uh I just basically herited myself away and had no friends and spoke to no one I joined a Reddit Community for Diamond painting that was the first community that I became a part of where a lot of people who you know watch my videos or whatever know me from is from Reddit and on there it was like I’d already been Diamond painting for five years at that point and you know new people ask questions so I kind of made it my mission to answer people’s questions you know like it would come up constantly so I’d like copy paste from an old post or whatever and then I was like you know it’d be so much easier if I just made videos and like went hey I got a video about that well that was where I met Sarah and Sarah and I have been friends since then um where did I meet you Audrey was that on yeah that was on there too because you you uh bought a diamond painting from me and then we just became friends and I found that it’s probably and I mean every Community is going to have its different vibe I’m sure the the Facebook Community is different than you know the Reddit Community is different than the YouTube Community is different than the Tik Tock Community like obviously you’re going to have to find the community that fits your Vibe um you know I I spent a few minutes on Tik Tok and realized like that was just way too fast-paced for me I’m a little I’m the long form kind of girl but but um you know finding the community that you fit in with and obviously YouTube is like you know you’re watching content you can comment and people can comment on your comments but and in lives but harder I guess to build a relationship on YouTube proper uh but that said you know like you can you can find content creators who do lives like I do lives um on Twitch on Thursday and Saturdays uh I thought about moving the live the Saturday one to to YouTube but I kind of like our little intimate group that we have on Twitch um I feel safe talking around those people you know what I mean like YouTube’s great and I’m not like I there’s nothing really that I’m afraid to share not too much but like one night um there happen to be somebody on there that I’m close to and uh I literally spent hours just dumping my guts to her I think I was on there for like eight hours and I just dumped my whole entire guts to her and had a good cry and it was just you know it was so like just freeing feeling and so you can really find you can find that you know what I mean and if you want to join us on Twitch on Thursdays and Saturdays I start at 7:30 at night I’m on there anywhere from I think as little as two hours which it’s usually more like four to six hours that I’m on there Diamond painting and just talking and our groups are our groups are intimate and you know like friendly everybody in there is friendly we talk about what we’re Diamond painting or we talk about life or you know whatever I talk about whatever random crap’s on my mind that night but you know you can find you can find something so that you’re not you can be alone but you don’t have to be lonely yes Amber I’m glad you could make it today my twitch handle is the same as my handle everywhere which is House of miscellania um Audrey or Sarah can one of you guys link to the twitch yes and Diamond painting is really cathartic it’s like you get yourself into that like mind numbing spot it’s it’s mindless in a good way you can just let yourself go you can dump your stress into it or leave your stress out of it and just focus on that it’s like I don’t know about everybody else but I have multiple projects going at one time I have well okay so I’ve got this one I have uh Grand Canal in Basilica Venice which is another really big square piece um I have Spirit from dreamer designs which is driving me insane because the drills on it are trash and it’s not very sticky and well that’s that’s for a post review but um I’ve got that one and then I have story time it’s a dragon one and you know I have different moods when I Diamond paint and so sometimes like depending on what I have available to Diamond paint that I’ve already got kitted up oh I have an eye it’s kitted up I haven’t started it yet but that one’s for when I’m in bad moods the eye is um because it’s a it’s a darker piece it has a darker vibe to it and so I don’t know about you guys but I I Diamond paint based on my mood and so if I need to Diamond paint on one that’s a little darker or a little brighter maybe I want to you know ay side this one has been one that I’ve done to like you know boost my mood thank you Sarah appreciate it eight whips woo Sean that’s that’s impressive I mean I could get there you know honestly it would be easy enough to get there I’m so indecisive though that would be that would that would be where I would have trouble deciding which one to work on at any given time so I like to limit it to like three or four for me five at the most because otherwise then the same decision paralysis I have around like picking a diamond painting I would have around like what Diamond painting to work on but I think that like the other thing is too like sometimes a certain piece will make you so like sometimes discouraged or frustrated for whatever reason maybe it’s a lot of color blocking and so you pick a piece that’s confetti because um you know you you want to work on something that’s a little more varied or what what have you uh I I think that having Variety in there even if it’s cheap pieces it doesn’t make a difference but having some variety in the pieces that you can work on is also really really beneficial because maybe maybe you have you know a day where you’re just feeling really angry or you just stressed and you don’t want dump that into a piece that you really enjoy cuz I don’t know about you guys but when I look at a finished piece I look at I look back at like how I was feeling and what I was thinking and what I was doing you know what I mean like what where I was in my life when I worked on it like what I kind of got myself through oh I’m sorry to hear that Cheryl well hopefully the knee replacement will help take care of some of that because it’s pain is pain is another you know like they say that pain should be considered the fifth Vital sign because just like everything else pain is just debilitating it can cause more issues than it already has like yeah you’re already in pain but then you feel useless you feel frustrated you feel helpless like pain is awful and I think that is where Purdue Pharma really got people they trash um they like that whole opioid epidemic thing that started with Purdue Pharma and oxycotton that’s what got me um my doctor obviously was receiving some Kickbacks because there’s no way you can tell me okay this is my doctor from the time that I was 16 so he knew me it’s not like you know it was a new doctor that didn’t know me or whatever he told me out loud oh well you don’t you don’t have issues with addiction so you should be just fine with this and gave me like this size bottles of opiates monthly well eventually you start taking those like you know Candy um and of course after a while the dose you’re on doesn’t work anymore so you got to take more and more and more I remember i’ had I’ve been having cluster migraines do you know that cluster migraines happen when you’re on an opiate medication and you’re withdrawing uh yeah well apparently either he didn’t know or just didn’t care because when I was throwing up all of my medications and I was telling him like I can’t even take my pain meds so I’m in massive amounts of pain because my back’s all screwed up and I can’t can’t do anything about it you know what he did he gave me Fentanyl patches for migraines who does that so it was just it was almost like my doctor was my drug dealer you know what I mean and it just got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and you know Purdue Pharma had so many tactics they they went okay if you have an opportunity there’s a show that’s called dopesick on Hulu it has Michael Keaton in it um Rosario Dawson it’s amazing amazing but it goes over that whole like that whole thing like what happened how Purdue Pharma got away with um getting an FDA label that said that oxycotton was not as addictive or whatever like you should watch it it is one it will infuriate you it infuriated me I was so angry CU I saw all of these tactics that like my doctor said exact words to me what in the actual hell um it’s a great show it’s great but they knew when they started all of this Purdue Pharma they knew they started in a market specifically in the appalaches where they could Target um like people who were coal miners that had legitimate pain issues that they thought if we open up here we’re going to we’re going to explode like there’s there’s nobody going to stop us and they just pushed they sent out their salese and marketed in really shady ways just terrible terrible terrible and so unfortunately I was one of the people that ended up getting caught up in all of that and you know I owe Diamond painting to saving my life because I I went into rehab I didn’t have anything like I didn’t have like I okay books but a book isn’t always going to be enough to get you out of your own head or whatever like this this is something that I can really just pour myself into and a book unfortunately like it takes concentration well when you’re either detoxing or you know obsessing over an opiate medication you’re not you’re not interested in reading a book that’s last thing that you want to do is sit still and read a book well there was a lady who was sitting in out in the common area and she was doing a diamond painting and I asked her what it was I’m like what is that that you’re doing oh this is Diamond painting you ever heard of it and I was like no so she’s like well here she grabbed out a bag she had a bunch of pens and wax and uh trays you know like you do when you’re a diamond painter for a long time and she had all kinds of extra supplies and she let me sit down and Diamond paint on her Diamond painting now now it wasn’t one that you know she probably cared about me messing up because she didn’t have any idea if I was going to be a good Diamond painter or not but um GH yeah my my in-laws have been doing the knee surgery dance too um but uh you know she let me sit in Diamond paint with her and as soon as I sat down to do it I was like this is it this is the thing this is what I’m going to be able to do cuz I three hours passed and I didn’t even notice and I realized that I had not even thought about drugs once I had not thought about my problems I hadn’t thought about anything I just thought about where the numbers go and where the colors go and getting it straight and whatever like it’s it’s been a lifesaver for me literally a lifesaver um because I was not in I was I was not even in good shape when I was there for obvious reasons um and then I needed something so that when I was out of impatient rehab that I something that I could do to keep myself busy because you know when you’re an impatient rehab you’re locked away from everything you have no social media you’re not on the computer there’s no there’s no you know family to bother you there’s no uh people places and things you know they call it when you’re an addict or an alcoholic you have to stay away from people places and things and you know there’s there there were no people places or things right it was just me and my recovery well I knew when I got out I was going to have to do something and the first thing I did was called my husband I was like you need to you need to get me these Diamond paintings he’s like what is a diamond painting I was like well she said you can get them you know here here and here and whatever and he went and picked me up two of them which I finished like immediately while I was away and then we went and got more when I got out because I knew it was something I could sit and do and not stress or Panic or whatever I would take them to meetings with me like AA and NA meetings I would take them with me and sit in Diamond paint at meetings because it’s a quiet activity I wasn’t bothering anybody um and then you know people would pop over at the end of the meetings to see how far I’d gotten and you know oh you talking like um well see it’s also possible rose that you’re just one of those people who does not have addict brain there’re like it is genetic substance use disorder is genetic and it’s very possible because there’s people who it blows my mind there are people that can get put on opiate medications and they can quit and it’s nothing to them they’re just like no I just quit what what do you mean you just quit you might not have adct mentality and adct brain it’s very possible that that’s just not the way it is for you cuz there really is no there is no no oxycodone unless you’re talking like suboxin because suboxin is um suboxin has in it nxone which is the same as Naran so you can’t get high from it for one and it is a pain reliever you can unless or maybe borin um but there is no such thing as an oxycodone that isn’t addictive at all there’s no such thing unfortunately I wish there was wish there was Amber I’m glad that you’re here today generally I’m glad that you’re here today and and that if you’re on meds that they’re working because I know that’s a struggle for people too you know I was talking to my therapist right and I was like I want to talk about some things but I want to keep it you know I want to keep a kind of upbeat whatever and he’s like I have an idea talk about green lights for therapy okay so like what are the green light things that you look for in a therapist because there was something that my therapist said to me when I met him that blew my mind he’s like we’re going to work on this this and this issue that you’re you’re naming that you want to work on he’s like but I don’t expect that we’re going to be we’re going to have a client you know a a doctor patient relationship forever because I’m not doing my job I was like what do you mean he’s like well you know in therapy unless you have new issues the point is to not have you in therapy anymore the point is that we give you the the coping skills you need or whatever that we build you up the way you need to be built up and maybe yeah you come in when you need to but otherwise we should be able to work on your issue and and you should be able to handle it on your own without seeing a therapist for years and years and years he’s like any therapist that’s seeing you for years and years and years is not working on your issue they’re working on taking your money I was like what what oh really this was also my first Like official therapist as an adult um and he’s been great but green lights if they’re talking to you about you know like what your issues are and how to how to make it so that you can fix them on your own or cope with them on your own that’s a green light to me see Gaba pent and marisel I could not mess with that um it was doing weird stuff to me like I was waking up in the middle of the night and I would go to the kitchen and I would start I have a gas stove I would start up the stove like I was going to cook something and then I’d walk away from it while it was on and then go back to sleep or I would walk into a room literally every room and not know what I went in there for um okay little personal information but like I was peeing way more than normal and like if I didn’t get up to pee multiple times in the night I’d wet the bed I just I can’t do Gaba pen I don’t know it’s it’s not an opiate so that’s good but it was doing real weird stuff to me I’m really like sensitive to medication generally like okay I know some people were like oh why don’t you take chanx to quit smoking which is Wellbutrin um okay so I tried that once but I’m one of those weird people that it like causes suicidal ideation like no good no good um I’d be driving in my car okay trigger warning I’d be driving my car and be like oh that tree looks really sturdy I wonder laying in my bathtub H shaving my legs I wonder yikes I couldn’t I couldn’t mess with that anymore could not mess with it like okay went back to the doctor uh we can’t do this medication anymore I don’t know what I got to do to get off of it but like I’m I’m literally thinking about offing myself in the car every time I get behind the wheel like this is not good because I’m not a I’m not like that’s not me that’s not me generally maybe in situations but not generally so had to get off the chanics could not do the chanics um I feel like other green lights for a good therapist like I don’t need my therapist to be my like to be my hype man you know what I’m saying or hype woman I don’t need them to to Echo chamber everything that I’m saying if I’m frustrated I don’t need them to yeah yeah you know whatever I don’t need them to Yes Man me I don’t need them to I need I need a therapist and my therapist does kind of argue with me a little bit challenge what I’m saying challenge my language challenge my my thought process challenge challenge what I’m saying out loud maybe I am wrong and you should tell me when I am you know I like a therapist who’s going to tell me what’s what and not just you know lip service yeah you probably did dodge a bullet Jamie honestly I mean I don’t know I don’t know what your Tendencies are like normally um but like my my mother was an alcoholic my dad was like a drug addict like but pot I don’t know guys I’m I’m I’ve been on the fence about pot for a long time I don’t really consider it a drug um I do I it depends on what you’re using it for honestly like there are people who use it for anxiety or depression or whatever and it works wonderfully um I I personally know that if I was if I was smoking weed I would be smoking weed to get high like to feel different than I’m feeling or think differently than I’m thinking and that’s the exact wrong reasons for me to be smoking weed so I don’t um but generally I don’t really think of it as a as a drug and for for some people yes but some people no it isn’t because it’s not chemically addictive you can get addicted to it you know mentally but not chemically um but I have uh you know my dad was a pot smoker and a drinker my mom was an alcoholic so like addict like it’s just in my it’s in my blood it’s in my family you know what I mean like I come from a long line of addicts or alcoholics and so it was a bad combo that’s the thing too this doctor was my mother’s doctor he knew he knew her struggles he knew about all her like my mom was also had a lot of mental health issues a lot of mental health issues and was on so many different medications for it like he knew there’s no way he couldn’t have known that I was going to have addictive Tendencies of any kind and you can’t tell me that a doctor who’s been a doctor as long as he was which was a long long time that he didn’t know that an opiate is addictive like duh duh that’s their job to know those things and I trusted him because he was he was my my doctor you know what I mean like he he was my doctor I trusted him to be informed on things and I you know and to inform me on things if I needed informed about them and he did not do that he did not do that and so I felt like duped afterward and did my doctor have to account for any of the things that I said or did while I was high no no he’s got no responsibility to me like that at all it’s like he doesn’t have to pay fines when people get arrested he doesn’t have to pay um jury Fe fees or lawyer fees or any of those things you know what I mean like all he has to do is write a prescription and make some extra money Yay see now well butran for people who are who are depressed I’m told works great but like yeah oh oh my God yeah in the nightmares I would get vivid dreams really really vivid dreams and I’m a I’m a dreamer normally like I dream I love to dream but I would get Vivid dreams like I thought I was really really in it it messed me up bad really bad so I’ll mess with that but sorry I’m kind of bouncing around topics that’s normal um but yeah so like I just I like the fact that my therapist is um willing to challenge the things that I say I I was diagnosed this year with autism um in my 40s it was a surprise but not a surprise at all when I got my diagnosis it was like oh okay um yeah seriously like Edibles I like I said pot it really depends on what you’re using it for if it’s for PTSD if it’s like anxiety or you know cancer patients that need to eat food whatever I just I don’t think of I think that it’s been demonized for a long time when it’s really a useful natural medication that’s not going to hurt anybody um but I I enjoy the fact that he challenges my thinking and he was the first person to say to me hey Naomi you ever thought about the fact that you are likely autistic and I was like what do you mean he’s like well you know we’ve been here for 30 minutes and you’ve gone over six subjects but you’ve managed to Circle back and finish your thought on all of them I’m like oh um well that’s I’ve always done that and so it was I don’t have like autism that I can’t function with I don’t need any kind of extra help or whatever from it so I’m you know the lowest level that there is really but it explains a lot and um because people with a and autism are known to have deficiencies in their dopamine systems in the brain it is very easy for people with ADHD and autism to become addicts because you are trying to fix your dopamine issue so that’s when you know you have to determine if you need to be on medications or if there’s some other way that you need to manage that so you know if you have ADHD or Autism your your dopamine levels are messed up already as other things that I found out about ad ADHD and autism that it messes with um your sleep cycle uh people who have ADHD and autism they generally need less sleep than a typical person so they tend to stay up later um there stomach issues are another big thing like I didn’t realize that there was a correlation between my autism and my colitis which is intermittent it’s not like all the time but all of a sudden it’ll just be like my stomach will just decide for two months that it it doesn’t know what it wants to do mind spring um Casey you know what I did honestly that helped me massively I don’t know if you have a local um yeah smoking marijuana does damage your your lungs yes it it does have tar in it do you have a local um uh crisis center because I found my therapist and like because I had specifics that I was looking for um it was actually I had initially been looking for therapy for my son um my son is transgendered so I needed a place that was friendly to lgbtqia plus peoples um as well as uh you know dealing with possible ADHD so you know that went on the list of of kind of requirements whatever and I I was on the phone with the crisis person from crisis and they were able to like literally pinpoint a doctor for me or a a therapy counselor for me to go to and it’s you know they’re they’re there for that you know what I mean and then mind spring I’ll have to yeah huh I’ll have to do that Rachel because I like that kind of stuff I had actually when I got out of um rehab I had actually wanted and I it’s still not off the roster it’s just right now I don’t have the money to go back to school but what I really would like to do is to be an aoda counselor either an aoda counselor for like I want to work with like Middle School aged kids because that’s how old I was when I started using anything um or even high school level like try catch them beforehand but I would work with active alcoholics or addicts too um I would just want to show them that like you know there’s there’s another way there’s another choice there’s another path it’s right next to you you just have to take that path instead it’s not an easy path it’s not a pleasant path but it’s it’s a different path and it’s there um it was really interesting because like in my first couple of months of recovery I was asked to do a speaker meeting which is is usually something that they hold for uh they hold off for people who have been sober for multiple years you know what I mean they have them come into a speaker meeting but they wanted me to do one in my first couple of months and I think it was just because of all of the things that I soaked up when I was in rehab and and in you know AA and Na and I’m very passionate about recovery um cuz I I’ve always had problems with words like phrasing um people who say things like well you don’t look like an addict okay I don’t what do you think an addict looks like because everybody has a picture in their brain even I do mine might be different than yours but everybody has a picture of what that person looks like um but when I challenge that when I challenge that you know phrasing people get nervous they’re like uh um uh so I asked them well what does an addict look like what does that look like to you they don’t like that question um I uh I don’t like phrases it’s hard with pain too because you know when I’m because I I still suffer with pain I just have to manage it differently I can’t manage it with um opiate medications uh I have to go different routes I have to do different things so pain is hard because nobody can see it no one can see it and so you know you might look just fine you might look fine but you don’t feel fine you know what I mean nobody can see your pain you don’t we don’t wear our pain mental health too you know like people don’t understand I I’ve explained to a couple of people like The Spoon Theory around mental health and that like if you think of your your mental health like uh I guess your like what you’re able to get done in a day okay if you think of that in terms of like a bunch of spoons right let’s say that a person who does not suffer from any sort of M health issues maybe they have 15 spoons that they can use through the day and let’s say this spoon is for all of the talking on the phone you’re going to do that day or this spoon here is for social meetups you might have being at work um this spoon over here might be for uh your kids and what you can tolerate from them this spoon over here might be for your signific other whatever um this one you handle for all of your anxieties well let’s say that a regular person has 15 spoons and a person with mental health issues has 10 okay and and something that costs a person a normal person one spoon might cost me three depending on what it is like where it ranks on my level of anxiety or depression or whatever um and so you’re only allotted so many of them a day you have to you have to like reup on your spoons and so I think a lot of people forget when they have mental health issues that they’re they’re spending their spoons but they’re not refreshing their spoons they’re not doing anything to uh you know get those spoons back maybe that means not seeing anybody that day at all just no FaceTime not being in contact with anybody or maybe it means that you uh that you are you know you need to sleep more or what have you sleep is also a very dangerous thing with for people with mental health issues because sleep feels awesome we can escape from so many things when we sleep we don’t have to be in in charge of anything we don’t have to be asked anything um we we don’t we don’t have to do anything when we sleep except sleep and dream and decompress in that way but nothing is asked of us when we sleep and so oftentimes people who have mental health issues will oversleep or sleep more than they need to or stay in bed because it’s easier than dealing with the stuff they have to deal with that day um so it’s like you know that’s why they ask about your sleep patter patters when when you’re kind of going through it because you’ll sleep more because it’s just easier it’s easier to sleep more yeah yep yeah because they can’t see your pain Cheryl they can’t see it they don’t they don’t see it so it’s not there yes yes Destiny sometimes even brushing your hair or brushing your teeth costs you spoons it might not cost a person with regular you know regular Mental Health anything that’s just a thing you do it’s just a thing you do but sometimes even like the act of tying shoes can be too much it can really just over tax you does that sound completely nuts yes it is completely nuts but if you’re not managing your mental mental health correctly and your spoons then you you just that’s what it is it’s what it is it sucks it sucks and I found that like you know Diamond painting does not seem to cost me any spoons which I’ve enjoyed immensely it in fact helps me to kind of reup on my spoons um but the minute that it was costing me spoons I would know it would be time to take a break you know I think too often especially content creators you know they’ll they’ll get burnt out on diamond painting or whatever and then they don’t take a break because they don’t want to lose viewers they don’t want to lose you know whatever and so they don’t take breaks and that’s the worst thing you can do you’re just going to crash so hard so hard when it happens but I mean I’m I’m too new they wouldn’t listen to me anyways they like whatever go about your business naom me you don’t know nothing yeah Amber that’s rough I’m sorry cuz there and there’s probably more underlying issues you know but until you can get a good therapist that can help you work with stuff and that’s the thing too like if it’s not working with your therapist it is okay to switch therapists if they have hard feelings about it if your therapist is like salty about it then they’re not a good therapist they really aren’t if they don’t understand that what they’re what they’re doing is not working for you and then they get salty about that because you need to go see somebody else then they’re a crappy therapist sorry I said it but it’s true if you’re not with somebody who’s actually working with your issues with you then they’re they’re not they’re not worth their salt anyways they not worth the money that your insurance is paying to them or you’re paying out of pocket to see them but it just I don’t know so many so many times I feel like people who do not deal with these issues don’t really get what it takes just to get out of bed sometimes or to um oh I have a really good analogy for you guys that I learned while I was in rehab actually um because I I didn’t I didn’t think about my anxiety in this way and I should have so people are not like anales this is what my doctor said to me I was like okay that’s obvious to me people are not an an opes thank you can I can I move about my day now um antelopes Do not sit at the side of a river and wonder how fast is the water are there alligators what if what if the it’s too deep what if I drown what if I forget how to swim what if I what if I can’t swim fast enough what if I uh what if I get lost what if what if what if just what ifs right they don’t stand at the side of a river and panic and spend all of their energy in worrying about what’s to come they save their energy so that when they do cross the river and there’s an alligator under the water they have a burst of energy so that they can go and unfortunately because people with anxiety do not cope well with anxiety and we sit at the side of the river and we wonder how deep it is and how how how far across and are there allig we’ve spent so much energy just in the worrying that when it is time for us to do something about it we have no energy to do it we got nothing left and so I started to challenge that perspective and to try to stand at the river a little less long um it it took me probably I don’t know I would say a week less time than it would under normal circ*mstances for me to decide to put the patreon together I stressed about that for a week easily I mean there’s a couple people on here who know very well how how hard I stressed on that patreon like feeling feelings about it and oh my God I’m is it like begging and maybe I shouldn’t because it as much as much time as it did take me stressing about it and whatever I ended up doing it but before I went into into rehab that would have taken me a year a year of deciding going back and forth about the pros and the cons and trying to decide whether I should or shouldn’t and um what people were going to say and what people were going to think and whatever stuff just stuff right and then I like got to thinking to myself damn it Naomi you’re working on a uh a card table essentially and sitting in a chair from 197 2 like put your patreon together I don’t think anybody’s going to be mad at you for having needs or whatever like goodness but I would have stressed sorry bump you I would have stressed so much longer about that before I started to do things that made me uncomfortable like not level 10 anxiety stuff oh yeah the the VA sucks man I’m sorry um and I don’t challenge myself with like level 10 anxiety stuff but little things little things that bug me like leaving my leaving my shoes in the middle of the room instead of putting them next to the door like I would normally do and just leaving them there and seeing how long I can sit before I stop obsessing over the thought that my shoes are sitting in the wrong spot um doing those sorts of things to challenge myself with without you know causing myself some sort of trauma response from it um has been really really helpful for me I’m not saying that’ be right for everybody but um it’s like there’s uh cognitive behavioral therapy which is what they usually do with addicts and alcoholics sometimes with people with anxiety just general anxiety disorder as well um but if not done properly and carefully that can also cause trauma and anxiety so we don’t want to do that but um it’s might be worth looking into or trying if it’s not something that you’ve tried before with your therapy to talk to your therapist about cognitive behavioral therapy because um it helps you to deal with actions and behaviors um it’s a way to try and curb those actions and behaviors before you have like before you do them by challenging the way that you do things normally so if you’ve never done cognitive behavioral therapy it might be worth looking into for you if you can um oh my God that’s so pretty sorry I just looked up at the screen because I’m right on top of it but if I look up at the camera like it gives me a really good like bird’s eye yeah the VA system is terrible I can’t I can’t believe like what they put veterans through it’s like thanks for serving our country now here here’s whoa here’s miles of red tape you know miles and miles of it and they and they promise so many things to you before you sign up like gez now I’m assuming no I’m not going to assume because I don’t know were you in the military or was it your husband who served and you go through like his or wife and you uh go through their VA or that’s a personal question you don’t have to answer that you don’t want to sorry I’m very curious person a very curious person so I probably ask things that are way inappropriate to ask sometimes and if I’m out of line just say uh I’m not GNA answer that but thanks for asking all in everybody’s business um but oh goodness my door’s open and my birds freaking out hold on guys I got to the light on it is it’s getting like dingy and gray outside like it’s going to rain but I don’t know if it’s going to rain yeah I feel like just the system is broken the entire system of Everything Is Broken especially when you see countries like um like Sweden or Norway or you know over in Europe and sorry move some stuff around here move myself you see these other countries and they get um they have social programs way better than our social programs and mental health is a focus of many of them dang it bacon I swear to God you’re in or you’re out Cat come on get in here all right now you’re in now you’re going to stay in for a while okay because I don’t want to listen to the bird freaking out I’ve got a Parrot and occasionally she has uh she just decides to trump it for literally no reason and then won’t stop no bacon you’re in now you’re not going back out we’re not playing this game she’s gonna sit there and Claw the door oh my God this cat I swear bacon what are you doing what hi yes go find something to do go find something to keep busy please you’re cute you’re very cute but you’re bit you bothering me yeah yeah I’m sure struggling for seniors is not I mean having worked primarily with seniors the last several years it’s like I see what I see what the programs end up doing to you too bacon I swear okay then go out but like make a decision can one of you guys like take B like let bacon in the basem*nt or something let bacon into the B she keeps trying to get in and out of my door jeez sorry told the kids to take her to the basem*nt she loves the basem*nt that’s her favorite place to be when she’s trying to get in and out of place places that’s usually what she wants is somebody to let her in the basem*nt like you’re on the wrong floor of the house there kid but yeah having worked with senior citizens I see like you know you go into a private pay place you’re able to stay there for however long until Medicaid or Medicare will pick it up and then either a you’re lucky enough that the community you’ve been living in will continue to take your medicator Medicare or you go um their pay only but then you have to go to like the crappiest part of that community and live it’s just it’s sad to me it is very very sad and because we have so many um people from the baby boom like and not really enough caregivers to take care of those people that also makes me very sad because the the care that you get as seniors is subpar as well because there’s there’s lots of people who end up going into um into caregiving as a field like they think they want to do it and then they get to doing and it it’s like why did you even decide to do this you are not built for it you are not kind or generous or like you’re just thoughtless like just why did you choose this yeah cats I swear to God okay so um so then maybe yeah let me know Sarah if you end up getting rain cuz maybe then I got rain coming depending on what direction it’s going um so bacon got her name uh bacon got her name on accident um oh you’re in Illinois Carol I’m in Wisconsin so um she got her name we wanted I wanted to call her s’mores because she looks She’s white and she’s got these like um like bu and light gray colored markings all over her so she looks like kind of a toasted marshmallow um so I wanted to call her s’mores well my husband said that her tail looks like a piece of crispy bacon because it does it’s like it’s orange it’s like orangey colored and gray brown it looks like a piece of crispy bacon and so at first we were calling her s’mores bacon well of course she wasn’t to answer to s’mores bacon but she would answer to bacon and so we dropped s’mores and her name became bacon the other cat that I had was named chicken so we had chicken and bacon and then my dog’s name is beans and then I have another dog named sugar so it’s just food names up in here I guess we were really hungry we were naming animals and the the funny part is like they weren’t even meant really to have food names but they end up with food names every time my dog’s name was almost going to be waffles but I did not name him waffles um his name was going to be gorgeous George but uh I was explaining to my husband what he looked like and that he has extra toe beans on his back feet because he’s a Pyrenees and um so when I took him to go meet beans for the first time I was like it’s that one right there with the beans I was like beans and he answered to it so he ended up with the name beans and it stuck I even told my husband like we can change it if you want he no no we got to do a Meetup a Midwest Meetup I think see in Ohio is not too far I mean granted I80 is the length of a damn Bible I I went from Wisconsin to New York when I was working for the renaissance fair and we decided to drive which I mean it’s like a 15 15-hour Drive something like that to from from where I live to Sterling was it Sterling no Sterling Fair um like New Jersey New York New York area right that we were going to and um so we drove and the thing about Ohio is like and and no offense to Ohio but you’re like I80 sucks you go for miles and miles and miles there are really no Billboards to look at there’s nothing really to look at trees lots of trees and like every rest stop looks like the rest stop you were just at every one of them and it’s exactly the same on the other side of the road so if you’re on one side of the road you’re same rest stop as what’s on the other side of the road gas station rest stop whatever and then you go in the only thing that’s different is okay so this one has a Popeyes and this one has like a a Cinnabon or whatever but they all pretty much they all have a Starbucks um there there like all looks the same so you feel like I don’t know Groundhog’s Day while you’re in the car feel like you’ve not made any progress because nothing looks different um yeah no Billboards what’s up with that in Ohio by the way curious is there a reason you don’t have Billboards and then and then we get to New Jersey and were uh at a gas station and I get out to like get my gas you know stuff ready whatever and a person comes over and tells me that I am not allowed to pump my own gas uh excuse me I can’t pump my own gas what are you talking about no you have to be authorized to pump gas in the state of New Jersey what you have to be like you have to so I’d never had a gas station attendant before so I didn’t know what that was all about I had to like pay differently and whatever I was like this is all very confusing to me yes rose that is very true um I’ve been in and out of taking care of senior citizens for basically ever and it’s one that it it really like it is very fulfilling but it is also dang it I forgot one um but it is also like it’ll tug at your heart forever and I don’t know whoever came up with the phrase like one don’t get attached and two um like you’re not supposed you’re not supposed to have favorites I don’t know where that adage ever came from I’ve never actually heard anybody say it out loud like that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard how can you not have favorites for one we have people we like if we like a person we like them if we don’t like them we don’t like them like how are you not supposed to have a favorite person that you work with and two like how are you supposed to like not get attached it’s a human being not a house plant like how does that even work anyways time to stretch oh time to stretch okay I just poured that so I haven’t started laying anything okay time to get up time to get up if you are uh Diamond painting stand up get up out of your chair it’s time to get up stretch it out reach for the ceiling reach for the ceiling and move around your wrists at the same time you g to move those wrists O Coffee that sounds good too move your wrists around do circles with your shoulders get those moving oh I see sprinkles it’s sprinkling now so maybe my rain’s going to come down to you okay there we go all right we’re stretched thank you Audrey um what was I saying oh yeah like how do you not get attached to human beings I don’t know um it’s it’s impossible it’s absolutely impossible oh but to the larger point that I was making um there are so many Boomers that you know you’re just not getting proper care because there are so many people like that one that go into health care that really should not be in healthare at all ever for any reason and then on top of that there’s a worker shortage generally a worker shortage um especially when it comes to healthcare and it’s a revolving door okay okay cupcake butt 69 which I enjoy that name I said it out loud and I loved every minute of saying it out loud I did not know how to react to that I’m like what is happening why can I not just pump my gas I live in Wisconsin I pump my gas all the time like but this is also a state where you see people like literally drive off with a hose so it’s probably better that we that you pump you have somebody to pump your gas were you there somebody who’s trained to pump your gas I just thought it was so weird I’m like this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life I’ve never been told I can’t pump my own gas pumping gas and I I don’t know old enough to drive very very weird oh my goodness her face is really shaping up you guys Oh no I got a couple more there a couple more there’s a big old semi outside of my house doing something so sorry if that’s loud if you hear it um so picture is good and sound is still good it smells like somebody’s making pizza or something I wonder what they’re cooking down there I should yell and ask bring me food they didn’t even ask if I wanted something something how rude so for reference to seriously somebody’s making something they’re cooking something down there um I have my one oldest I have two kids my oldest is in college and just about to graduate college I’m very proud of her she’s on the Dean’s List like she’s just she’s she’s just an impressive human she’s known what she wanted to do with her life since she was like 10 she’s one of those people one of those weirdos that just has their together pardon my French but has her together um I did not at at that age I did not I didn’t I mean yeah still to this day don’t don’t even know um but she is in college and then while she is away and I’m using her bedroom as my craft room I also have a um uh my son who’s about to graduate high school and then his significant other stays with us and that is a challenge y’all a real challenge I I I love them so much but I also just sometimes I’m like you’re in my space you’re eating my food you are not working jobs like find something to do with yourself please but it’s like frustrating because you know it’s like you’re cooking food just ask if somebody else wants something just ask takes two extra seconds I always cook for everybody like what the hell they did such a good job with the like shading of everything in here so far anyways it looks good this is a little questionable right here with this like light spot but I’m also like once it’s done and I’m able to back off of it a little bit oh your first live stream foxy she devil well welcome welcome welcome it’s been pretty all right so far so far so good we’re a couple hours in but I got sleep so that’s always good that’s always good but yeah teenagers y’all avoid them if you can although it is really weird like I’m kind of starting to like get this get to this space where I’m like I wouldn’t say empty nesting yet but I’m definitely starting to like I missed an a I got to get one um I’m definitely getting to this place where I’m starting to feel like oh God what do I do now if I’m not a mom if I’m not a parent if I don’t have like that defining me cuz it’s very very different like I’ve always been a mom I’ve been a mom basically since I was 11 my younger sibling there’s 11 years difference between us and like I’ve told you my mom was a mess so I was always in charge of taking care of my younger sibling my sister and so to not have a a human that I have to be responsible for is just very weird and I don’t know like what to do with myself I mean it’s going to be a long time I’m sure before they move out and you know figure things out I mean even my oldest I told her straight up I understand the housing market is a scary thing these days and so if you need to stay with us then that it is what it is like you’re absolutely your room is your room forever um but you know I I obviously don’t want my kids to live with me until they’re in their 30s or something but I’m also not going to send them out to the air main streets if like they can’t find something or they can’t afford something because that’s the other thing like Apartments even junkie apartments are $900 where I live and I don’t live in a big city like Studio size $900 that’s insane there’s a place across the street from me here that’s like a it’s a three bedroom house that they they rent out the house or whatever and um sorry I know I’m hitting the light but I’ve got a bunch of random dutes over here from earlier uh they rent out the house and um it’s I think 1,800 a month it’s half of a house it’s like a duplex so you rent out your side and it’s $1,800 for a duplex that is insanity oh well welcome Judith I’m look at Audrey there you go Audrey points for Audrey thank you Audrey appreciate the shout outs because I won’t you know me I’m not going to shout them out myself I’ll be like embarrassed um points for Audrey for a for a Reddit user in here every Reddit user that saw that post Audrey gets points she gets special points um but uh yeah so it’s weird I just I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself and I think like I talk to my therapist about that too because it’s just a a place in my life I’m not used to being it’s one of those times where I guess you know as a as a person that’s when you get to start making decisions about oh maybe I want to go vacation or I want to go do this I want to go do that like we gave up on the idea of doing family vacations last year year before last okay we Dustin and I found this keep sliding sorry um Dustin and I found uh a place that we really enjoy in northern Wisconsin in Bayfield and it is absolutely gorgeous up there sorry I got to close my door hang on they’re playing squeaky toy with a dog and I can hear it um absolutely gorgeous up there they have What’s called the Apostle Islands and you can go kaying and Lake Superior is like the cleanest water I’ve ever seen in my lifetime um but we decided okay let’s take the kids up there let’s pay for kayaking we’ll get a Airbnb we’ll do a whole thing right so we were so excited about it um this was back oh this must have been more than that maybe five years ago uh closer to five four or five years ago um because I’m like thinking about how old my oldest was because at the time she and her um significant other that she’s been with now for well they they were fresh dating when I was in rehab in 2019 so going on five years um they were she was fighting with him in text literally the whole time the whole drive up the whole time we were there she was texting back and forth with them and they were fighting because they were teenagers like teenagers do and um our younger like the whole time was worried about our our pets at home and for a little reference our house had gotten broken into and things stolen from it um maybe two years before that uh so I understood their anxiety about like not being home we had somebody staying here though so wasn’t like the house was abandoned and open to just thieves and whatever because we couldn’t take our dogs we couldn’t you know what I mean our cats and everything else so really the Panic was not warranted and um so they they just panicked about everything or we’re fighting with their boyfriends we take them out kaying which cost me oh you you booted yourself whoops um hi Marilyn uh but we take them along and we’re like yeah awesome we’re going to take you kaying which we spent hundreds you guys we spent hundreds of dollars for four people to go kayaking on Lake Superior for hours because we went we we took like the um like the more expensive package to do it longer because we didn’t want to just go out there for an hour and then come back to Shore or whatever maybe we should have they bitched the whole time the whole time it was terrible it was like I’m so glad that I spent all this money on Airbnb and on you know everything else that we paid for and all they did was and I’m like never again never again so if we’re taking like a Day hike or something like that and we’re going to go you know do something like a day trip fine but we will never take them on another long vacation like that ever again it was too expensive to have basically wasted our money you know what I mean on bit and complaining and or just wanting to be at home with a boyfriend or whatever with stuff is just ridiculous ridiculous yeah I I uh honestly we go once a year we only go once a year and it’s always for my sober birthday um my sober birthday falls on uh the 6th of July which I love because I am obsessed with fireworks I love Fireworks so sorry if that’s not your thing I am obsessed with fireworks I love them and so the fact that I get fireworks to celebrate my sober birthday every year it’s like an extra celebration that way it’s like look it you did so good you get fireworks um so that’s the only time that we really go on a vacation um my husband and I now we go by ourselves it’s like forget it we’re leaving the kids you guys can watch the house because you’re old enough now and we go on our own usually we go to places in state one just because Wisconsin is a beautiful state and I know I haven’t even seen all that there is to see in Wisconsin yet um it is just a really gorgeous State we have all four seasons like our our fall colors rival New Yorks I mean it is absolutely stunning around here in every season um something for every season to do you know what I mean well we go on maybe like around a week we’ll go for my sober birthday I don’t even celebrate my regular birthday as much as I celebrate my sober birthday it’s like yeah okay everybody can get born but not everybody can get sober you know I guess I think about it that way because it’s true I’m always checking these diamonds you ever okay one thing that I’ve been running into with this kit is like you know like you got a diamond and it has this like random dark spot on the top of it that looks like it’s just like dirt on it but you go to try and get it off of there and it won’t come off it’s like it’s in the resin i’ I’ve been running into that a lot with this kit it’s been weird it’s been really weird like and honestly the amount of trash for this kit has also been weird I’m not used to seeing this amount of trash for Diamond Art Club so that’s been strange yeah sorry Amber no no no no I’m getting my my nails done my daughter is paying for us to get our nails done but not today nope I don’t know when we’re going to do that she’s going to pick probably next weekend most likely I don’t know I’ve got to get this move done to get all my stuff out of her room because I’ve got everything up here right now but I need I need other things to happen in the meantime like Dustin’s got a he’s got okay he’s got this recliner I guess you can call it a recliner piece of garbage it’s got rips and tears and it’s like just it’s garbage and he for the long it’s comfortable me me like it’s garbage throw it away and there’s a really nice leather recliner that he could use behind him which is taking up the spot that I need to take over but he doesn’t want to throw away his chair so I think what’s going to happen now that his parents are home and their their truck is accessible I’m gonna I I’m gonna yeah probably throw it away while he’s at work and change the chairs out because he knows it’s coming I just don’t think he wants to do it well he’s gonna find out he’s gonna find out look at her face oh my gosh wow even that looks amazing I still don’t understand this little light spot right here I don’t get that especially because it’s behind her hair you’d think that would be a darker spot did I put the wrong color on it hold on let me just I don’t think I did but come on come up plus sign no that’s the right color weird I’m probably looking at it too close let me get her whole face done and then see where we’re at and then I’ll and then I’ll make determinations on whether I don’t like something sometimes you just got to trust the process with diamond painting and I forget that all right we’re going to move over to this square wait I’m going move down I’mma move down one all right let’s slide you up sliding you up there you go yeah and I mean as long as it works for you you know what I mean as long as Edibles work for you keep doing that oh come on like I said I have a really hard time seeing seeing marijuana as a drug and that’s probably the wrong way for a drug addict to think but I don’t don’t I don’t mess with it so it’s whatever I don’t because I would I would use it for the wrong reasons I know that for a fact like I for a fact know that if I started smoking weed I would be doing it because I was trying to feel or think differently than I was thinking or feeling and that’s not something that I want to do whoa apparently somebody is walking past yep kid on a skateboard my dogs always let me know whenever a squirrel farts or a child goes past on a bike they got to they got to announce it yeah that’s true too that is true and honestly I don’t usually use a lightboard with squares but because otherwise like the way that I have to light things in order to see stuff would put glare on everything and then you guys wouldn’t be able to see anything so I’m only using the lightboard because of that because otherwise with squares I don’t like to use the lightboard it ends up showing Gap that you’re not going to see the lights off and I don’t like being fooled by my light board but I I definitely need it you just eat fireworks and cheese yeah we got lots of here’s what’s funny I’m I live in Wisconsin but I’m not like from here I wasn’t born here um I can’t stand cheese I hate it I hate cheese it’s gross I love whole milk I will drink all of the whole milk I can’t do 2% I can’t do skim none of that I got to have whole milk but I hate cheese I hate it I hate hate hate cheese like I will eat cheese very sparingly on things or in things but I don’t I don’t like cheese just by itself most of the time only time that I like cheese it’s like I know something’s going on with my body if it wants cheese because then it’s like okay you must need some calcium or something cuz you don’t like cheese why are you why are you craving cheese that’s weird I hate cheese there’s lots of cheese around here though freshest cheese you can find too it’s like our cheese curds are so squeaky they’re the squeakiest cheese curds you’ve ever heard that oh for people who have never had cheese curds they squeak when you chew them like they’re very squeaky when you chew them on your teeth why I don’t know but they squeak when you eat them it’s like protesting or something I don’t know they’re protesting you’re eating them because the first time I told somebody about squeaky cheese they’re like squeaky cheese yeah cheese curds they squeak I’ve had them I don’t like them I’m okay with like cheese on pizza um I can eat a grilled cheese sandwich because let’s be honest like craft singles are not cheese like they’re Che they’re processed cheese but it’s not really cheese um um but I don’t like cheeseburgers I don’t like um I don’t like just sliced you know like sliced up or or carved up cheese like shuder board not for me yeah okay so here’s the funny thing Vanessa about that hi Laura I haven’t given away your we wax yet but I’m going to be anxiety art Adventures you guys just so you’re aware that’s Laura from we wax she’s one of my sponsors today so say hey everybody was all saying how grateful they were to the sponsors earlier but you missed it they were very grateful that and I’m grateful that I have sponsors you guys you guys came in the clutch when I gave you two days notice so I appreciate that um so yeah like with regard to Vanessa like the amount for rent what’s crazy to me is okay $1,800 to rent this this like duplex next door and my husband and I our mortgage our mortgage where we live now granted we don’t live in the best neighborhood in the whole world you know whatever but it it’s serviceable and and we have a house that’s ours um we pay less than 8 $100 for our mortgage and our our neighbors are paying you know to cram into a tiny studio apartment 895 bucks oh it’s beans beans is up here now he had to come crash through the door and see what I’m doing here I’ll I’ll give you a little sneaky peeky of him me nope he’s going to run away of course he is wait here we go that’s beans don’t you get up on that what you get off my diamond paintings what are you doing you’re goofy that’s beans he is a beast he is about 115 lbs um on yes can somebody get uh Sarah or Audrey can you get a link for um anxiety art Adventures for we wax please um yeah he’s my Beast of a dog but he’s like right now he’s only a year old so he’s not full grown um but he’s about 115 PBS and like he thinks he’s a lap dog which is not good oh own website thank you but if one of you guys could link to her website please that would be Fantastical um I uh I got him kind of on a large so this couple came in to where I was working um at the Assisted Living memory care and their dogs had just had puppies and they were like hey so our dog had puppies and we were wondering because we used to do this with our old dog would you guys like us to come in with our puppies why is this sliding come on Stick um would you guys like us to come in with your puppies and visit the residence and at first the executive director looks like she’s starting to think about it and I was like Robin no you need to let them come in with the puppies I want to see puppies she’s like okay well they had 11 Pyrenees puppies they bring them in and I was like oh my God they were only I think maybe four weeks old at the time but a four-week old Pyrenees is like the size of an an eight-week old regular dog you know what I mean um and so they bring them in and you know I’m like oh my God they’re so cute I wish I had one you know da d d they’re like uh we have 11 of them and we none of them are spoken for I was like uh what okay um hold on a minute so I like beans was the second dog that I the second puppy I picked up the first one was a female and I knew like the only way I was going to talk Dustin into getting a dog is if I got a male dog because he’s tired of all the female animals that we have in the house he feels very lonely um he feels like there’s not enough testosterone in the animals so I’m like the only way I’m going to talk him into it is with a male beans was the second one I picked up cu the first one was a female I take a picture of beans and I said I sent I sent him a text message a picture text message and I said you have exactly three days because this was Tuesday I said you have three days to talk me out of getting a Pyrenees and then I can see he’s starting to type something and I said better for you just to think of a name cuz I’m getting this puppy he’s like what but yeah they had 11 puppies well Mom ended up [Music] um yeah oh the subscription yes you should do the subscription and the subscription service for we wax I’ll let somebody else explain that down in there but um so uh what was I saying oh yeah so Mom had 11 puppies and she at one point like she was tired of them by about five weeks four and a half five weeks she wouldn’t even let them nurse anymore she was getting like to the point where she was attacking them when they would go after her nips and was not having it so uh Jim the person who had the puppies um I guess guess he’d had somebody come from out of state and he let them take one of the puppies early because they were all eating hard food you know they were all doing very well and then really tearing each other up too for that matter and I told them you know that I had experience with animals I used to work at the Humane Society I was an animal control officer like I had a lot of experience with animals um if I’m like if you ever decide to let them go to homes earlier because you know they were eating hard food and whatever I was like please let me know I will come and get him so I ended up taking beans home at about 6 weeks um so a couple weeks early but again he was eating hard food like he was good to go like totally fine got him dewormed that was fun a second deworming but um other than that I mean he was good to go so I’ve had him since he was six weeks old he was born in on March 10th oh wow doing another another date Wier oh my God man man oh man to be broke it sucks um I really like that katner I really really really like that Kutner and I’m kind of wondering if I might be able to swing like a SLE payment where I could do like a four four payments of you know whatever and get the de or get the ketner maybe and the date Wier I don’t know I should really just not buy anything it’s really what I should just not do but we’ll see probably won’t buy anything oh and then also for anybody who cares um I have a video up it’s um help me pick my next kit I am going to stop counting votes on Sunday so if you want to vote on what I do for my next kit there’s like seven options on there and um you can vote on it I’ve got some really really good options up there beans what are you whining about oh somebody closed another door he didn’t he doesn’t like it when doors are closed and he can’t get into makes him sad we didn’t used to let him upstairs at all but then when I started working up here almost exclusively like he would freak out he’d be downstairs barking or whining or whatever he’d try to climb the gate we have a baby gate up so I was like I just gotta you just paid off your Sizzle I’m out of points man I used I use my points I had a um that was how I got I got aisai and um or was that onime it was onime and something else no it was this one it was aisai and soul of the storm I got for $4.50 because I had a I had remaining gift card and then um I used a $100 off coupon so I used up my points but like my husband that’s right my husband paid for onime and the other one yeah yep I paid for this with points I was like done and done or maybe I have that backwards either way either way I got two paintings for $4.50 by using my points and a gift card that I had left it was like 35 bucks left on a gift card but still 35 bucks is 35 bucks what sucked was okay okay so it’s like I see you Diamond Art Club I see you um when you use a thing that lowers the amount like using a $100 um using a $100 points thing um what happened was it lowered the cost of everything down to whatever $450 uh or or whatever I had to use I had to pay something because shipping got reapplied because obviously my order had been over $75 but when I um when I used up my points and whatever and made the cost less than $75 than I had to pay for shipping so the $4.50 was actually a shipping cost it wasn’t cost of the kits at all I was like dang it I see what you did there I see what you did there the one thing I do wish you could do with diamond Art Club is I wish that you could use your rewards along with your coup like a coupon code um if anybody is making a purchase at Diamond Art Club for the first time if you’ve never made a diamond Art Club purchase you can use my affiliate um coupon code to save 15% You Are by no means obligated to do so um but it’s mc15 and you’ll save 15% on your first kit but like I said you are not obligated to do so it just helps the channel it all goes back into the channel and I will use it for the channel and getting myself something other than a card table to do my dime painting on and a chair oh Laura thank you thank you thank you I didn’t even see where you said you were leaving coming back you g to come back am I having any guests uh well I mean people who pop up in the chat but that’s really it um I don’t I don’t have anything set up for any guests or anything if I would have if I would have planned this better than like two days ago three days ago I probably could have done that but I did not because I did not plan it until a couple of days ago it was poor planning but only because I didn’t know I was going to do this until a couple of days ago and actually I’m going to talk about it here on here anyways because I think sheay is still on um because I thought about or even other you know just Diamond painters generally okay question you know you guys remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from years ago and how sugar don’t whine puppy my Dogg’s whining um you remember how like you you would do the Ice Bucket Challenge and you get you would nominate somebody so like you do the challenge and then You’ nominate somebody or 10 somebody’s or whatever to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and they had an option they could either do the ice bucket challenge or they could donate to the ALS Foundation okay well I was thinking what about if I was to do this live this 24-hour alive and then if people were willing to play along I maybe would have a a list of names of people I knew were willing to play along um that you would then do a 24-hour live or a 24-hour Diamond painting challenge what whatever you don’t have to do a live if you don’t want to I suppose but you would do a 24-hour Diamond painting challenge or give to uh a mental health charity of your choice is that something that any any person at all would be interested in or is that like nah no thanks I don’t even want to give to a charity or you know like is it dumb I don’t know I I’ve been thinking about it because I’m like that would be really cool if I could convince people to do their own 24-hour Diamond painting Challenge on a live or not on a live um and then we would have more of these now it wouldn’t need to be sponsored it wouldn’t need to be you know what I mean like wouldn’t have to be a thing it could just be your thing but you would do it for mental health awareness and then you would nominate people yourself so after you completed your challenge or did your donation then you would nominate somebody to do the same the whole thing is though like people have to buy in you know what I mean you’re like you gotta you got to actually want to do it because I don’t want to make people Diamond paint that don’t want a diamond paint or whatever like I’m not going to just nominate people be like um no thanks though I don’t want to play cuz I would I would nominate people if I thought for a minute that they would actually do something like that Sherry I am doing great thank you doing very good um I completed this square right here of aisai I’m going to finish these three and then I’m going to start my next painting I wanted to have a finish under my belt and Sarah convinced me that I needed to finish aisai because I’ve been working on her like non-stop so aisai is going to get completed today and then I’m going to start in on moonlighter uh ma magical moonlighter the one that I did my sneak peek for oh hang on just a second can somebody handle beans please I can’t have him barking and whining right outside the door hello I’m not even really sure why he’s out there whining what he’s whining for I think it’s because my kid significant other is next door in the in the room and has the door closed in the room with you with me he doesn’t want in my room he doesn’t want in my room he wants in with Ace I think you doing well can you eat downstairs please so that he’s not outside the door whining well then can you leave the door open so he stops whining jeez I would shut my door but he just keeps pushing it open as does bacon and sugar they all want in here they thinking what I’m doing is awesome or something I don’t know so much fun to watch me Diamond paint I guess for dogs hey o come here for a second would you be willing to make some mac and cheese maybe with corn um I mean I don’t know maybe maybe for both of us to eat I already ate oh well you want to bring me something to eat um I can have Ace make you one of the uh EUR Rose oh yeah would that work mhm that’d be great okay um well he’s going to finish first and then I’ll have him do that okay thank you yeah have somebody send me a pizza also for future remind me remind me I got to say I got to tell you something about the the Euros okay but not right now what about about what I had said to you about the Euros yeah already okay [Music] so okay okay we talk about it later now’s now’s not fine thank you Stacy thank you very much oh yeah yeah I want to see her done too Sarah I just want to see her done so bad so bad mostly because I’ve been working on it for so long incredibly long yeah it’s sprinkling now I hope it just stays that way and it doesn’t like thunderstorm I mean I’m not too worried about it I don’t like I don’t usually have issues with power outage all better knock on wood knocking knocking on the face um so usually there’s no issues there but if I’m honest also now that I’m going to finish her I really wanted to be the first person to post a post review on her because I’ve been working so dang hard to get her done quickly and not quickly like quickly I I’m working on her quickly because I’ve been working on her a lot um but I I want to I want to be the first to post a post review dang it so I’ve been working hard just rain yeah I mean I started her on the 12th today’s the 26th so yeah not long at all not long but she’s basically the only piece I’ve really worked on the last couple of weeks I’ve kind of taken a break from everything else and just worked on her I haven’t even done like a paint gem in between which usually I would have done that but not this time not this time she’s just a lot of confetti as all it’s very very very confetti heavy so you’re considering purchasing be aware there’s confetti confetti Heaven There are a couple of color blocking spots a couple like you’re seeing some in here but that’s more than I’ve had through most all your art dot drawers oh drawer dividers you have to show us your system sometime there Carol I honestly like my systems all over the place right now but I will eventually like people have asked to see how I organize stuff so I will eventually do that but I don’t know know when I got so many like videos planned that it’s it’s hard to say when I’m going to do anything honestly because I’m trying to I’m trying to finish working on my like beginner series um Diamond painting for beginners because you know there there aren’t a lot of updated new videos on that like there’s a lot of them from three years ago four years ago but there’s not a lot that’s like current done recently so I’ve been working on that and then um couple other things that I notice are trending so I’m like well I better get on on that while it’s still something people are interested in I thought about using the art dot uh art dot drawers also well one because you know discount but um DP with sparklers dividers I might have to look at these the dividers that you guys are speaking of I’ve got to figure out what to do with my diamond painting with sparklers like baggies when I’m not using them so is that what you’re talking about Marilyn sorry making it jump around is that what you’re talking about is like you know you’ve got them in a storage thing and then there’s dividers for them because I suppose I could put them like I could get an art dot storage thing and then I could put them in there I don’t have I mean I have some I don’t have like that many for DP with sparklers but there are want to enhance like coming up so I’m going to need to place an order anyway um where was I just at okay let’s pick a new spot then containers okay storage of special drills ew containers are cases with bottles yeah so um for for those who want to make uh yeah I saw Bella’s baggie div divider um for those who do want to place uh an order at Art dot if you use na10 um you can save 10% on your purchase using my um using my code again you are not obligated to use any of my affiliate codes for anything but if you want to if you want to you can it helps the channel and then um I don’t know you might be able to find something better online for a code I don’t know I don’t know at all but I do know that you can use that and then I will repeat again just cuz it’s been a while that if you would like to save um 20% on a cat proof tray that’s one of these beautiful um then you can get that at 20% off using Naomi 20 on butter or on sorry cat on cat proof trays website they’re on Etsy find them on Etsy but yeah I don’t know we got we got some sprinkles but I don’t see anything too serious only thing I hate about when it rains is we have like an unfinished basem*nt and so we have some flooding issues in our basem*nt that we’re trying to fix we got to get down there and do another sealer on them kind of annoying kind of annoying but it is what it is we’re going to do like a we we bought our house like before really like well a couple of things we we got lucky because the house that we live in we were already renting from some friends of mine they had purchased the house so that we could move into it a while ago long story um and they are you know land well were landlords of a few different places in Chicago because that’s where they’re from um and so they’ purchased the house way back when 36,000 I think my house was initially well you know we lived in it for a long time and the housing market was starting to shift and change a little bit into the you know sellers favor and they sold us the house for 60k which is nothing compared to what you spent on houses nowadays and so um since we bought the house that was back in um December not of last year but of the year before um when we purchased the house it was at 60k because that was the price they set as kind of like a friends and family discount sort of deal and um we’ve received like I guess Dustin got an offer in the mail from some property developer offering us like um 90k sight unseen now granted we wouldn’t take that because we wouldn’t be able to find another house for 90k not not anywhere pretty much because it’s a seller’s market right now but that kind of gave us an idea of like okay so that gives us an idea of value I guess like what somebody would pay for it so we were talking about like um doing a another loan and like fix fixing the roof and fixing the basem*nt and you know doing doing some upgrades for the house so that when when slash if we we do ever decide to sell it we can sell it for more and you know afford another house because that would be the only reason we sell is if we could purchase another house we had talked about like years and years ago doing like the tiny house thing I like I like stuff hi Sunny the the stream is going all right it is going pretty all right I think um you’re stuck at work oh well I I’ll be here I will be here DP addiction Adventures welcome welcome yeah Brave I don’t know if Brave is the right word stupid I think the word you’re looking for is stupid stupid it’s okay you know what I think I can do it um I do it practically anyways so we’re just we’re g to we’re going to make it happen we’re just going to make it happen I should have you know I should have talked to um your friend and seen if maybe she wanted to do a sponsorship for this and I didn’t even think about it did not even think about it so we could get you know her putty out there for people but it is what it is I was surprised they got the sponsors I did get when I really gave him like 3 days notice um let’s see threes sorry a little slow oh well listen yeah definitely if you want to send them over here or if people want to take a break from here and go over to your live you are more than welcome to do so please Jump Around do things if you need to do things because I mean I would have a hard time watching me live for 24 hours too um and then after Sarah and Audrey take off I may need to ask around to see if people are willing to uh moderate if they are not here having a moderator is great why didn’t why didn’t I think of that earlier I didn’t think of it at all Audrey did she’s like you’re gonna need a moderator like oh yeah maybe I should do that this would be great for the twitch too but I don’t know twitch is Twitch is a different animal I mean twitch is like very like I’ve said if anybody’s ever interested in in joining uh the twitch stream one it’s very easy to download twitch it’s not like you know it’s not a scary app it’s not very hard um but the group on there is like it’s just a really intimate little group it’s not you know it’s not huge it’s not a million people it’s just you know we just talk we just talk like I’m talking now pretty much I just I like that live I like the lives on Twitch just little small thing it’s almost like no pressure you know if you jump around you’ll fall yeah let’s not have that happen what am I allowed to stop and do eat and potty yeah pretty much that’s it yep I’m not leaving I’m not leaving I’m not leaving until I need to use the bathroom I stand up to stretch when Audrey reminds me that it’s time um and then uh that’s kind of it um I because even even my son was like well yeah you could probably like take you know a 10-minute break come downstairs just you know get away from the No No I can’t I agreed to Diamond paint for 24 hours so I got a diamond paint for 24 hours but if I need to take a bathroom break I mean obviously I’m going to do that I’m gonna wet I’m going to be like one of those bad parents that uh used to ignore their children and play world World of Warcraft I’m just going to wet myself that’s I’m just planning on urinating in my own pants for funsies um we’ll go one oh it’s a it’s an AB we’ll do c instead I want to do an AB right now not yet not yet I think maybe if I freshen up my if I freshen up my putty I might do that but it’s weird I have found that I actually have an easier time of of doing my abs when I have fresh putty not when I have old putty I don’t know why that is it’s very strange specifically with butterfly effect wears putty I love their putty love it absolutely love it and I don’t have to change it very often the only thing I’ve noticed is like so because I’m a hard Placer it kind of gets worked a little bit when I’ve pushed and pushed and pushed and it’s like pushing and putting it back in and pushing and putting it back in so it becomes kind of sticky and gooey and then it stops working for me oh it is time to stretch okay all right look up and across the room to make sure my eyes don’t go across that’s actually a good idea okay yes and shout out to Sarah and um and Audrey for being admins I appreciate it I’m going to get up and do my stretchies it’s a it’s a little early for stretch but I’m going to take it anyways because I was noticing I’m starting to like cramp in my thigh so it’s probably good for me to get get up then do those do those rest circles you guys throw your drills on the floor thank God it was the closed one Wolfie remind me what are you working on Wolfie I appreciate that DP addiction Adventures Jennifer oh my goodness all right I did a little squats too squats all right there we go did it um yeah I I’ve decided for myself that I I agreed to Diamond paint for 24 hours so my only breaks will be to get up and go to the bathroom pretty much that’s it eating is going to be done while I’m painting thing um I asked my husband to pick up some just like cheap pizzas or whatever my kiddo is I think one of them is going to make me a Euro there like finger food stuff but only thing is like whenever I eat food my dogs are on top of me every time every freaking time but I try to keep my dogs like I’m usually keeping the dogs busy so that they’re not bothering everybody else while they’re eating so I just let them bother me instead but 20 feet away 20 all right so I’m going to do that now I’m looking at something that’s across the room is that for like eye strain I’m assuming 20 seconds is a lot longer than you think it is so I’m going to go just longer than I think 20 seconds is all right I loved Roseanne oh my gosh so like whenever I kind of try to describe my family to people myself Dustin my kids um my kids had never seen Roseanne before like they hadn’t ever and am I working on C yes I am I was like uhoh let me make sure I’m working on the right thing here um so I I told my kids like it’s just what I’m reminded of like our family reminds me of Roseanne well my oldest hadn’t seen the show hadn’t seen the show and then watched it um on some streaming service when she got older she was like late teens you know old enough to understand things and after she watched it she was like oh my God Mom you’re right you are 100% right I always like that show because it was such an like a real representation of like a a lower middle class family and and I I think it was just because it was real you know what I mean like the way that they joked with each other the way that you know they were happy or unhappy I did not like the way that it it ended and then they backed out of it oh it’s okay Audrey somebody else gave me a stretch Carol gave me a stretch reminder so you’re good don’t worry about it um but uh I always liked the show because it felt very realistic to me you know Full House was good family matters was good oh my God 90s TV in general was good was good TV like I go back sometimes and watch some of those things just you know I can’t watch the reboots of stuff like I I didn’t watch the reboot of Roseanne um which is now what the Connors or something um I never watched that reboot um I I can’t I can’t bring myself to I’m I’m just tired of my childhood being puked on people you know they’ve remade everything from my childhood pretty much at this point in including in fact a remake coming out of the movie The Labyrinth not a remake but a I think it’s a sequel the only reason that I’m even at all interested in watching it is because the person the person who is doing like production and Direction and stuff like that is is the kid who the played the baby Toby Toby um as a little you know tidbit of information the baby Toby in the movie The Labyrinth is the son of Brian and Wendy froud Brian and Wendy froud are the two concept artists for all of the all of the goblins and the like the set design and the puppet designs and stuff for the movie The Labyrinth so having Toby froud who also does puppetry and stuff like that now and and design and things as he’s an adult person um the fact that he will be the one to you know come out with this movie is totally fine with me I I will 100% consume that but um like other things I’m just I’m tired of seeing my childhood puked on everybody you’re right Princessa it will not be the same without David Bowie I mean David like that’s the whole reason that I am obsessed with David Bowie in the first place it’s why my dog’s name is Bowie that’s why um one of the diamond paintings that I got from dreamer designs is like I can’t wait to I it I’m telling you right now though if that diamond painting it gives me as much trouble as spirit is giving me right now I will cry I will literally cry but I have the one where um it’s called Sarah and it’s Sarah in her ball gown and she’s holding a little David Bowie poppet and I’m like oh my God it’s perfect it is perfect I’ll cry if it gives me troubl but that was sidetracking um so like I I’ll be cool with watching that I’ll I’ll 100% consume that media but like other things I get it all in the spirit of you know whatever um but sometimes just because you can doesn’t mean you should you know like the the the gem live remake like um with people it was okay I mean it was an it was an okay movie for like you know young girls or whatever but um it basically was born and died in the same breath and nobody saw it probably and nobody cared but gem was one of my favorite cartoons now granted there are some exceptions to that that have been wonderful like um hi Val working and lurking yeah don’t worry about it if you want to lurk you go ahead and lurk um yeah they they ruin gem um things that were I felt were successes uh when they uh Chang CH The Dark Crystal series or made The Dark Crystal movie into a Dark Crystal series but again that was worked on by Brian Henson that wasn’t worked on by just anybody that was worked on by by people who were involved with the Dark Crystal movie it was like same puppeteers even in some cases and the story on that was fantastic um another exception to that um My Little Pony they’ve they’ve done really really good things with friendship as magic I have not seen the newest My Little Pony um but like again I don’t I don’t need my childhood repeatedly puked up on me and then regurgitated for my kids or my grandkids I don’t have grandkids yet but it just yeah I get it everything old is New Again can work sometimes but like can they just not come up with anything new in Hollywood it seems like it’s like superheroes and remakes like that’s what we yet superheroes and remakes you know what I would not mind them bringing back from the 9s vampire movies and I’m not talking like Twilight I’m talking like an rice Interview with the Vampire I’m talking like you know um blade that sort of stuff like uh uh uh underworld I love those movies they could do a they could do a vampire like Resurgence romanticizing vampires again that would be cool I’d be all right with that or some more and pardon my French but I’m gonna say it some more mind movies like naked lunch or uh I worship His Shadow or um uh what’s another really good one um um um um um um dark dark city I loved those kinds of movies I mean even Matrix Matrix was really like a mind Bend movie and you just don’t see a lot of that now it’s a lot of superheroes and regurgitated 1980s or 1990s stuff makes me sad um there is kind of like a a Mindbender movie that I saw not recently but fairly is recently it had Peter D uh Dage in it um the the little person from Game of Thrones and it’s called rememory that one was a really good movie a really really good movie Never Ending Story yes I would love to I mean like I would love to see those done correctly I don’t want to see them I a tray you that messed me up my whole life my whole life was messed up by a tray you like oh no the freaking horse in the in the I’m having a soda you guys the horse in the Meer oh my God just I I’ll I cry now I cry now at that part I can’t I cannot the giant tortoise but it it would need to be done it would need to be done well and done right and unfortunately I’ve just seen too many remakes that were not like how many times now they tried to remake Ninja Turtles too many way too many like stop it stop it leave Ninja Turtles alone leave them alone leave them in the sewer come on come on but I do I do get um I I I don’t mind the Nostalgia but like okay back on kind of mental health topic a little bit um back on that topic a little bit here’s the funny thing like I am over 40 I do not feel over 40 like I I look in the mirror now and I see someone who is over 40 well like in my mind I’m I’m watching TV right and there’ll be there’ll be a person on the television that I’m like I feel like we’re the same we’re the same age or whatever and then I realized that person is 25 and I am not 25 in my brain I’m still 25 but I’m over 40 and I’ll tell you it wasn’t actually turning 40 that like messed me up it was it was 39 it was basically the whole of my my age 39 I was just everything was messed up I just I had a lot of O I had a lot of weird Revelations I I got sober like just everything everything in my 39 just went completely bananas and I don’t feel over 40 I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore like it’s not something I go yay it’s my birthday give me presents or like mark it on the calendar now you could just forget about that it exists in fact would be fine um but it really like took a toll on me mentally to be over 40 like I don’t know why that age yeah oh my gosh yeah you know what I would like to see as a 60s 70s remake Captain Kangaroo why haven’t they remade that for kids yet because that would be great that would or HR puff and stuff that would be fantastic too see I’m like I’m I was born in 1980 but I’ve consumed media from like all different places because my my parents of course you know um and when we lived in Germany when I was little we didn’t have any American programming there so like we would have tapes of things that like family members would send over to us and so we were consuming a lot of like material that was already you know passed the first time the first time that we saw American commercials I remember remember my brothers and I like well one we wanted everything because you know we’d never seen a commercial before and two it was like wow it was like watching a little it was like watching a little show but in like you know 30 seconds hydrate hydrate get up and stretch Vanessa we did a stretcher like a few minutes ago but if you if you guys have not yet done so please do so please please do so I will take a drinky though um but I yeah it it was really hard it was really really hard just feeling like I don’t know I don’t know why that felt like the death of childhood in a way my my youngest had a really tough lesson on their 18th birthday um my cat chicken uh that passed away passed away on my son’s birthday and it was his cat it was like his childhood cat what a what a rough lesson to learn on your 18th birthday like just that you know it was almost like symbolic I guess of like death of childhood sort of weirdness um we have a lot of weirdness like that in in my household um and actually so later on uh if people are interested in online um I was actually going to get my like my fairy oracle cards and I was going to like do a you know a thought of the day for everybody that wanted one like if you wanted me to draw one for you I would and then I would tell you a little something about it um because I can’t do like a full-on tarot reading for anybody for mental health today but I can at least do like a little quick you know little quick something um something to ponder on you know because I’ve been tarot reading when did I start tarot reading 11 or 12 my my mom my mom was Pagan my grandmother was Pagan and so that’s just that’s the way I was raised um sorry if that’s not your you know your viewpoints or whatever um I nothing against your viewpoints and so I would hope nobody would have anything against mine um but I was born and raised Pagan and so I’ve been doing thank you very much it’s Euro time yes yes Foods um I appreciate it Ace uh he’s going to beg you for it’s okay he can sit in here and watch me eat food um but uh you know I I’ve been doing tarot readings and stuff like that for forever and ever and I always felt like it was a good mental health check for me when I got a tarot reading so even like a little something like a little something to ponder on for the day would be get your nose down from my food sir it’s too hot for me to eat right now so you need to just back up my panes he’s like hm what’s this what’s what’s this you got Diamond help desk thank you for stopping yes I’m having a good start to my weekend I hope you are too it’s been pretty all right oh you’re missed Sarah Sarah’s mine you can’t have [Laughter] her and Carol you can’t have Carol there she’s mine you can’t have them they’re mine no I’m just kidding obviously [Music] um but yeah so I figured I’d grab that out and play with that later on cuz I can still Diamond paint and you know give a little thought of the day sort of things the katner kit oh you know how jealous I am I love don’t get me wrong I love I love my kit that they sent me I they asked if I wanted it and I said yes I want that one I absolutely love it magical moonlighter is gorgeous but that cat though oh literally your mom oh okay I guess you can have Carol then I can’t keep your mom can I borrow your mom I don’t have a mom can I just borrow your mom for like just a little bit a little borrow yeah it’s gorgeous that ker is just tasty just tasty and you can you can color me fully jealous of that because it is really lovely and that you guys that the the the the um sneak peek one I was so nervous I don’t even know why I was nervous I’ve done unboxings like already thank you thank you I appreciate you letting me borrow your [Laughter] mommy goodness I need yeah I need a mommy um I was so nervous and I’d already been practicing like I on purpose I did a bunch of unboxings and you know whatever and they went great and I wasn’t nervous at all but for whatever reason it was like everything was out of my head everything I don’t know why pressure was so pressure is was like the pressure was so pressure oh my gosh yeah yeah we always Sarah and I always want the same stuff constantly we’re just basically the same person we’ve decided we’re just the same person they a lot of the same everything um but yeah it was just like nerve-wracking I’m standing I’m like literally standing there staring at the painting for a solid minute without saying anything it’s all been edited out now but I’m just looking at it just like it’s so pretty what do I say next do I talk about how pretty it is do I like stupid so dumb but it I mean it ended up okay it was all right I’m I’m I am just fine with the final product or I wouldn’t have posted it but yeah I was nervous I was really nervous so I’m so grateful to Diamond Art Club like I that was unexpected um very unexpected especially because my YouTube is all of a month and a half old now yeah the crow and Raven with the skeleton is really cool the um the piece that uh um Jennifer has uh the the the wine the Winer wine at Sunset what’s that one called Sunset Winery something and then there’s a a date Wier like come on I don’t have I I own zero zero date wiers so I know I’m G to have to buy one at some point it’s not going to be that one because it’ll be gone by the time that I blink when I have money again it’ll be just a a whisper in the wind but I will get a date Wilder at some point um what is that Winery one man yes yes yes you know and I and I found that the reason that I go as in I have a a lot of people to thank for how like indepth I get with mine like um nurse Rachel I believe her name is is um she is 100% the reason that I do the like that I take the diamonds out and I show you what they look like the ABS and the specialty diamonds 100% credit to nurse Rachel on that one um and then like actually having the ABS like with me when I’m looking at them on the canvas 100% that’s principal painter I have car a thing for that one so like I try to go really maybe I probably go a little too in depth with it but I feel like I would rather go too far than not far enough and just go like here’s the canvas here’s the stuff here’s some diamonds thanks byy because I don’t get anything out of that and I not from our Diamond Art Club sneak peers but I’ve seen it from sneak peers for other companies and I’m like I got nothing out of that thank you appreciate it that was a waste of my three and a half minutes all right I’m going to put some of this cucumber sauce on my on my hero here and have Chomp um yeah it’s like I would rather go too far and then have you know lots about it then not go far enough because people can skip around I guess if they don’t if they don’t want to watch you know uh oh I don’t think you can you can’t private message on YouTube but but you could probably if Sophie has an insta you could probably find her on Insta and message there because that’s how I message um some people you know oh my goodness well yeah I can see why you got that one then the katner CU it’s gorgeous it’s gorgeous let’s [Music] do that one I’m going to try not to talk with my mouthful but I am going to chew some food now that I’m finally hungry yeah nurse Rachel’s amazing I love how detailed she is so I was like yes I want to bring an element of that I loved the I Lov that part I love the flyovers that people do I’m like yes I want that um I credit to Katie for um the picture the picture like up on the screen while you’re looking at the canvas so you can see the whole thing um yeah I just I I took so many ideas from so many different people and kind of Incorporated all of them because I felt like oh I really like that I really like that I want to do that because I feel I find that helpful or oh I really like that I find that really helpful so I kind of took elements a little bit from a lot of people and Incorporated them into my sneak peek because I found it just incredibly helpful yeah you going to are you going to try and stay on for 24 hours Wolfie or you going to just get what you get done and then for the record did anybody uh did anybody answer my question about whether or not you would even be interested in like trying this challenge okay um because if you’re willing I nominate you to try it everybody’s like nah that’s crazy I don’t know why you’d even want to do it yourself cuz I love Diamond painting and I love mental health that’s why cuz both those reasons you going to try here try to be here the whole time um Princessa I asked if um like you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and like people would do the Ice Bucket Challenge and they would nominate people to do their own and then either they did the Ice Bucket Challenge or they donated to like ALS Foundation I thought about doing something similar to that with this with the 24-hour Diamond painting and either they would Diamond paint for 24 hours on a live or not wouldn’t be a requirement and then um if uh if they do the challenge then they don’t have to do anything else but if they don’t do the challenge then they would need to donate to like some mental health charity of their choice you guys are awesome if you can stay if you can stay that would be awesome if you can’t it’s okay don’t go try and get my food beans it’s mine I’ll share with you in just a minute just let me get what I want to get out of it okay self-portrait oh my gosh that one okay I’m not sure who the artist is somebody recently post a post posted a post review of it it’s it’s like a woman underwater and her I know I know Katie did it at one uh diamonds and washy did it at one point um cuz the hair looks almost like coral and she’s underwater I feel like that’s a date Wilder but maybe I’m completely out of my mind um but absolutely beautiful I was wondering if that’s just like a Diamond painting UK thing or what that where that’s from that looks like just confetti all day and all night though that’s probably why I haven’t done a landscape yet I mean I I mean this one’s confetti heavy so I don’t know why I would be nervous but um the the landscape that I want well the landscape I want really bad are sold out which was Heaven’s Gate um but that pink treeh house thing the one that um was that cat showed that one a few weeks ago oh okay yes please please pop on and say hi to tea later and if you do tell her thank you also for um for sponsoring this event because I super appreciate I super appreciate her we’ll we’ll do te’s thing a little bit later on too she gave us uh $5 coupon a $15 code which 15 bucks on Tea’s site is like so much stuff so much stuff oh well you know so maybe it’ll be something that I I do annually I’ll try and do this annually and then if I do it again next year I could uh her sight’s dangerous yeah mhm but I was thinking about doing this annually like every year I would try and do this I don’t know if it’ll be on the same day every year but you know oh it’s archived okay m h that just always happens and I highly doubt I’m going to find somebody who wants to part with it in D stash anyway so oh well it’s not a unicorn or anything for me it’s just one that I saw I’m like oh man wouldn’t wouldn’t mind trying it yeah I thought maybe I’ll do this annually and um if not the same day the same like you know maybe the last Friday of the month or something of April and make it a tradition but I don’t know I don’t know where did that come from where did that come from I’m looking around I’m not seeing if it did it come off down here somewhere where did this come from I’m trying to see if I’m losing diamonds down here but I don’t see anything off of here okay well then I guess whatever that was I must have dropped it earlier and I didn’t see it like on the canvas or something H March mystery kit from pans Diamond P oh pams oh I’ve I’ve seen good things from pams yeah or like yeah I’ll pick up my arm and I’m like something on my elbow don’t know where it came from beans I have no more food for you bro I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m out I think I’m going to have to switch up my putty starting to get no maybe not just starting to get a little sparse all right um yeah my current unicorns and I know that a couple of them are so I’m you know like that’s a good thing um one is satura and I know she’ll restock at some point I just don’t know when that will be um another is surreal Blues I’ll I I will mention also all of these Wolfie will accept my challenge all right blam well before I before you before you take on the challenge let me make sure that at least we have some people so we can make it a thing you know what I mean so all right we’ve got one taker we just need a few more and then you got to find out Wolfie whether or not you have some friends that are willing to accept the challenge from you because you got to nominate somebody when you’re done um all of the all of the paintings that I want Sarah has all of them like dang it but oh good on her for you know getting them though oh it’s plastic there it’s not going to go on so you know she was wise and purchased them you know purchased them like when they were on sale the first time instead of waiting like you know some people do but um surreal Blues Dreamscape both of those by uh color out of place mystery 47 would be nice but that’s I mean I do love you I do love you I just want to come Rob your house that’s all cuz it sounds to me like your stash and is probably the size of my stash probably bigger hi Autumn Leaf 17 welcome welcome but yeah I don’t think mystery 47 would really ever happen I mean BBE on the off chance somebody sold it Sarah saw somebody sell it in D stach for 80 bucks I was a little angry because I’m not in the D stash group I can’t see that stuff and 80 bucks come on man come on but you know they obviously weren’t looking to profit off of somebody’s life um cuz I need to I need to um complete my my color out of place place triumverate cuz I have tried to follow but I want the other two and I know cuz I asked um a diamond art club person and they said that they were going to be restocking surreal Blues May or June so I’m going to be watching for those and then [Music] um what’s my other one I got Forest Sprite and I’ve got Dragon Spirit satura was the other one do I have any other unicorns if I do I can’t think of them off the top of my head right now yeah I know yeah yep yep I get it well like you know um I have sumon my in my stash that I would be willing to part with you know what I mean like I would at least think about it but then when I those ones in particular when I think about parting with them I’m like but I really want to do that one like I really do it’s just you know making time finding time whatever but because um tears of Venus tears of Venus actually had been on my D stash list she had been on my list of things that I would I would be willing to part with I wasn’t n like ready to sell her right then and there but I was you know she was on my yeah I might for the right number I would think about selling her and then now I’m considering working on her for May you know what I mean so like it’s hard there’s none of them in there that I’m like me the only one that was really like that where I was like me was um no offense but wedding memories and that’s just because I got that as a mystery um and I’ve I don’t know I’m kind of convinced now that with those Mysteries that I’m never going to be satisfied because it’s usually things that they just have too many of and they just are trying to get rid of so I’m never really going to be happy because I would have bought it otherwise right maybe um but I bought that as a mystery it was like one of those ones you pay 15 extra dollars for or whatever um but my order that order was a big one was a really big one that time but Randall Spangler is just really not my style oh what would you like me to call you then Wolfie Wolfie not W not Wolfie um but yeah that was really the only one that I was like all my other paintings I’m very happy with you know even my diamond dots ones that I have they’re all Masters I’m saving them because I want to I want to have something to work on for Su of the Masters but I just have to figure out like at that time what size of something I want to work on because I have a few van go I have a Monae I have a um I’ve got a Mona Lisa got a couple Mona Lisas I’ve got a larger sized a like a middle medium sized one cats by Bridget Ashwood and Artemis uh right man I I love his artwork I love Roy tren’s artwork and I’m glad it worked out Audrey because if I did not have that piece to sell you and I would not have met and then there would be no history there would be no history to share today um Roy Tren is like another one of those I want to come up with uh one of my YouTube episodes I want to talk about like um like coloring book style artist that I love and why I love them because Roy Trin is definitely one of those I have um uh illumine illumin no that’s not Ro TR is it Mercury Mercury got think about that um what other Roy Trin do I have I know I have something now I got to look it’s going to drive me nuts if I don’t check um where where’s my stash let me check R Tren R Tren I have beans quit it yeah for the record peers are very talkative so sometimes he does this like wine weird thing maybe I don’t have any Roy Trin right now maybe I don’t no Illumina is an aorte that’s right I don’t know Saturn is gorgeous which kit which kit do you love girls locked usually go by Amber wolf 95 oh got you okay oh right because you’re Amber from twitch then there’s Amber Lake there’s so there’s so many ambers okay so I will say amber wolf then you’ll know I’m talking to you because there’s there’s Amber Lake too um hey Ace Ace can you not hear me Ace huh can you take him outside I think he needs to go cuz he’s in here whining at me it’s like um I can’t help you right now buddy right like 10 15 minutes before the live he’s bugging me to go to the bathroom I’m like oh my gosh gotta make it fast gotta make it real fast geez bacon calm down it’s not that serious bacon she’s yelling at the dog they like never really hang out together mean to her just sniffs her she but she just hates it get out of my face she’s kind of an old lady cat that way but I guess if a giant white something was just getting all up in my face I’d probably be upset by that too yeah he do he’s very talkative I mean Pyrenees are talkative anyways but he is very talkative he lets me know anytime he needs something every time he needs something and he do we call him a Grumble Muppet because he just he grumbles and groans and carries on about things he’ll like throw himself on the floor and Pitch fits it’s pretty [Music] funny it is very very funny the next one is rounds so I’m thinking it is going to go real we faster because there’s a lot of color blocking there’s a lot of color blocking in that other kit so it should should cook up pretty quickly yeah I I love Greek myth I mean I love both Greek and Roman mythology I got Medusa um when I got onime I think and um I feel like I love Medusa I love Medusa like the story of Medusa just that but um this Medusa is Beautiful by chrisa buug but I feel like she’s too friendly looking like Medusa I like is it Christopher lille’s Medusa or is that it’s not that’s not Anis that’s got to be Christopher lovo um that Medusa is like it’s she’s beautiful but she’s like crap pants beautiful you know like she looks like she will tear your skin off your body like she will literally turn you to Stone whereas chrisa bugs is very friendly and kind of open looking like has personality in that way like yeah she looks a little dangerous but she’s cute and I don’t expect Medusa to be cute I still love the piece and I’m still going to work the piece because I love chrisa bug anyways but I just yeah I feel like she looks very cute um isn’t Tren didn’t Tren also do pranie oh my God the manate story dude I felt like such an I’m gonna say it I felt like an after I said it and well I didn’t feel like an after I said it I felt like an after she was like like making me feel like I was calling her fat and I was like I that was not what I H was not intended it was not intended to call you fat I promise it wasn’t I was just trying to say like no see cuz you know say saor and Pirates used to think that manatees were mermaids so you’re not even as big as a you’re not as big as a manate I should just stopped I should have just stopped as the word manity came out of my mouth like you know what never mind I didn’t have anything to say I do that a lot a whole lot and I don’t even mean to and I’m the kind of person like I ask a lot of qu question a lot of things so you know sometimes if a person is not ready is not receptive receptive to questioning about something they will think that it’s like it’s accusatory like I’ll ask somebody something like you know like let’s say yes okay it is his pany his pany is Fantastico I just gorgeous um the one that they just released again they just uh restocked there’s not even a there’s not even a um pomegranate in it and I was like that’s like that’s the whole that’s the whole thing um but like let’s say you’re talking about a kit you’re working on right and you’re like yeah I’m working on wedding Memories by Randall Spangler and I’m like why’d you pick that and I don’t I don’t mean like uh why did you pick that one it’s literally like why did you pick that why do you like it you know whatever but some people take it as almost like an accusation and it’s like that’s not even that’s not even what I’m trying to do I’m just trying to ask a question so it happens a lot it just happens a lot because I question everything and I want to know more about stuff and so some people are just not receptive to the the line of questioning and I have to be aware of that and then yeah I often will just start speaking before I’m like processing what I’m saying and then yeah it’s even worse I I personally I kind of blame the autism but I also don’t want to blame the autism because I just don’t have a a mouth filter sometimes but but it is what it is I like well yep it’s out there now can’t backpedal out of it o i one too many um but you know what do you do what do you do what’s done is done she she might even still tell that story for all I know she may still to this day go this right right right right yeah yes with the two different panies um but me I mean I hope I hope that still mad about it this many years later but who knows who really knows she could be um I’m going go this way when you guys Diamond paint squares specifically or well anything really do you change direction or do you stay going in One Direction the whole time so like if you’re going up and down you’re going up and down the whole time or side to side or do you do like me and you do both because I haven’t found that my lines are any less straight or straight straighter one over the other but I’m also very picky about fixing fixing any mistakes that I see when I see them I don’t wait like I don’t I don’t wait yeah my putty is starting to get a little gooey and so now it’s like we don’t want that okay I’ve got one little nubbing of the this one of my Winter Dreams so I will use the rest of my Winter Dreams but then I’m going to eventually switch to that lucky clover cuz it smells cuz it smells like Lucky Charms there just a little bit left I also love the fact that this putty her putty lasts forever and like I said I’m such a freaking hard sper that I got to I got to be very mindful about what I’m purchasing so that it’s going to work for me both both both okay now but have you noticed that it changes the the straightness of your lines at all by doing so or do you find that it doesn’t make a difference cuz I don’t think it makes a difference but I don’t know I’m I’m I’m kind of like I’m a stickler about fixing my lines when I notice that they’re off anyways so I don’t know if that’s just because I’m fixing them as I go or what like if I notice a problem I fix it immediately I don’t wait stay down yeah I I even like I keep a straightening tool nearby not the big one I just use one of these but like these things are a lifesaver man if I need them I use them all the time especially with squares and my rounds now I had not done a square piece until I just started doing squares like in January February something like that very early this year I’d never done squares before that except one other time and because it was garbage I just never picked another one up well now having a really hard time appreciating rounds I mean they go faster but like there’s just so much space around them I almost wish that there was a way to like shrink down the grid a little bit so that it fit better around the rounds because like I can’t go over a six Placer with rounds I’ve noticed 10 Placer with rounds like it’s going to be way off and it could be because I’m making sure that when they’re in the tray or whatever like I really shake them down so that they’re tight together so if I pick up 10 they’re so tight together that it’s you know by the time I get them on the canvas they’re off so I don’t know I don’t really go over a six Placer with rounds I just don’t have any good luck with things ending up straight like I noticed that when I was doing catch me that is pretty painful why would they do that to you you don’t get straight lines anyway I’m really OCD about it but some people don’t care it’s like whatever whatever floats you’re dingy cuz ultimately the the result is for you it’s not for anybody else you know what I mean if somebody else doesn’t like your non straight lines well whatever go fly a kite you’re not doing it for them you’re doing it for you I can’t believe it’s already been 4 hours where’s the time gone so one thing I am concerned about and I think if I remember correctly YouTube has like a 12-hour like window or something so I don’t know if I should set up a second live at some point like a scheduled live and then try to switch over to it or what I’m going to do about that that was one thing I did not research on before I got started whoops well we’re going to play it by ear I’m hoping that it’ll let me um well can Sarah or Audrey can one of you guys just Google that for me and find out if there’s like a a specific amount of time that I have like if I’m going to be stopped somewhere in the middle CU if so I want to get something like set up for that real quick I kind of amazed my kid when he was watching me because like anything over two or three you know sometimes it’s like you got stop and count or whatever um but I kind of can just eyeball it now and I know how many are there so if there’s like seven in a row I know I can pick up seven anything over seven is tricky I do have to count those but I can pretty much eyeball a five and I know what a five looks like wh I just dropped two of them go I can force jump people to a different stream okay it can go okay wait Marilyn so you’re saying no time limit but it’s not going to Archive anything over 12 so if I want it if I want it recorded it’s going to need um I’m going to need to jump it to a different stream looks great on the screen for me only minor gapping oh got you okay talking about mine talking about yours Jamie got my first mystery painting oh where’d you get a mystery painting from I’ve got a diamond Art Club mystery painting it’s um I told Sarah what it was it by Chris no who’s it by I forget um I told Sarah so she could look at it and tell me if I was going to like it and she said I would so because Sarah and I are the same person and if she likes it then I’m going to like it like she she’ asked me because I couldn’t tell her what I was sneak peeking I said well I can tell you this much I like it a lot so I have a feeling it’s not one of those ones that you’re going to be like I’m going to break my Noby for this but you’re going to put on your wish list and it was I was like yep got to put that on the wish list I’m just glad I don’t have to because it’s here at my house okay really and I figured my first ever um sneak peek I needed to do something special with it and this seemed like the appropriate venue for that particular sort of special redirect is Select and if you have another one set up okay so if I set up another live through streamyard or whatever then um oh you’re talking about the most recent mystery the girls locked got you um so if I set up another one on streamyard and then I can just select that but it’ll show as a Premiere well but I can set it up to Premiere at whatever time this one’s going to end right because I started this basically right at 10 so if I started this one right at 10: and I start that one at 10 pm. then it’ll be a premiere for 10 p.m. right okay cool well then that’ll be fine all right I’ll do that later I’ll worry about that later on because it didn’t take me that long the only thing that’s going to take me a little bit is like the copying and pasting of like the the description and and whatever because I don’t want to I don’t want to like record the first half and then lose all of the back half for um the YouTube because if people watch it they’re probably going to want want to watch the back half more than the front half I would think I would think this pen is it’s actually one that I got out of D stash but it’s from black wolf woodworking I have another one but it has a 10 Placer on it so I’m not using it right now this is also black wolf it’s one of their opal inlaid pens ah sorry I want it jumping around on you like that it’s got opal inlay it’s really pretty um but I got both of these out of D stash they’re both from the same place though and then my tray is cat proof trays and for anybody who’s new on the stream um you can get a cat proof tray right now through the 1st of May so if you’re not sure today but you know maybe it’s payday whatever um next week or something um now until the 1st of May you can get 20% off of cat proof trays uh I’ll do a quick little sales pitch they have all different sizes you guys it’s this is their fine loaf there’s also one this size so it’s like you know it’s a good sized one um there’s another one that’s if you do a lot of color blocking it’s thin but it’s long and this one is the oh she forgot to put Insignia on the back of it um I don’t remember what she calls them that one and then this one is the kitten Loaf and this is like if you do a lot of confetti and the great thing about cat proof trays that I love is the fact that they have a lid on all of them it’s a flexible lid it’s also 3D printed but you could put your diamonds in here you cap it up like Tupperware right and she has videos of people with diamonds in it chucking these at the wall and the lid does not come off I like I like the I like the kitten one it’s very cute but good for good for confetti um and then like this is just a good General size then the longer one like I said is for color blocking but I like this one and I use this for basically everything beans dude go lay down he’s whining at nothing he’s whining cuz my son’s significant other has the other door closed and is not paying attention to him he’s a very needy baby that one didn’t go in all the way and yeah so if you use the n uh sorry Naomi 20 over at cat proof trays you can save 20% Which I mean when you’re talking like this one here I think is like either 15 all right Rachel we’ll see you soon um this one is either 15 or 17 I can’t remember which but 20% off of that I mean that’s awesome that is an amazing price point I think so I got to I got to figure out what I’m going to get I’m GNA get at least one tray from from this event and who knows if I set this up next year I may even be able to get like specific like you know logoed items or whatever I will out for next year because I think I want to do this annually try and do it once a year you know bring new people to the channel Channel and I guess I should say that too um if you are interested in more Diamond painting content from me and you’ve never watched any of my content before please do feel free to subscribe that subscribe button is there for your enjoyment I’ve got all kinds of videos for all kinds of things if you like tutorials I’ve got tutorials if you like unboxings I got unboxings I’ll be doing sneak peeks for Diamond Art Club you like sneak peeks um if you like just whipping chats I’ve got whipping chats if you like stash videos I’ve got a stash video little bit of everything for everybody and I’m gonna say this now because it’s just the truth I am very real I’m going to tell you what I think and sometimes I should just shouldn’t but yeah whatever you know it is what it is I say that a lot cuz it’s true and then I think we will do uh I found another one just a random drill just hanging out um I think I’m going to do a giveaway here in maybe the next well let’s see we’re at about uh four hours still got to do I’m just doing math in my head do one two three four five six more giveaways six more giveaways and there’s how many hours left 20 hours left 20 hours left divided by six I don’t math calculator 20 divided by six maths so about every 3 hours is that right three and a half hours okay hm all righty you be setting it on a playlist when you sleep yeah you’re talking about my channel you put it on a playlist I’m just glad I have enough content to get you through your sleepy times my I I put my stuff in a playlist because I am like you I do very much the same where I like to have background noise when I sleep I have to I have to have to um so I put the Whip and chats in a playlist because I would also listen to other people’s playlists like Whip and chats in a playlist and then just go to sleep and listen to it the other nice thing is that actually helps a person’s like algorithm because it shows you as like watching I also a massive Insomniac if you didn’t get um so then if I do one now then I’ve got to do another in three and a halfish hours so I need to do one now is basically what I’m right because there’s 20 hours left so I should do one now okay we’re going to do the next one um let’s go with let’s go with we’ve got 35 people let’s go with the um should we go with the the DP with sparklers coupon code because I can do that one or we could do we wax or well I suppose if there’s 35 of you you have a better chance at a at a gift card if I do a gift card um how about it’s early in the day so let’s go with let’s go with the DP with sparklers $15 coupon code your wallet thanks me um all of them no I know they I’m like so I’m so pleased I am so pleased with everything um let’s go with the the Diamond painting with sparklers so if you want to be a part of this giveaway um I would like you to put in hashtag sparklers oh not draw again stop it to go back #sparklers and if you put in hashtag sparklers then it will count you for the diamond painting with sparklers and I will draw that in about 15 minutes just to give people time uh oh wait which one did I that’s this one um and we will give away a $115 coupon code for Diamond painting with sparklers and you can you can then like later on tell tea that you’re a big winner you’re a winner um because she’ll be doing a live tonight too that’s right lurkers get in there and hit hashtag sparklers some of you are waiting to see if somebody else will put it in because you don’t know how to spell it don’t worry I’m not calling you [Laughter] out I would never I would never call you out all right let’s see um I’ve got a one e right there that I need to get at got one little but that’s just because of the way it’s set up got one thing there so let me grab that one do that real quick okay there’s that one let me grab my e because I’m looking at it at me and I’m upset with it lurking in the shadows yes yes I do love me a Fifth Element reference I am a meat popsicle um I am so incredibly like devastated by the fact that Bruce Willis has dementia like that just utterly breaks me I mean it’s it’s utterly heartbreaking when anyone has dementia literally anyone I it is a heartbreaking disease to watch happen to someone but like that like Bruce Willis that just that hurts my soul that hurts my heart in my soul because you know I enjoy so many things he’s in but I guess he sold his um I I do I do Diamond paint pretty quickly all right Amber wolf go with something thicker to start out with to try the thicker you go the better it will probably be but hold on a second I’ll show you something I got to go get it it’s over here you could also try I can’t remember if these are jaded gem or enablers Outpost but it’s called a palm Placer um and this is actually in my D stash because I it doesn’t work for me this one because where my jeez it’s like freaking my camera out because of where my carpal tunnel is and how it goes into my arm this one when I use it it actually causes my hand to go numb um but these Palm placers are really good I’m told for arthritis and carpal tunnel um it has a single Placer on it right now but is it jaded Jem thank you uh so Jada Gem Shop um I got it because I thought yeah I’ve got carpel tunnel to work great but it unfortunately does not work for me so um if you’re if you’re looking but a chunkier pen is going to do you good anyways that’s why I use thick ones like this would be considered really thick um otherwise you know I can use something that’s like medium thick but it always works better for me to pick something bigger that’s why I use this one as much as I do or you could try getting these Palm placers I they’re really cheap really really cheap but it didn’t work for me unfortunately yeah there’s also um like things that you can put over top of the like stylus that’ll make it chunkier or if you’re feeling adventurous you could get air air dry clay and put any kind of size grip you want on it and I mean you have to replace the air Dr Clay occasionally because it’s not going to stay on there without cracking but you know it’ll be worth trying okay um so while I am talking I’m actually G to it’s stretch break time because I remembered on my own um if you are currently Diamond painting get up off of your booty and get stretching you need to stand up and stretch it out oh yeah that’s not good getting hand hand cramps and twitching um I know right uh but I just I can’t do the tiny pens I can’t because like how much I’ve got to squeeze down like I can’t even literally write with a regular pen for too long before I need to just stop writing um yeah if you’re working you should get up and take a break get up and take a stretch break um stress balls are also really good yeah but I mean if you’re if you’re Diamond painting little harder to stop and do a I mean you could stop and do a stress ball I suppose but if you’re like me you wouldn’t remember to do that you’d have to have somebody to remind you um but yeah I got myself a larger pen and it just seems to work a lot better because I’m I got a I got a bigger grip on it you know um where we at 3:15 all right if you’re just joining the chat we are going to be doing a drawing very shortly for uh Diamond painting with sparklers uh gift certificate for $15 a gift code um so if you do want to join in on that giveaway you need to put hashtag sparklers in the comment section it does matter if you spell it right it does not matter if you do it like uppercase or lowercase it’ll still count you it will not count more than once so if you put it in there 16 times it’s only going to count you for one time um but yeah so I uh I love I love this pen I love it love it love it I just didn’t realize it until too late uh now that my in-laws are back in town um I will be eventually making my own pens but my pens are my pens are a little different I don’t want to give too much away just in case because you know people can snag ideas from other people and I don’t want anybody to snag my idea because I have not seen anyone else do this I will tell you though that like my initial thought before I did any research or went looking at anything or whatever would have been basically what house of rainbows is doing because I fracking love rainbows um that I would have just done rainbows but you know somebody else got that covered so we won’t do that but I do have a really cool idea I just have to have my uh father-in-law teach me how to use the the lathe because he’s he works with wood he does all sorts of stuff but when I went and asked him about it the other day I guess he’s got a couple of projects of his own before he can show me and he needs the garage cleaned up so I guess before I’m going to learn how to do any diamond painting I’m going to help him clean the garage yay I I got volun told for that yay so exciting I don’t mind if it’s going to help him out so that he can get his projects done a little quicker and I can get into turning my own pens I totally would dig it at least until I can afford to buy my own equipment and then I would do that too hi Steph hello hello welcome aboard we are four hours in yes thank you Audrey check out the videos check out the the the um coffee and the patreon if you’re interested in exclusive content um I post on the patreon sometimes a couple times a day but it’s content I don’t share anywhere else online and then I’ve got to decide when I’m going to do my weekly Vlog I got to figure that out I was thinking about doing it on Fridays but obviously today that’s not going to work so um maybe I’ll do it on Sundays for the for the Vlog that may or may not include my face I have not decided yet have not decided lrdp works for you hold on a minute check my emails um how’s your day going Steph keeping busy busy busy all right let’s see oh yay I’m getting my Tracy’s DP World stuff coming okay but what I’m looking for is not that did you did you send it to my uh House of miscellania or my other email I don’t want to name that my my name email I don’t want to name it because it has my first and last name so gonna not I’m gonna not do that not keeping busy enough uh oh well we better fix that I have not used my coffee bean pen yet I have not um that that’s going to be probably like my next whiping chat I’m going to bust that out but it’s so cool I have it in my tube and it smells like coffee you guys it smells like coffee oh go cause trouble in the office oh okay so this coffee bean pen comes from France it’s from SE plur um if you watch my uh my my stash it’s like a my small shop haul uh have more information and there’s actually a link in the description down there but it’s coffee beans and it smells like coffee and it was actually not that expensive with the shipping I think I paid like 36 or 37 for it but when you keep it in the tube it keeps the it keeps the coffee smell like fresh it’s so good it’s so good so so good all right let me okay I was going to look at my emails that’s what I was doing like what was I doing there it is blam okay yeah I’m I I want to do your drawing stuff when um well one when there’s going to be more people kind of on I because I I kind of consider your one of like yours is like more of a grand prize sort of deal um because you gave me a gift card that is the same as what Diamond art Diamond Art Club gave me two $25 gift cards and you gave me one and I consider any anything that’s to do with a diamond painting is like grand prize so yeah all right cool um but yeah I want to do yours like when there’s going to be more people online also to kind of boost up um visibility and stuff too um all right I’m going to do that drawing in like three minutes yeah Steph is from Lazy River Steph is one of our sponsors for today from Lazy River crafts you should definitely check her out oh you’re good you’re good and thank you very much for sponsoring this event I think I’ve I think I’ve sent you at least one or two already well I think the video probably took care of that too got to get you busier oh wow that drill that drill is like broken in half and the one next to it has a big old hole in it I’m saying like there’s been a it’s been weird there’s been a lot more trash than I’m used to seeing in this one cuz like okay there’s one right there this one which is like broken in half this one has a bubble in it and then I thought I just saw another one where did it go go and I mean like I’m being I’m being a little bit picky anyways just because of the piece and like how good I want this to look when I’m done but like those are I see them immediately it’s not like hidden at all so it’s been very weird I don’t know I’m just not used to this amount of trash yeah if you are going to be thank you Sarah thank you thank you um I uh will be drawing for Diamond painting with sparklers a $115 gift code if you are interested for that you got another minute you need to put hashtag sparklers into the comment section before I do the drawing so you got another minute to do that if you have not yet done so that’s it for that one Steph has some absolutely Gores artwork and hers is a licensed Diamond painting company with a lady boss so we love that already very pretty stuff that’s okay I’m going to promote you anyway girl um if you’re interested you can watch an unboxing of uh one of her Diamond paintings um and that is on my it’s it’s in my playlist all right Kate got in just under the wire I was just about getting ready yeah Lazy River canvases are they’re Lush they’re lovely just lovely lovely okay I’m going to go ahead and get our giveaway tool ready and we’re going to put in hashtag sparklers if I can spell it all righty it’s going to start collecting comments there’s only 11 entries out of how many of you guys how is that possible now I got to go back and look not a lot of people looking for hash sparklers all righty well out of only 11 that’s good that’s good odds though that’s good odds for the people who are going so Al righty let’s see oh you already won so you abstained thank you Carol I appreciate that all right I’m going to share my screen and I don’t know it says 11 here let me Let me refresh it just in case # sparklers now it says seven what eight all right do me a favor if you’ve put in hashtags sparklers already just do it again one more time just in case because for some reason it it yeah I don’t know why so just do that one more time sorry about that maybe I’ve got to put it in earlier like have it start counting beforehand so we’ll just make sure on that one okay that looks a little bit better keep going I’ll leave that going for a couple like for another minute just get your hashtag sparklers in there I’m sorry if you already did it I got to have you do it again cuz it went wonked on me it was my own fault 20 24 yeah that seems that seems closer to right I was like wait a minute how are there only 11 keep it going keep it going anym any any more hash sparklers even if you did it I need you to do it again Sherry spelled it wrong yeah yours is with a s OA so Sherry get your sparklers back in there again oh gosh yeah my my sister is heavily influenced by Mercury like heavily hi Chrissy hey Ed Adventures how are you Sherry there we go thank you okay all right everybody in I’m GNA do it this time all right let’s do so all right I’m going to share my [Music] screen oh I was going to say well all right but how do you do with Mercury in retrograde H too funny okay we’re gonna go present and share screen and we’re going to pick the giveaway tool and share okay are you ready we’re going to go ahead yeah I see that I see that Jamie I’m now I know for next time okay here we go we’re going to do a draw 3 2 one wheel of Randomness turn turn turn where’s it gonna go where’s it gonna go Destiny’s Garden yeah [Music] Destiny there you go okay so with your winning for DP with sparklers please send me an email at House of miscellania at and we will get you your $15 gift code for Destiny and if you’re gone already which would be weird but if you’re gone already just make sure that if you’re watching this back that you send me an email listen I’m Pagan and so there are certain things that just stick with me and Mercury in retrograde is one of them wh I laid that one down and it picked up a different one I’m always thinking about Mercury Mercury in retrograde it doesn’t affect me I’m always affected by moon cycles I am not affected by Mercury in retrograde though my sister on the other hand always her life just seems to explode whenever mer Mercury is in retro retrograde I say that 10 times fast gez my mom who is gone um used to have us like she would do tongue twisters with us or whatever and her favorite one to get us to do was I slid a sheet a sheet I slit and you have to keep saying it faster and faster so you say it and then you say it again you say it again you say it again I slit a sheet a sheet I slit and yeah that was I guess just you know fun and entertaining for her this has been a strange one yeah I pretty much that’s just par for the course power of the course I’m telling you but how how’s your health been Steph has it been better and your son everything going a little better there I’m not like trying to dread your personal life up or anything I just want to make sure you’re okay that everything’s good in your world um I feel like you know often times there’s this STI talking about your own like your stuff you know your stuff and I think it’s because we feel like somebody’s going to think that we’re like trying to play Pain Olympics or something and there’s there I mean there’s a difference between you know volunteering information and saying you know I’m not doing well things are not awesome for this or that reason and uh yeah well listen I could talk for 24 hours regardless I spent here I’ll I’ll tell you an interesting story in just a second about the the two years that I stayed silent like literally silent um so I have some time to make up for uh but there’s a stigma around like just talking about our stuff I feel like people um they don’t want to share things because then they think people are going to believe that either they’re ungrateful or that they’re you know just trying to outdo somebody else or what ever now there are people who do Play Pain Olympics you know what I’m talking about where like you’re having a bad go of it and you’re sharing that information with people and then the person that you’re talking to is like oh you have a busted back yeah I remember when I busted my back I broke it in like 16 places and I couldn’t walk for eight weeks and and it’s like okay I thought we were talking about me but all right cool like that it’s not it’s not that it’s it’s just sharing of your stuff and allowing people to check in on you because I learned a long time ago that if you don’t tell people that you’re that you’re struggling they don’t know you’re struggling and then you’re struggling alone because you won’t tell anybody so anyway off that soap box when I moved to Wisconsin from your husband’s been the most exhausting part aren’t they usually though I mean like in the best way possible I love I love D DUS but he also makes me want to Club his knees while he sleeps so you know there’s that and I remind remind him of that every day I love you but I know where you sleep and I will Club your knees um when I first moved to Wisconsin I moved to Wisconsin from Virginia and I’m one of those people that I pick up the accents of the places that I’m in or people I’m around very very easily it’s just a weird thing that happens like when I’m at the Renaissance Fair I’m speaking with a British accent because that’s what I’m supposed to do um when I’m in the South I pick right back up a Southern accent when I’m up in Wisconsin even though I do not have I feel like I don’t I have a little bit of a Wisconsin accent I’m sure but I don’t like sound like a Yuber or whatever I don’t sound like oh yeah you can put anything in there you can put cupcakes you could put you know like I don’t think I sound like that but I so I tend to pick up whatever accents I’m around well that’s not something that I always had when I moved here from Virginia I had a very thick southern accent I was seven and a half or eight years old and people picked on me mercilessly about my Southern accent they thought I was stupid um they thought that I you know I didn’t know anything or that I sounded stupid or whatever and you know I I was embar embarrassed you know and as a little kid you’re very self-conscious about that kind of stuff so for two years I didn’t speak at all at all I I I spoke at home that was about it I could speak to my mom I would speak to uh my family but I did not speak to anyone else outside of my family um ever I wanted to try and listen to pick up the the like dialect here like did you know and I I use it now myself and I don’t even notice it but when I first moved here I thought it was so weird that people would use the phrase do you want to go with end of sentence I didn’t know what the hell that meant I was like do I want to go with what like with an egg in my pocket like do I want to go with you do I want to go with what didn’t understand did not understand so that’s a thing and now I use it too all the time but I was silent for two years to learn the uh to learn the accent around here and I and now because of like the fact that I was trying so hard to not sound like I was from the south I’ve been asked by people if I’ve had a speech impediment in my lifetime and when I’m like what are you talking about why do you ask that because I I enunciate very clearly I I have very clear diction and part of that is because I was trying to enunciate and speak clearly so that I didn’t sound like I was from the south so there’s that story oh I bet I I’m I’m sure a Massachusetts one would be really hard to to like Drop hi Gail how are you welcome welcome this is the last part on this painting but I’m going to be working on another painting I have one already kitted up I just happened to finishing up this one because it I mean I only had four squares left to do and I’m like I should just finish it because Sarah told me to and I want to see her done so you know watch where you put the starfish do you want to it is very is very Midwest to say do you want to go with I’ve not heard anyone else anywhere else say anything like it so when I first got here I was very confused by that statement do you want to go with okay see okay here’s one with a chip out the side it’s so weird you guys I’ve not I’ve never seen this amount of trash not from Diamond Art Club I got to look at them real quick I want to accidentally put one and then this is one of the ones that has a weird like dirt spot on it that I can’t ever get off I just feel like there’s like a drills thing going on I mean they make their own so it they can’t be affected by everybody else’s problem but I feel like there’s just generally a drills problem been going around anyways it’s really weird but yeah I I wanted to finish this one um because I didn’t want Sarah to be me up and I did want to see her finished uh and then I’m I have magical moonlighter which is the piece that I did the sneak peek on for Diamond Art Club it will be available tomorrow morning if you are a uh Ruby or Diamond member you will get uh a 30 minute window 9:00 a.m. uh Eastern Time 11:00 a.m. Central Time from then to 9:30 or 11:30 uh you’ll have a window to purchase and then they will open up for just general at 9:30 Eastern 11 uh 11:30 central time for General that you can buy at that point um if you’ve never purchased with diamond art club before and you are interested in Saving 15% you can use my affiliate code which is misc 15 like miscellania 15 it’s like the abbreviation for miscellaneous um and I do get a small uh commission for that but any money that is earned from commissions will go back into my channel and buying me a regular like desk or drafting table and a chair that is not from 1972 I should really take a picture of this chair and put put it on the patreon like please please help me get out of this chairel you just missed it like you just missed it you did Moon eater and you weren’t happy with it okay Janine maybe we will see you later on have a good evening afternoon morning whatever time it is wherever you are I mean it’s so many dark colors so I imagine like the 310s and 939 were awful but I feel like that’s just generally with 310 and 939 anyways I feel like it’s harder for them to do quality control on a color like that would be really hard to see but I mean there is no 310 in this one at all or 939 I I don’t think is there 939 in this one no no the darkest blue in here is like 7.91 that’s like and that’s like a royal blue almost that’s as dark as well 158 is kind of a dark blue but not quite as dark and they’re about the same actually um yeah I don’t I don’t have any black or dark blue in this one but it’s been everything else everything else I don’t get it I’ve never seen i’ like I said I’ve never seen this amount of trash with with a diamond art club kit before so it’s a little weird Steph do you do like I I guess I didn’t look that deep into it because I wanted a square piece so bad but if you’re still here do you do round kits too or are they Al or is it like you pick I don’t remember um for those who are not on just a little bit ago if Steph is still here um Steph is from lazy rivercraft she’s one of our sponsors I will be giving away her gift card that she was nice enough to give us um later this evening maybe an evening thing the trash drills on moon eater were insane wait what looking like a printer ran low on ink for like the piece when you were finished with it or are you talking about like the background yeah I mean I’m sorry if it didn’t like work out for you I guess I don’t know really what I’m expecting I just I don’t know I sometimes I’ve learned that with diamond painting particularly I have to temper my expectations on some things because I’ve been disappointed by things that didn’t didn’t disappoint anybody else or that like I saw it because I was so on top of the piece the whole time and then like nobody else saw what I was talking about so I was like well the background oh I know what you’re talking about like because I did notice when I was looking at the render that it does seem like very um like confetti heavy for a really dark background but uh uh that what is that Clump jeez is it just they’re just sort of sticky okay been so weird man okay checking them over again we’re good um I’m excited to do Mo Moon eater myself at some point I just don’t know when I’m going to be able to get to it uh I also really badly want to do uh Kiki’s flower delivery or flower delivery version to whatever it’s called y’all know what it is you know what I’m talking about um and then uh tea time like I have so many squares pieces that I want to work on but I really just need to get Grand finished before I really invest in another big squares piece and right now Moon eater is just too big for me to for me to work on at the moment I need to I need to get some other things hammered out first in squares right I thank you for saying that I thank you for saying that because you know there are some people that I think that they feel like their opinion on a piece is like is the end all be all and that’s just not that’s just not how it always is you know and sometimes they will speak on a product like the whole product because of a bad experience with one thing like um you know I I’ve had a bad experience with you know customer service before um with a company and at first I wanted to get online I wanted to flame that company so hard I wanted to just just let everybody know how pissed I was and then I got to thinking about it and I was like okay but that was my experience with this customer service person now while yes they do represent their company as far as like you know they should have been more professional they should have they should have treated me better whatever um but the fact of the matter is that like that was one person that was my experience with one person that was not my experience generally with that company on on the whole and so um oh Christine you’re going to love squares from Diamond Art Club you are you’re going to love them um I I caution you one thing when working with squares really really be precise either about how you lay them down or about how they’re laying when you’re finished like you know adjusting and whatnot because the grid is very tight if you start to go way off you’re going to end up like a square or two off of where you should be and then you’re going to get upset um so either you know just be very be very deliberate in your placement is the best advice I can give you for a any Square kit some other companies their their grid is not quite as tight as Diamond art clubs is but Diamond Art Club has a very tight grid and so if you want it to look good you’re you’re going to want to make sure you’re precise or at least deliberate in your placement by fixing it when you’re done um but uh I had a really crap experience you know whatever I wanted to Flame them and I didn’t and it turned out that later on by happen stance the company was I was checking in on something else the company happened to ask me about that particular experience and I explained what had gone on whatever and the company ended up giving me a gift a gift card for my trouble which you know it it would have been I I probably would have remained angry at that person but it made my experience so much better and I think that there are times where people will go online like let’s say you took that experience that you had with moon eater and now that’s suddenly your experience with diamond Art Club that their stuff just isn’t quality because this one kit you did didn’t meet your expectations and so I appreciate that you said that was your experience that might not be everybody’s experience because there are a lot of people that do not make that delineation they would much rather just flame a company for their bad experience so thank you for that um and I say that generally about everything you know what I mean like I like with my current dreamer designs issue I’m having with the the canvas that I’m working on it might be an older canvas it could just be that there’s a lot of dark colors in it I mean there’s even some issues with the rendering that I’ve I’ve fixed in the render you know it fixed the charting or whatever but it might be a much earlier kit I’m not sure and I just I need to do more because my my previous experience with their company was not like that so you had a squares one from Diamond dots that was me and see I I am really excited to work on my J to Gem Shop piece because I’ve only heard good things it’ll be my first but it’s a mystery so I don’t know what it is Beach Comer’s Bounty is so pretty so pretty it’s not really to my t taste like it’s not something I would select for myself if somebody bought it for me I’d probably do it but I I really think it’s beautiful yes and that’s the thing too like if you’re having issues like if I was running out or something and I kept finding all this trash I could get a hold of diamond Art Club and they would replace them for me immediately so there was somebody who had gotten on their um on their own YouTube and they had a bit of a rant about some things one of the things in particular that they ranted about was like you know basically don’t don’t trust reviewers because they get paid to say blah blah blah blah blah um and in some cases yeah that’s true you should always take what you hear with a grain of salt but you know don’t just assume oh I have a whole other row right there I needed um don’t just assume that like a company is paying somebody’s bills just because they’re showing a product for them because that’s not that’s not always the case um but they were just they just seemed angry about life I think that they had some other issues like clearly they had some beef with because they just seem to have issues about everything they were just grumpy um but you know like I would like to think that I’m going to be honest enough about my experiences that even if I am doing sneak peeks for a diamond art club now that I’m you know if I have an an issue something I’m going to still state it I mean granted I might I might take that up with diamond art club before I take that up with the internet but you know that’s kind of the expectation anyways just generally it should be the expectation that if you have a problem with something take it up with the company like give them an opportunity to fix it before you go blast them on something like that always bothered me um yeah that one is huge huge so I I give you some I give you some props on that freaking Dragon season oh my god oh Lord but the nice thing like I was watching um I was watching her like like post I think it was her post review of her own piece and you know it looked to me like you could separate it into um you could separated by season pretty much like it was almost one piece into the next so really have to like feel like you were doing a piece that was that long or whatever yes but see okay so if I was going going for Dragons that’s four of them would that count as four dragons or would that still only count for the month yes yeah say less too funny I’m sorry did you say you wanted a giant huge ass painting here you go got you covered sore fam um so yeah I don’t know would I count that as four dragons separately or would I count that still as the month of it’s by season yeah no so um to and I did not I didn’t start my YouTube until after like well actually very well after Katie right so I I had set for myself before I even really watched Katie’s videos that closely I had set for myself a challenge that I wanted to do a dragon every month that I wanted to do one one a month and then I saw Katie was doing it and I was like oh my gosh cool somebody else is doing it well so right now I’m I don’t have aprils finished and I’ve I’ve done like my other ones my other month ones are cheats if I’m honest like they’re not full size but everything else that I’m working on is so freaking big that I got to kind of cheat a little bit and so if I could count that one painting as four different dragons instead of like you know uh because I I gotta catch up I’m I’m a little behind and I don’t want to have to do another unlicensed kit I mean granted it’s not stolen it’s just unlicensed it’s not like stolen artwork or anything um they’re just little computer you know AI generated dragons they’re cute but they took me like a couple of days to finish so if I get desperate by the end of April I may end up doing another one those cuz that’s what I bought them for was so that if I really needed a reprieve because my kits are too damn big then that’s what I was going to do but yeah I would I would like to finish story time but I didn’t realize I thought I was picking it I’m like sweet it’s got some color blocking and it’s got some confetti like there we go cool the whole background’s confetti you guys it it’s supposed to look like aged parchment and so as much as you think it looks like one color it’s not there’s just a slight difference between a couple of the colors it’s like why did you even switch colors but it’s not it’s all different colors like son of a biscuit not cool not cool at all rainbow dragon by dreamer designs So Jamie I mean right now I am not pleased with my experience with their Square kit um I don’t know whether my other like Kurt rovic girls are squares as well or if some of them are rounds they’re all the same size they’re all 60 by 80 which is fine but that’s a huge canvas to be working on that is so frustrating for gapping issues and drill issues and again this has been my experience with one one of their Square paintings I don’t know if that’s every experience with the square paintings so I I’m just yeah 60 by 80 is very large to be frustrated for that long cuz I’m about I think I’m like more than maybe like 2third of the way done with the one that I’m working on but I’ve I’ve not picked it back up in a while look at that orange oh my gosh it like it doesn’t even show up on there how orange it actually is but it is so orange it is like like real orange but I don’t I don’t know I’m that’s it’s what it’s what’s made me nervous to start another dreamer designs because I don’t want to deal with cuz the girls are so cute I got them because I want to do them but I also don’t want to deal with the same crap I’m dealing with currently so I’m and they don’t mark their boxes to let you know if something is round or squares so I don’t know her mouth is almost done how how is how was your experience then with that personal the one that you’re working on I really wanted that um the dragon that came out for St Patrick’s Day and it has like the the Trinity symbol um in in you know Celtic on the front of it and it was supposed to be like a b Bailey’s Irish Cream or whatever that one sold out immediately I really wanted that one but I missed it that one sold out I feel like during sale like it sold out when it was sold and I was sort of on the fence about it at the time and missed it can’t stay on the fence about something sometimes if you really want it it’s like that ker this weekend I know that if I don’t get it it’s going to sell out and I’m not going to get it maybe until a restock but at least with katner I have like a really good feeling that they’re not going to just without any word just put it into uh retirement not say anything because that’s the one thing I I don’t care for when they do that it’s like at least give us a one more restock and let us know hey if you don’t get it right now you’re not going to get it and then restock enough so we can that’s all that’s my gripe about that two more squares after that there’s some color blocking up in here so that should go a little faster I think might order your own drills yeah yeah and that that was my biggest issue that was my big six feet long holy shnikies 60 by 90 is Big too cuz this one this one is 65 by 95 65 or 75 by 95 I go through this every time I forget um she is having issues and I can’t get her up here she is 65 by 95 um yeah and you know I don’t I like I feel like that is just generally a problem with dreamer designs and I don’t know why like the gapping in spirit because that’s the one I’m working on is so bad like it is so bad I like this this one has some gapping in in the lighter colored stuff if you’re viewing distance you’re probably not going to see them I see them but that’s because I know they’re there whereas like you know but I could I can adjust I can fiddle with things and it will at least make it look a little better so it’s not so gappy it’s just little little spots right but with spirit I feel like if I really snugged everything over to one side that I would probably gain like two squares on the side difference in size it’s been very frustrating and I have not picked that thing up in a month probably because I was so frustrated and one spot in her hat her hat is black okay and there is no getting around all of that black and so of course I try to get into my black drills and they’re all stuck together so I’ve had to put them all into a jar and like shake shake the Christina out of them because they’re just you know all stuck together I’ve had a lot of issues and I I just really don’t want to have that issue when I work on other pieces so I haven’t opened any other pieces by dreamer designs because I’ve been worried about it is like half like part of me wants to go I’m going to destash all of it I can’t I can’t I can’t do it CU I don’t want to be that frustrated when I’m working on a diamond pain thing it does not sound fun to me um we’ll go with the CL looking thing actually let me get that one dot dot one one what color is oh it’s Peach yeah and that’s the thing you know same with spirit it’s like I’m so far in at this point I can’t just not do it well that and somebody wanted to buy it from me because it fits her decor and whatever and I was like okay cool I’ll do it for a commission but even even then I started it in February it is now April so it’s been more than yeah it’s been a while and I’m just frustrated with the gapping it doesn’t look good because of it and it’s like what can I do what can I do I can’t do anything to fix it because there’s just extra space so it’s a bummer it’s a real bummer and I don’t want to I wouldn’t even want to start a 60 by 90 or whatever you said it like forget about it all the pinks yeah there it’s like maths and pinks and just all kinds like over here is just beautiful there’s a transition up higher it’s like pink into green and it it just it looks so good it looks so good they really really have done Margaret Morales a lot of Justice in their in their renders and um their rendering team I mean just Notch topnotch hi marks yeah so um who was it uh not DP addiction um D not Diamond help desk somebody did a video on it recently she also does on um sneak peeks she’s from Canada what is her freaking name dang it um she did a video where you can put Micah in the light colored spaces but I don’t I don’t know if it works in the dark panoramas yeah so I mean Diamond Art Club has a couple I have um Alice in the starry night and um uh where the fun never ends that one looks like it’s going to be fun like literally fun okay so diamond Stitcher thank you Wendy thank you okay so I’ve got my I’ve got my super sticky from Patty wax okay and when I first got this I did not understand like am I supposed to like you just pull it up or whatever you pull it out first and then you can open it I did not know that so if you get one you gotta you got to pull it out and then open it that took me a minute well I feel like Jade’s stuff like pretty much all of it could be turned into she’s also got the um the supplies for the princess panels crossstitch conversion right and aren’t those’re I guess they’re not a panorama it’s more like a you know a banner whoa shut my door somebody walk by I don’t know or my husband just got home but yeah I it would be nice to see some more offerings um you could let uh Steph no too I feel like I I feel like I’ve also kind of become an XL canvas Diamond painter because I feel like everything that I’ve worked on recently has been extra large like all of it all of it the smallest piece that I’ve worked on this year was um paint the Moon that was a small one that was the first squares kit that I ever did at all ever that was larger than a paint gem um but then everything behind that has been bigger than 50 by 70 all of it I don’t even know that I own anything much smaller I own a few but I haven’t done any of them come on oh I missed an N is this n in my hand it is get in there panoramas Steph if you’re still on here want panoramas I mean is it is it a thing because of like you know production costs or something I don’t know I don’t know mini versions and I like the mini versions I think the mini versions are really really cool that you could get something cropped and it would still look as good as whatever else you can buy you know that’s pretty cool man they really went like all the way to make sure that this skin is like shaded and correct there’s so many like even in here there are so many transitions happening in the chin you can’t see it from that far away but it’s like it’s all correct her face looks so serene dark wasn’t worth it yeah you’re talking about the micas or are you talking about oh yeah the mic okay um like yeah landscape ones or whatever but then make them really long like Banner size um lines two lines and then pretty quick here I’ve got my whoops I’ve got all my specialties for this section and then I move to the next section let go there we go ke maybe it wasn’t my husband getting home they just barking it stuff I even love like the fact that you can tell her mouth is just slightly parted but I think a landscape in Panorama would be panoramic like it just would be stunning stunning okay let’s do the white ones first cuz I have the least amount of those to do white ABS good it’s just twos mostly should just go right in look at that look at that butterfly effect where it’s putty just coming right off the ABS 410 um um like an hour ago all right let me finish these white ABS really quick and then we’ll go Cu uh then we’ll stretch because I want to get those done look at that butterfly effect wear is coming right off the ABS and I’m a hard presser you guys like real hard except this one wants to fight with me a little bit came right off of there now granted I like to try and do her ABS with fresh putty this is with dirty putty so it’s still working where’s the next one oh I got a little anchors to do whoopsies get in there stay down yes one more right there Boop oh have a good one Steph thank you for popping in I appreciate it I super appreciate it and thank you again for the gift card I got a few hold on hold on I got to do one more thing before it drives me nuts I just see four of them that I missed and I got to get them and then we stretch and then we stretch there we go all right put these in here and then I will get my butt off of this chair okay if you are painting if you are working if you are doing anything why don’t you get up out of your chair and stand up so Laura I I also was just so so super frustrated with regard to ABS any putties I was using were not working I don’t use glue dots I’ve never tried glue dots but um those I I mean I would probably find a way to pull the freaking coating right off but I since I switched over to Butterfly Effect wears I have not had issues I especially when it’s like clean Putty for me otherwise they tell you to dirty dirty up your putty and then it works better but I don’t know that that doesn’t really super work for me oh o it’s my right hip I’m G to stretch that out real good too um but yeah I just I had no luck whatsoever and then I switched over to Butterfly effectors I cannot say enough good things about it I was so thrilled that not only the the tray company that I love but also the putty company that I love was willing to um was willing to sponsor because like I I basically only use my cat proof tray and my my uh Butterfly Effect where’s putty in all of my videos and probably like at this point I don’t even need to tell anybody what I’m using because they know what I’m using it’s going to be Butterfly Effect wears and a cat a cat proof tray all right okay now we’re going to do um let me just go ahead and do the green fairy dust and get those out of the way since I know those aren’t going to stick the green fairy dust in here and the purple like the accents of those are so just perfect they were perfectly charted on here for like Maximum Impact I love it get in there come on having issues okay there we go all righty you know it’s funny like if I was on the live I would probably just be Diamond painting anyways and watching Glee or whatever um what sorts of things do you guys like to watch when you’re um when you’re working on your diamond paintings because sometimes it’s well lately it’s been Glee before that it was like you know um before that it was like murder p*rn so I haven’t used Patty putty or putty Crocker but um hi Barbara I’m doing very well thank you um so the reason that I like Butterfly Effect where’s putty specifically is because it is a drier putty like when I compare now this is just a little teeny tiny piece but when I compare their putty to another kind of putty like it’s just it’s very dry in comparison I don’t know how to describe it it’s like it’s not as it’s not as stretchy in that way like it does stretch you can see it stretches but it’s like you touch it and it’s dry in comparison I don’t know if it’s because like she adds corn starch or something to hers because I’ve heard that if you if you add corn starch to a really sticky putty that it’s going to work better but like I just I just find that it’s drier and it works better for me because I place so hard and so like it it’s just it’s a drier putty I that’s why I like it um and then as you work with it and you know it starts coming out the sides a little bit and you push it back in it comes out the sides a little you push it back in like it you’re it then and then it does become a little stickier so it’s sort of like the Best of Both Worlds I I feel like I recommended it to Sarah because she’s also a hard Placer and she said that but yeah it it seems like it’s a drier putty and she seems to Super enjoy it so you know it’s worth trying anyway um I’ve I’ve tried a bunch of others I just I don’t know um I’ve heard that what is it that alien putty or whatever I’ve heard that that stuff’s okay but I believe all he does is uses blue Tack and then like mixes some stuff in it yeah and so I I wanted to try the the cornstarch trick with a couple of my other putties to see if I could make them work a little better for me so I’m not like wasting a bunch of putty um because I have so many different ones I I tried you know so cornstarch I’m I’m going to give the cornstarch thing a try yeah I also usually watch YouTube when I’m when I’m Diamond painting I’ll watch YouTube and kind of keep myself busy with that especially whiping chats I like to is it weird also that sometimes I will listen to my own Whip and chats uh one because I’m I’m like I relisten to the content to make sure that you know it’s entertaining or whatever because if I can sit and listen to myself for an hour I figure somebody else probably can too like oh that wasn’t terrible okay cool I would have sat and listened to that oh wait I just did it’s bad enough I got to sit and listen to it in the edit you know and I do have Museum Putty from Amazon but I found that that is also way too sticky for me so I thought about taking the museum putty and see when when they add like scents or whatever to the putty it also makes it more sticky from whatever whatever they started with so I feel like if I take the um if I take the cornstarch and mix it with theirs or take the museum putty which is unscented mix some cornstarch in it and then put in my own scent because I have a couple of essential oils I wanted to you know see how it would work out not that I want to sell my own putty I just wanted I just wanted to try and see if I could make one that I knew would work for me so that if in future I didn’t want to go spending on somebody else’s I could just buy you know make my own but um yeah I heard like alien putty is basically just blue Tac with other stuff you know mixed around or whatever um there’s just a lot of different brands of putty I feel like everybody’s got a putty nowadays um Sarah and I might partner up I’ll make I’ll make pens and she can make putty use baby wipes see now I have not I have not tried to use baby wipes I did like even just try to put a drop of water on it but by that point the glue was so dry so um I have a couple of methods I’m going to get because I don’t have uh some sort of a glue either from like Joann’s or Diamond artart Club so that I have a little bit on hand because there was a spot down near the bottom where uh I leaned my arm with a sweater on on the actual canvas and made that whole like a spot this big was dried out completely and so what I ended up having to do was not a method that I would recommend I took Scotch um what is it Scotch super 77 spray I took this spray adhesive I sprayed it into a green tray and then I would take the the diamonds on the on the style on the pen I would take them and then I would just dip them very very lightly into the the scotch super 77 adhesive and then stick them to the canvas so far they’re still on there like they haven’t fallen off yet but I would not recommend it as it was timec consuming and that stuff dries kind of fast so I want to get myself a bottle of glue from like a craft store or from Diamond Art Club um and just go that route rather than um rather than trying the you know Scotch super 77 method cuz yeah I’ve I’ve heard you can clean things off of it safely with baby wipes but I’ve not heard that you can use baby wipes for like reconstituting the glue all right let’s see these are now all abs and I think my putty now is just too dirty I would have to start over and I don’t want to do that so I’m going to single place these yeah at a certain point for me anyways like I’ve worked the putty too much the butterfly effector putty too much um but if I did want to keep using the putty to multiplace I could get a wet paper well a damp paper towel and dab my putty on there and then do the Abs you’re gonna have to like you know you dab you do the you know ABS you put them on you dab you do the Abs you put them on or if you’re not afraid of your own spit you can like just touch it to your tongue and then and then pick up the ABS and then do the yeah but I’m not going to lick my I’m not going to lick my putty today not because I’m scared of my own spit I just don’t feel like licking my putty today because I feel like it’ll just go a lot faster if I single place them anyways dirty putty yes a group of diamond painters so okay if a Dr a group of diamond painters is not a sparkler or a a bunch of sparklers like sparklers if that’s not the name for a group of diamond painters then what else would we come up with uh a a drill a drill of diamond painters a um a canvas of diamond painters a um a dut of diamond painters dude of diamond painters a a dazzles a group is called A Dazzle A Dazzle of diamond painters that’s not too bad A Dazzle of diamond painters sounds pretty good I like it I like it I like that better than sparklers it smell popcorn I don’t think I broke so I’m pretty sure somebody made popcorn at least I hope somebody made popcorn and I did not just have a stroke bazzers that could be dirty cuz you know there’s V jazzling which of course is a whole different thing a kit of diamond painters oh that’s not bad I like it I like it for those who have never used uh this like other waxes besides you know your pink wax that comes with your kit whenever you get a like a wax from a company it’s like a wax actually like a real wax so um what you do is you scrape your um pen the single this end you’re not going to be able to get it into a multipler don’t even bother um um but you scrape the single Placer end across it and then when you do that it’s going to leave like a little kind of you know lump of wax at the end which you kind of push into it then and then what I usually do after is I’ll push it flat down on a table so that any of the excess that’s going to be you know in it is going to come out of the pen itself it’ll be around the outsides you just wipe that off you wipe it off so it’s clean um in case you didn’t know sticky drill this AB won’t come off double-sided sticky tape put it on the spot that isn’t sticking yeah yeah there’s that too and I have some sided tape I guess I didn’t even think about it did not even consider it I’ve got a roll of it because I was going to use so with my excess drills uh left over from my kits I save them because I have like I buy like wood cut things from the Dollar Tree and then I either put the scotch super 77 on them or uh the double-sided tape and but I usually use the double-sided tape with paper stuff like um blank stickers and whatever and then I Diamond I Diamond paint those um I don’t have any pictures or anything because any of the ones that I’ve ever made I’ve just given away I didn’t like think to take pictures of it this was before I ever joined any social media um but sometimes that’s what I’ll do with my excess diamonds is I will make you know I’ll make those like wood bured things into something Diamond painted and they’re really pretty I have this one that I got from Dollar Tree it’s like a little NightLight sort of deal and I I Diamond painted all over that it looked really cool looked like a a swirly rainbow oh no pretty placers for your now I’ve I’ve seen that there is this new like jellies craze with the um special drills I’ve not used any jellies before but are they like are they like Crystal or like what’s the what’s the draw to the jellies one like what do they what effect do they give to the painting well the winner from Diamond painting with with sparklers should you know make sure that they let us know what they get because I want to know I want to know cuz I’m nosy my next drawing if my time if my time is correct will be at what 7 7ish 7:30ish ew ewie gross my DRS some ooh that’s kind of cool so I when I bought um when I was buying some stuff secondhand the person that I bought those like six canvases from for a hundred bucks uh he was selling a lot of fridge magnets guess what guess what they were guys they were not fridge magnets because he he buys like storage units that people don’t pay their rent on or whatever and found a storage unit with an entire stash of like 400 Diamond paintings in it so that netted him some money um but he was selling he was selling these fridge magnets they were cover minders all of them were coverm minders and uh so anyways I I paid 20 bucks for like literally 150 to 200 cover reminders glitter ones are jelly and they are cool oh okay so it’s like they look kind of clear with glitter in them um but yeah he sold them to me for 20 bucks for like 150 to 200 cover minders and one of the ones that I have was a really cool idea but now the the lid doesn’t screw on correctly I’m not sure what’s up with that but somebody had taken resin and uh poured like they put rainbow I’ll get it hold on ouch um where is it so they took like an old container like an old container and they put drills all over it okay like a rainbow they put drills all over it and then some resin with some glitter and they put it all over this is the like bottom of the magnet it’s like real fancy sort of thing thought that was kind of cool um but then they put like drills all over it and then you can use it as a as a trash thing which I think is pretty cool but the lid doesn’t stay screwed on like it just like that doesn’t work very well but that was one of the cover minders that I found so yeah it’ be really neat to just like you know even I don’t know if you like rainbows or whatever maybe you just use three different colors but you just put those out on the desk and then deep pour some resin on it that look really freaking cool really really cool I want pictures when that’s done yeah my my father-in-law was talking about like if I don’t find something else uh giving me an this old draft table that he has that’s made of wood and stuff and I thought about like doing something to that because you know I I don’t want just a plain wood draft table for doing my diamond painting and it would be something that I use as a background for when I do my videos because right now I just use this tray table um but it it works out and I thought doing something doing something to it would be cool and that sounds like that would be fun like just taking the drills and doing a deep pour I love Patty wax super sticky wax okay so I wanna i w to corner a market right and I want to write I want to write uh what’s the word I’m looking for like little diddies little little songs um I almost had the word and then it slipped out of my head again um I want to write little songs for commercials for like our local our local you know Butterfly Effect rares or Patty wax or whatever what’s the word I’m looking for not a diddy like a a aah a something yeah honestly I I could I suppose I could put it in a video like you know this is what I’m doing with my leftover Diamond cuz I’ve got a bunch both squares and rounds be kind of cool if you had like one side was square one side I dropped my drill one side was rounds or something mix them together but in colors a jingle thank you Jesus everybody answered all at once you figured out what it was who was it that was talking about Jingles last week or this week maybe somebody was talking about Jingles was it it was Jennifer it was DP addiction um she was talking about different Jingles that you know get stuck in your head or whatever and the one that it always is for me that gets stuck in my head is uh big red do I know all the words to it anymore no I know make it last a little longer you know D whatever with big red but I want to write Jingles for for like the companies just for sh*ts you know know nothing nothing serious like I wouldn’t want them to pay me afterward because I’m not sure it would be that good but just you know write some little some little jingle for because that’s what we’re lacking in our commercials I would and then I would like just for the hell of it I would have there like a in the middle of a whiping chat or something with a jingle for a local like a local small shop or whatever why do I want to do this have no idea but it was in my head the other day and I was like you know what it would be really fun cuz I got that kind of time on my hands I really don’t but you know when you’re sitting there Diamond painting you think about a lot of weird stuff and that just happened to be one of the things that popped into my head was like I wonder what a jingle for Patty wax would sound like Empire Carpet I don’t know if I know that one wait is it the Empire I don’t know maybe I’m wrong yours are all local ones mine is like oh 877 cash now that’s the other one that’s terrible get stuck in a loop earworms the only way that I’ve ever found that you can get rid of an earworm which is like when a when a song gets stuck in your head and you can’t get rid of it and it’s always the worst when it’s a song that you don’t know all the words to or you know like basically a verse or just the chorus and maybe like the first three words of a verse and then and then you’re like it’s stuck on a loop and you only know those words that’s too um cuz yeah the only way to get rid of it is to listen to it again like to actually get it back up there listen to it and then it’ll go away usually or it just makes it worse and then what do you do about that I don’t know dig out your own your own brain stem and ask it to stop all right that that’s that section done oo she’s pretty you guys all right I’m going to do this part cars for kids you think I well if you catch me on twitch sometimes when I think I’m by myself I sing even though I see there’s always this one person not saying anything like lurking in the chat that doesn’t say anything and so the other night I was singing along with like ’90s alt music that was a good time um at one point for people who are patreons there is a video an actual real video of me singing in my band from okay and and even the band name I I want to share but I won’t um uh like because if I do then you might be able to find the videos yourself on YouTube and then that like sort of defeats the purpose but um it’s a video of me singing the song like a stone by Audio Slave I have permission from Chris Cornell when he was was alive to sing that song for my band um but uh like I was going to I was going to share that with the um with the patreon there is I guess I’ll just use this because I don’t I don’t know where my other one is just got to figure out where my line is here um right there come on stick what is pro what is happening just stick yeah sometimes these cheap like Amazon finds that you think are so great and just a great price like they’re not great because they don’t want to stick to anything there there we go that’ll work it’s a pretty one though little stars with dark blue with some stars on it the Big Mac song yeah I’m telling you that 877 the 877 cash now like that one makes me nuts if you need an annuity and you need cash now JG went worth 877 cash no no stop okay done oh lord it’s terrible so terrible you know when it always comes on when I’m just trying to enjoy Mory and I just want to know if he is or is not the father damn it oh okay that’s a that’s a good question favorite favorite 90s trash television show okay because like you know there’s some people who were huge like Jerry Springer fan I couldn’t do Jerry Springer that was a little too trashy for me like sorry sorry if you like spring or what I couldn’t um but I really did enjoy myy I liked Ricky Lake for talk shows um what other trash TV did I really enjoy like okay I’m going to put it out there melrose’s place sorry if you like melrose’s place but that was kind of trashy TV um uh let’s see let’s see I mean even like Jenny Jones Jenny Jones was pretty trashy especially toward the and when she had that like debacle where she had a guy on and there was another guy who was in love with that guy Steve Wilkos yeah but that’s not 90s is it I mean that’s now right isn’t he still on I almost stuck that down to my canvas you saw that almost happen and it didn’t thank god um Heraldo okay the town that I live in the town that I live in is the town where har Alo got straight punched in the face by a KKK like whatever they call themselves a grand Dragon the the leader dude funny story about that okay so I went to school with that guy’s daughter the the grand wizard dude of the KKK I went to school with his daughter she got pregnant with a black guy he had to kind of make a choice between you know his family do I love my daughter and want to you know love and resp respect her or do I want to um do I want to you know stay in the KKK you know whatever leave the KKK Etc so now he left the KKK which good I mean good on him whatever because he didn’t want to lose his daughter and you know lose his family whatever but he moved to the most predominantly black area in like near this town he moved out of town he had to like he didn’t move far away from town but he moved to a predominantly black area and I find that karmically delicious karma is my favorite spectator sport as it is but that was pretty karmically delicious it was like but yeah that happened in the town that I live in right before I moved here I moved here from like Metropolitan I moved from Madison which isn’t like a huge City not compared to like Milwaukee’s bigger um Green Bay even is bigger than Madison but it was much more diverse and you know Metropolitan than where I live there was a One Singular black family living in Jamesville when I first moved here yes I said where I live at it’s I mean you can figure it out with GM and raldo getting punched in the face but um yeah it’s just not very it it is not very Metropolitan here now granted it’s a lot better now but it did not used to be and that’s yeah that’s where he got punched in the face anyways um okay other 9s trashy trashy shows uh o um no that was 2000 I was I was thinking about uh Flavor of Love oh you guys I I had just H I had Obsession for that show um you’re back welcome back yeah yeah it was it was good that he moved away I think probably it was part of it was for safety reasons because you know like if you you can’t just like leave the KKK they just don’t let you do that I don’t think I mean I don’t know I’m not speaking from experience or anything but I’m pretty sure you can’t just like up and leave especially if you’re like the grand poopa or whatever the hell they call themselves um but yeah he decided to leave the KKK entirely and then support his his daughter which I do have a lot of respect for but like I said karmically delicious very delicious um yeah see okay Beverly Hills 90210 was great I feel like because it taught even high schoolers like important things that we should be talking to our parents about even though we didn’t um melo’s place like that one was just trash that was just trashy um oh was I’m trying was charm in the 9s I’m sorry if you like Charmed I because I’m Pagan I had a really hard time with that show like I have a really hard time with any show or movie that depicts like Pagan anything as like I don’t know it just it’d be it would be like if somebody made like a Jesus the series or something I don’t yet I don’t understand why I think that’s part of why I watched it because Flav of flave was so not attractive at all um it just just terrible just terrible he’s not attractive at all so like even seeing these women who were not I mean most of them were not even marginally good-look some of them were all right you know whatever uh but like watched it because it was trash and I watched Rock of Love too yep I watched that um that was pretty trashy uh what else um I mean even Daisy of love like that was also very trashy in fact more so I did not watch Tila Tequila that one was a little too too trashy for me yikes she’s a nutball now I don’t know if you’ve like watched any of her like even live streams or whatever she’s kind of a she’s kind of a Froot Loop she’s a raisin cake man um she’s went all banana sandwiches I don’t know um but uh what else trashy TVs love trashy TVs I think the reason that I liked okay I’ve watched all of those things I’ve never seen Real Housewives which I’m I’m told I I need to check that out uh I’ve never watched Bad Girls Club my daughter watches that she’s told me mom if you like these other things you would definitely like Bad Girls Club I’m like okay I think it’s just because like I’m I know that I am not nearly that trash yeah Brett Brett Michaels those like you can’t believe you watched Tila Tequila listen it was a different time yeah see Buffy the Vampire Slayer like that’s not trash that’s amazing um I’m not in a rewatch of Buffy yet it’s on the list but uh I am I’m also like I loved angel angel okay so when Angel broke off um when Angel and Buffy broke up and then Angel broke off into its own show I started watching that pretty much religiously and I think it’s because this is going to sound messed up especially if you know what I’m talking about but I always kind of related in a very special way to Cordelia not because I am like I was never popular I was never a cheerleader I was never anything special but like the way that she is just so like sarcastic and like mean to people um does anybody remember the cartoon it was on MTV Daria that was very me in high school very much me I was very dry sarcastic just kind of had no real time for anybody sort of deal I was not a nice person um so like Cordelia I always felt like she was my spirit animal like if if I would have been popular I probably would have been her maybe not so like obsessed with designer stuff whatever but um I just she was like my and then to watch her character evolve um was oh wow yeah you know you know you’ve really arrived when you’re starting to do your your concerts and casinos now uh it’s okay I mean poison was fantastic you want to be Daria for Halloween do it do it yeah I don’t understand people who don’t watch well didn’t I don’t watch TV now I watch a lot of like rerun stuff but but I did really love um I did really love cordelia’s like kind of glow up honestly she changes as a person she really becomes just an amazing character also I loved Fred like Fred was Fred was what Willow should have stayed the whole time does that make sense what I just said like the whole bad Willow and like you know dark Willow and whatever like I just really did again it’s another one of those things when things portray being Pagan or witch wiah whatever in a specific kind of way I get really uncomfy with it it’s like I said there was like a Jesus the series or something on TV and somebody made Jesus into like all of the tropes of being Christian while not being Christian at all really it’s that that’s what it is when I watch that kind of stuff so you must be broken no you’re not broken you just got better better things to do with your time or other things to do with your time um it’s just I mean I’m gonna I’m be honest you a little weird but no I’m just kidding Oh Glory yes she was you’re a vain God too well hey at least you know I love Glory I thought Glory was great Glory was like um even even her like quips honestly Jos Weeden is a stunning writer his writing is just beyond compare anybody watch dollhouse because that show that show was amazing he did a um he did a remake of I think it was as you like it a Shakespeare something he remade a Shakespeare thing and uh the girl who played Fred was in it and um the guy from dollhous uh um Topher the guy who plays Topher he was in it um 90day fiance oh okay yeah did mess with a lot of a lot of characters toward the end of the series although I also really loved Wesley’s transition and and like his growth was I just felt like I don’t know I felt like on Angel they concentrated on the arc the story arc of all of the characters and like growing them as actuals instead of playing like I felt like it was Buffy and then Buffy’s other cool friends and then Xander and then Xander was also there um and then like I don’t know I also was not a big fan of like The Buffy Spike relationship my I can tell you right now like for real honestly I feel like Buffy and spikes relationship is part of the reason why and I’m okay shots fired I’m G to call it out is the reason why my sister is in such sh*tty relationships all the time because that was what she watched as an example of love and so all of her relationships need to be weird you know we’re always fighting to make up to fight to make up sort of bull crap and I just yeah I honestly I truly and honestly blame uh Buffy and Spike’s relationship for that because like too many times too many times yeah yeah yes thank you Glory thank you because that’s that’s kind of yeah hey I appreciate that girls locked because um it it’s and I have not watched Firefly but um wait who’s a raging dick talking about Wesley uh or or Spike um I uh I wish that they would have just like yes it was important that you know Buffy have some sort of Love relationship Angel did but Angel was like a hopeless romantic so it made sense that angel was always looking for the right person and you know whatever but it just seemed to me like like Buffy was just all the time into something you know um and and I always felt like it was Buffy and her other strong friends and I mean it doesn’t mean it was it wasn’t a great show I just like I said I prefer it I prefer Angel to Buffy personally um just because I felt like they grew all of the characters on that show everybody was all kind of oh Weeden yeah yeah yeah well he got a little big for his britches you know I mean he had how many how many hit shows and and successful you know whatever okay now here’s the thing though Spike got his in Buffy he goes over to Angel and he’s on that show and he actually got his story arc in Angel he got to have his whole Redemption and everything else in Angel so I thought I don’t know do people real life lar shows yeah yeah absolutely um and and so you know I I don’t know I just I blame I blame ’90s TV for a lot of oh my gosh okay so ’90s TV how about good 9s TV Snick anybody like all day every day didn’t matter if I was 20 years old I was still watching Snick because Are You Afraid of the Dark and um Ren and Stimpy and all that oh my gosh I you can’t do that on television right there bam done that’s where sliming came from that that’s the origin of Nickelodeon slime um and the kids don’t even know I watched a documentary um fairly recently on like the Golden Age of Nickelodeon uh on Hulu maybe I think it was a Hulu thing um it was so good it was so so good and they had um you know they had child actors from back then talking about the shows that they were on and um they actually had the uh midnight Society from Are You Afraid of the Dark like say their you know say their little lines or whatever I loved Snick I loved it is good stuff but you know that’s 90s kid for you was born in the 80s so I love all 80s things but like the 90s that’s when I grew up you know those like formative years the 2000s I feel like that was my trashy era there was I was a new parent with nothing to do except to sit at home and basically watch television because I was a stay-at-home mom when I wasn’t you know hanging out with my kid teaching her stuff you know whatever um I was just watching crappy TV because that’s all I had to do I wish Diamond painting would have been around then i’ have so many pieces done but I do I do love me some 90s I’m very very still nostalgic for the ’90s it’s weird cuz I see like I see kids nowadays like wearing Legends of the Hidden Temple oh my God they did a remake of that um uh oh when it was like just a quick one I I believe they did like a little quick remake thing of it um that I caught a little bit of but you know I feel like when I see kids dressed up in the stuff that we would have worn it must be weird as it was for like my mom to see the 70s kind of puke back up on us in the ’90s um but like to see kids that are like it looks like it could be grunge but it isn’t really grunge but it kind of is grunge very weird very very weird and and and it’s it’s like I know what it’s like it’s like when you ask your mom for a Barbie for Christmas but she went to the dollar store and got you one it’s like that it really is like that so it’s like it’s it’s close it’s close but it’s not quite there yeah oh my gosh I I always I always hated it when like they didn’t they didn’t go for the they didn’t go for the like not the hardest like this the the shortcut type things yeah and then double dare I loved double dare too now I thought U Mark whatever his name was um like he was kind of boring but I still liked watching I actually liked family double dare better than just double d uh but I liked that I liked um and then like as my as I had kids and what not I was watching you know Nick Jr and whatever I never really got into like the um like the Earth well I kind of had to a little bit because of my sister being 11 years younger than me like That’s So Raven and that sort of stuff yeah okay so I have a mystery kit that I got and I want one of I want my kid to put like release papers over top of it so I Mark Summers thank you um I want my kid to put release papers over top of it so I can’t see it but man I’ve been working on this one for a long time it’s CU I’m talking so much I find I work a lot faster when I’m not talking I’m just like slamming it out but if I don’t talk like then what are you doing here you not be entertained um but yeah so I uh I watched like that so raven and W Wizards of Waverly Place and uh Jesse Oh see now I’ve said it and I’m have the stupid theme song Stu stuck in my head um but that was mostly because of my younger sibling and then like mostly what I was watching during that time was like Nick Jr so you know Blues Clues and um what else was uh Backyardigans uh the not the Garanimals what the hell were they called uh Wonder Pet a cute one obviously Dora anybody remember Eureka’s Castle from like the 80s that was my jam I wanted to be Eureka so bad and then I realized I was not a mythological creature with horns so that disappointed me yeah I have a I have a Jada gem shot mystery hey Jesse they don’t say Jesse they say Jesse I don’t even know the words to it I just I just know hey Jesse um but yeah I’ve got that’s actually up for vote on the help me pick my kit I like that she covers it in black um in black plastic because I mean even though it looks like a garbage bag I love that because then I don’t I really don’t know what it is I mean unless I was to take it all the way off and cover it with release paper but that would definitely defeat the purpose it’d be cool if Diamond Art Club did something like that so that you wouldn’t like you really wouldn’t know hold on I’m going to yell down the stairs and make one of my children bring me a soda can somebody bring me a couple sodas yes please all right there we go oh you know what let’s hi Audrey I’m uh I’m getting up don’t cheat okay I will not cheat um I’m G to stand up and I’m going to stretch now a little early just cuz I I feel like it’s time so if you’re working stand up a minute minute if you’re ready to stand up give yourself a little stretch oh now I’m standing up a little farther away from my diamond painting and it actually it looks really good wow she’s so close you guys She’s So Close peew yes you can come in it’s not locked thank you what no one’s going to see me no it’s just on oh nobody will see you hi stream by stream my kidso says hi stream by stream okay there we go oh jeez stuck on my carpet she is she’s so pretty oh my gosh all right back to it um yeah I I’m excited about whenever I get to work on my mystery kit but if you go and vote on the help me pick my kit I think she’s number one something like that um so you I mean you technically don’t even have to watch the video to do the vote I have a pinned post on there where it tells you what kits are on the video so you can vote without watching if you wanted to I have a hole in it it did it’s got a little tiny pin prick hole in it I said prick hole um sometimes when I’m like speaking in the like whipping chats or even on the lives if I say something that sounds like something else I always make sure to like this is what I said out loud to make sure like when I say hoorde I have to make sure I either enunciate very clearly or I’m like I said horde h o a r d um cuz I always worry that when it if it’s on captions like even the generated captions that it’s going to think I wh kind of hoarde and I’m like no no not the same thing definitely different thing two whips to finish then the mystery will be a summer project oh okay well I’m I’m planning on trying to do uh Summer with the Masters because I’ve I’ve quietly participated in that I wasn’t even really able to get much done though because I was working so much so it was a start and a nowhere near ever finish for that I did finish the piece but what was it even it was um I think it was a dolly something I it was a maybe gosh that was back in like the I think the first year but now I will actually be able to like with a purpose I will participate okay so oh thank you I’m glad that you liked it Glory because you know I I spent a lot of time a lot oh like Habitat for Humanity okay why not if if the if the windows work for it then do it man that sounds really cool your anxiety will not allow you to purchase a mystery kit I mean okay so let me tell you cat why jaded Gem Shop is the place to get a mystery kit from okay um the the reason that you should get one from Jed Gem Shop is first you go on there and you’re going to make a wish list okay of all the things that you like it doesn’t even have to be all the things you like it could be a half of the things that you like on there that you see okay when you are done with that wish list you will purchase the the mystery kit you’re going to go and you’re going to message Jade and you’re going to say hey I would like you to make my mystery kit in whatever size you choose I would like you to select it from my wish list so that you know for a fact that you’re going to get something that you want her drills are amazing like girls lock is saying um it is absolutely wonderful yeah but Sarah you go look at what the DAC ones are you know what I mean like you check not everybody does I I wouldn’t like I want the mystery spoiled only so much for me like I want to know that I’m gonna like it for one but I’m not going to go looking to see what it is you know but with Jades I mean obviously if your if your wish list only has four items on it it it’ll be easy enough to kind of narrow down when you get the colors um but you know for a fact it’s going to be something that you like because you’ve you’ve set up your wish list you know what I mean so I highly recommend doing one of Jades um and now that she’s got hand charted artwork on there a lot of people were scared of the confetti they were like o too much confetti all of Jade stuff is confetti because it is very confetti heavy but you don’t have to do that even anymore she’s got a lot of hand charted stuff that’s more a little like like sort of in like the cartoonish style or whatever just a little less a little less detailed in that way so you I’m sure that you’ll find at least one thing that you like at least that you can use for a mystery kit that’s what I did I just I made up a wish list and in fact you can go so far as like if you got a really large wish list like I do I picked like three or four artists and I said okay um I want you to select it from my wish wish list but I would like you to select from out of these three artists where I knew I’d have like six or seven pieces she could pick from but I knew I knew for a fact that I was going to like that piece what’s up Dustin you going to say hi to the stream thank you check mix goofy yay for the check mix um can you do pizza like maybe like eight o’clock awesome thank you I appreciate it can do work was good we dead you were dead nice well that’s always nice then nice for Friday except yeah Home Depot rest I’ve been on for six hours nice we’re doing good all right thank you yeah if you could make pizza around 8:00 that’d be cool can do all right thank you honey enjoy um what was I saying yeah so you can you can kind of customize down what you want for a wish list yes it’s it’s it’s and that’s why I picked it because I was like and I mean Jade is she’s very receptive to so much like so much stuff anything that you basically ask she’s she’s got you covered you know what I mean like customs and and everything else she’s got you covered it does take a while so you’re going to wait you’re going to wait for that mystery kit it’s going to take a minute but when you get it you know it’s going to be in it’s going to be a a good good uh value it’s going to be in just good shape everything’s going to be quality that’s the part that I like is that I know it’s a it’s a controlled and safe mystery you know what I mean and I think I think I have an idea of what my mystery kit is just based on the colors but I’m not positive I’m not 100% positive and if it is what I think it is cool um but if it’s not cool whatever but at least I knew it was on my wish list and it was something that I wanted in the first place that I would have bought if I you know I would have bought as a regular piece so that’s the other thing too yeah you can get uh you can get your kit with or without any kind of um without any kind of ABS on it yeah she’s got all kinds of Old Masters on there so if you wanted to do uh Summer with the Masters you could do that um the art is all fantastic on there I mean there’s lots of reasons to get a jaded Gem Shop anyways but she was one that I didn’t reach out for sponsorship on this now that I’m thinking about it I probably could or should have but I know she’s been so busy with the geree that I didn’t know whether or not she would be able to answer I yeah yeah and that’s it girls locked it’s like I but I will talk up anybody any day that is a good business owner that is very um that is receptive to anything you know what I mean like that’s the thing about Steph too um the kit that I got excuse me the com the manufacturer and I guess she ordered the same kit and had the same issue where it said I was supposed to get gold drills like Crystal or something like that for the moon and I got white drills instead so when I let her know she immediately placed an order at DP with sparklers and had me sent not just one but three varieties of gold drills to use so like how can I complain about that I I’m also kind of in love with the idea that you know we’ve got some ladies out there making business for themselves and you know making that money got to love that I have a lot of respect for it you can be a lady boss and it’s not even like I I love the fact too that you know the the community is so good at like kind of insulating around itself whenever a shop is in trouble or needs help like I mean I wasn’t really too much online when stuff went down with craftly which sucks because I don’t have any craftly kits I’ve never even done a craftly kit but I’ve heard good things and I know like the community rallied around them and it still didn’t work out which is sad but that the community rallied around craftly and really tried to tried to make something happen you know what I mean and that is one thing that I can say for the diamond painting Community is like you know if somebody’s in trouble there’s it’s kind of a call to action and everybody so you’re talking about for Jada Gem Shop she does rounds or squares whichever you you can request either I’m pretty sure but I do um I po I chose my mystery in squares I like rounds um I have a harder time now going back to rounds now that I’ve done squares just because of it’s nothing to do with like the outcome of the picture because I feel like the outcome of the pictures is really kind of negligible as far as like which one looks better to me I don’t know I feel like they they similarly look good when you’re done but I do feel like it’s the it’s the process part of it it’s the way that squares just fit together very well that um there’s not gaps like you don’t see anything behind them that’s the thing that I like about squares personally but that’s just me oh okay yeah well you know they’re not for everybody that’s for sure my therapist has cerebral paly and so um he also can’t do the squares he can do rounds though because you know it’s open there’s there’s no like because his hands Shake really bad sometimes I got him into din painting and then the first thing I did for him because he just bought a regular a regular rounds kit and I brought them in like you know a better pen I brought them in better trays it was like um you’re not going to be able to use those tiny green trays like you’re going to end up trying to get the the gem or the drills straight and then you’re going to shake them straight out of the tray if you love an image you’ll do rounds why is that why is it that if you love the image you’ll do rounds instead of squares you know what okay and I don’t disagree with you as far as I wish that they offered them in both because I find that it seems like they put their best pieces in square only there are a few that they have options for both rounds or squares there’s a couple of them but I wish that they did do more of their like their their better pieces in rounds instead or in you know in addition that they would have more of those options I because I feel like they would sell more of those kits honestly if they had it in both because there were many many many that I didn’t have on my wish list until just this year because I hadn’t done any squares until this year that said I mean I got myself more comfortable with doing squares by working on like paint gem kits first and then I did a smaller piece and then once I did the paint gems and then uh it was called Paint the Moon by Diamond Art Club I got way more comfortable with squares and so now it’s sort of a breeze but there are limitations for people not everybody can do squares and so it sucked I would have you know this wish list with all the rounds on it but yeah and and I imagine it would be really hard to to watch your kiddo struggle with anything you know what I mean but yeah Carol tell me why you why you would pick why you would pick rounds instead if you love an image you’ll do rounds oh how old is your daughter mine is all grown up and going to graduate college I’m just losing my mind over that actually both my kids are graduating this year they’ve decided that they want to do their graduation party together which makes my life easier honestly um but they want to do their graduation party together which is fine they they’re real good about you know they hang out together and or when one’s friends are over the other one’s not like booted from the room or something crazy like that they’ve always gotten along pretty well I mean well I say always that’s not true but for the most part oh dog barking nonspeaking oh let me let me scroll it back a little oh oh oh oh oh I got you Carol okay I got you I I missed that message time to stretch I just did I did it earlier I did it a little early you missed it I did I needed to do it a little early oh that’s amazing that’s amazing just Jade’s an amazing human being you can tell just like watching her lives that she just she’s just an amazing human where’d you go Audrey you ran away you had stuff to do peeing and all of that [Music] wh she’s coming together I can’t believe I’m almost done with this kit honestly it’s craziness to me like even even the gradations here like just the the the subtle color changing that’s happening like it’s so good it’s so good I would like to think that anybody who was on the fence about this piece before like when you see see the full finished piece y’all are going to like gasp it’s so so beautiful because the render the render is gorgeous just by itself but when you realize that like the render does not actually do the colors themselves Justice like it isn’t nearly as bright on like in the the drills like look at when you look at this versus this here it’s so much lighter on the render and whatever but when you look at the drills and how vibrant they are it’s crazy so like a who’s seen the render they have not actually seen the painting the painting is just topnotch man I need to get some new putty here in a minute I probably change my putty more than I need to but I also like to have I like to have putty working the way I like it to work rather than kind of all over the place neck and shoulders um I mean I I’ve played violin since I was in the third grade and so I feel like I sit up pretty straight anyways my posture is always been pretty good so more or less it’s like it’s a posture thing but like I’m telling you if you could see this chair that I’m sitting in there’s no way to be ergonomic with the seating because the like let me see if I can find a picture desk chair um uh I’m trying to find one that looks like it um arms on it I guess that’s not really trying to find it oops sorry bumped you with my shoulder um yeah all of these are still but cuz like the bottom the bottom is wooden it has a wood bottom it’s got like pleather sides on the seat with like a woven cushion it has um I have to look at chroma uh oh it’s from Diamond Art Club chroma Diamond Art Club chroma not Diamond Art Club chroma because I didn’t find anything but the it’s the oh it’s the last sneak peek that’s probably why I’m not finding it okay um dang it dang it am I going to am I going to be upset am I going to be really upset hold on let me see let me see here no oh my God Dustin Dustin oh it’s on it’s on like Donkey Kong that’s happening is happening I’m I’m goingon to I’m gonna come in I’m GNA need you to do something for me I’m I’m GNA need you to do that for me okay I’m right on please tomorrow it’ll be gone if I don’t buy it tomorrow yeah it’ll be gone it’s the same artist gotta you got me covered hi yes yes okay okay all right so thank you so that’s taken care of thank you thank you Sarah God I maybe I can talk him into the cutner too terrible okay um that I almost threw up in my mouth good Lord that one is so freaking pretty that’s just disgustingly pretty it’s done it’s done it’s mine okay I won’t Panic now who got that one for the sneak peek I’m gonna find them and Destroy them no all right so I have another one that I need to just kid up immediately and work on is that what you’re saying all right so I won’t pick another squares after this one unless Jade’s win but damn damn it damn it you’re going to buy two of them yeah I mean honestly Sarah thank you Dustin thank you Dustin the live says thank you oh my God too funny yeah that that’s that’s the one like I don’t I don’t have my own money right now d has the money but I 100% will I’ll beg steal or borrow for Margaret Morales it’s just very up my alley you know what I’m saying the ker too but like I mean if I if I miss that one yeah I’ll be sad but it’s not the same like unfortunately so I bet you were going to get batch a batch of Morales too like they’ve been doing with Y cuz said something about that sometimes they release in batches cuz didn’t we just didn’t we just vote on a Morales I feel like we literally just voted on a Morales in the yeah if I have to choose between the two and it’s ketner or if it’s chroma or the the other yeah no done all the way way done it’s it’s going to have to be chroma I have I have a thing about rainbows I’ve always had a thing about rainbows it’s I mean it’s always been so I’m gonna have to get my nails done for Chroma now cool okay um I’ve I’ve just always had a thing about rainbows as long as I can remember oh but do I want to just like wait on her to start her up no I just really want to get her done but I I don’t know I don’t know what should I do should I should I get her and then kit her up like this one yeah there were like yeah I guess there were like four of them in voting there were a lot of Morales is in voting and I’m sure all of them will make it why wouldn’t they what do you guys think should I should I get her chroma and then kit her immediately and start on her like I did this one and then like try and get her done or or should I put her in a rainy day cuz if I had satura satura would be kidded and done immediately I just love the fact that satura is a witch and you know like she’s doing a magic and and that’s speaks to my heart but chroma is rainbows and that also speaks to my heart no I didn’t say get her I said kit her like as in uh put her put her together and start diamond painting her immediately do another 24-hour event but with her oh Lord I know I wouldn’t get her done in 24 hours there’s no way you know what I mean like look at what six and a half hours and I’m finishing this one it’s just because it’s so much confetti I mean I’m more into the um kind of color blocking parts that exist in this painting the um yeah I’m going to have to change my putty uh I just know I wouldn’t be able to finish her in 24 hours cuz the other one magical moonlighter that one is rounds and so um now if I was the person who sneak peek her I’d probably be I would probably be painting her right now live seriously I guess we don’t know cuz that probably just came out huh that picture so we’re going to see that sneak peek come up pretty quick here if it isn’t already up um well I just missed four of them but I need more putty so let me put these back out and get some Putty finish up this winter dreams so why can find things that well okay so it’s really about like one knowing artists that you like so going through making a wish list with diamond Art Club that’s a good start because then you’re going to see a lot of artists now like you also got to decide whether you are cool with rounds squares or both um like I choose both so I look at everything um you got to decide are you a land landcape person are you a portrait person um like what what subject matter do you really enjoy um because that will definitely help you to find the kits that you like kind of your heart flutters when you see them releasing because that or what happens is you know there’s such a like a literally decision paralysis where you’re like ooh I don’t know I don’t know I want this or this or this and this you know it also has to be something that fits into your you know what I mean um and my budget is zero so it’s got to fit into D Dustin’s budget or it don’t work for me um but yeah you just got to kind of you got to figure out what you like first because if you don’t know exactly what you’re into then I know your favorite color is brown like yeah Shay loves mermaids Shay loves mermaids there’s people who are crazy about Landscapes and I I’m not a landscape person but more power to those who are just not my vibe um doesn’t mean I won’t do a landscape it just it just means it’s not something I typically would choose um but if you really like brown then you’re probably going to be you’ll find a lot of what you like in either you know what I have a I have a kit that’s mostly in like Tans and Browns that I think you’d actually really like if if I was looking to like part with it and I don’t know if they have it um she’s oh what’s her name she’s out of box what is her name echo’s from the past Echoes from the past is absolutely gorgeous just stunning um and it’s a lot of like kind of sepia ton funky trees yeah and with Morales it is it’s a soft feel ketner is also like kind of a soft feel to his um I know that I like portraits and um like fantasy type stuff I’ve always been kind of a high fantasy type person um so is that the only fours on there I really just pour out all of these for two of them I did okay cool good to know uh but yeah it’s like it’s just finding your subject matter if you really like that wedding memories that the Spangler you don’t go on color your color blind okay well there you go welcome back Sean Christopher LEL is good um it it just depends with you know Christopher LEL for me it’s like it kind of depends on what the subject matter is because I don’t know I I like Enis but I don’t really I have a thing about like why do his girls always look like somebody tied them up in a basem*nt and like tortured them for a while like they got scars or they’re bleeding and some people like that some people that’s like that speaks to them it doesn’t to me because I’m like why are they why are they bleeding why are they scarred up like that um yeah you just got to kind of decide what subject matter you like what artists you like um and kind of go from there I I tend to find that I like mostly like portraits of women um and they’re typically like either really kind of like Serene like this one and you know or they’re magical in some kind of way like they’re a mermaid or a fairy or with a unicorn or or whatever I mean you’ve seen my stash you know what my style is um and then I pick a few other things so that I have some variety in my in my stash so that if I do decide okay I want to do something that is a completely different kind of color uh color palette than what I’m used to doing I can do that okay let’s see yeah stained glass oh my gosh see and I have a hard time narrowing it down to artist because I like them all man Ivy dolore is amazing Mrs butter D is amazing uh like just there’s too many to Name Margaret Morales is amazing like um what’s the what’s the one lady the one lady who who does like she does animals but they’re all like you know they have like photo manipulation on them so that they look really different like the maincoon cat I like the M I like the mun cat for the for the record I do really like that one but that one’s sold out been sold out forever you know Carol I have like there are certain ones that I do like of the big eyed girls but it’s less about the girl probably for me and more about what’s happening around the girl in the picture so like um what is it uh is it Jasmine Becket Griffith that does the Alice ones who does the Alice ones um I gotta look uh Simona cardini um Simona cardini does big eyed girls too but like I really enjoy them less for the big eyed girls and more for what the big eyed girls have going on around them like there’s one she does it’s like my malice in the sea of tea and I really really like that one just because well one Alice is a mermaid uh and she’s in a teacup and then there there’s like fish that are flying and then flying animals that are swimming and it’s just really really crazy magical you know whatever but it generally generally I don’t care for like holin or um you know what I mean like this really I mean even Kurt they’re big eyed girls but they’re not like they’re not like the big eyes on them aren’t like you know saucer sized in their face you know so it really it kind of has to depend for me like what’s going on in the four or background of that particular you know subject’s face cuz there there was one holin I saw that I really enjoyed um but generally I don’t care for them um yes okay okay cool uh I I know that we’re just twins we’re just all twins um the uh what’s the one I’m thinking of okay so soul of the storm that just came out by uh Camila de ero so she also does kind of kind of big eyed girls they’re not like again they’re not saucer sized in their face but they’re like they have big eyes they have big lips like they’re almost childlike the way that they look like Gerber babies um those I enjoy I feel like those are very evocative it’s not it’s not playful like Hanah Lin it’s it’s like if you were to if you were to study like you know human human biology and like what what we choose to protect as a species typically it is um females of the species they tend to have very large eyes that are you know um slightly wide set they they have like a look of Innocence larger lips like that is what Camila de Erico girls look like to me like sort of even though it is not not at all to me ideal beauty it is sort of ideal beauty and I feel like the when she paints them almost childlike it it confuses the reason I like it is cuz it confuses the mind for me like it’s it’s about more than just what’s in the portrait at that point like soul of the storm again it you couldn’t call what’s what’s sitting in that puddle a woman I would not call that subject a woman it definitely looks like a little girl but like the girl is naked right her hair is covering any part of her that you would be able to see and the way she’s seated you can’t see anything I would not call that character or subject a Woman by any stretch of the imagination but it but it is very grownup it’s a very grownup image that to me is like grownup trouble but in a small like in in a in a young person’s body I guess I don’t I don’t know it’s like it means her artwork specifically all of it means so much more to me like she’s got these ones too where I wish that they would pick more of them there was a voting on one of them recently for Camila de ero um it was like uh it was one where like her hands are crab claws I think it was the blue one her hands are you hated it so much I I don’t know why I just really like that one it makes me giggle um but know there there’s some that she does where okay there’s one it’s like the head sliced open on the top and then like inside of the head is that swirl thing she always does with color and um the the it looks like paint That’s spilling out of her and onto the onto the floor around her like if you look on like uh AliExpress and places like that they have a lot of Camila de ero stolen images on there um a lot like all of her stuff basically um but herk like I said it’s just even though it looks just like big eyed girls or whatever in my mind there’s always so much more happening like even Arya um the reason that I like Arya as much as I do yes it’s just a girl’s face with some hair hair she’s got like shoulder length hair which appears to be dripping she’s got a lion on top of her head um like and it’s a it’s a cute lion and it’s a cute girl and it looks like she’s got honey dripping out of one side of her hair um to me like that one is literally a person’s Inner Strength is you know it’s above and around them it’s enveloping them it’s dripping out of them and it doesn’t really matter to me that the girl is cute but that she’s Fierce that she has a ferocity inside of her is that probably way over reading a diamond painting maybe could be or it could be that a diamond painting is finally bringing something you know really like thought-provoking to me or whatever it just like I said it really depends on the subject and what’s going on around them I feel like the the cartoony ones no the cartoony ones freak me out welcome back Cheryl yes the the the Rosa or whatever the pink one that one is absolutely gorgeous absolutely gorgeous I missed it completely but I love that she’s like she’s holding a flamingo she’s got a axel lottle in her hair and like whatever else is going on it’s gorgeous picture but it’s a big eyed girl who is probably meant to be a woman but isn’t just yeah I don’t know I I’m probably going on and on about Camila de ero but I really enjoy her work a lot and like I don’t know I feel like I pick different things for different reasons like um Margaret Morales it’s it’s because it’s like a it’s just a a beautiful Serene picture every time I mean onime I feel like is is not the same vein um she’s beautiful don’t get me wrong but I feel like that one’s a little more play like it’s meant to be because she’s a uh but I I just really enjoy Margaret Morales for that reason um and and you I feel like there are certain and I’ve talked about this in you know lives and whiping chats before that I probably should have bought the um piece um uh rebreath I think it’s or re rebreath re something um the subject has like uh an apparatus on their face um I think it was supposed to be a like an art piece about the wildfires but I’m not 100% certain on that uh but that visual of like some of the visuals are almost not disturbing to me but like unsettling I feel like and honestly that’s probably one I should have picked up because it made me feel something I feel like art that’s good art makes you feel something and not just like disgust or you know whatever but it should it should make you feel something about what’s happening in the picture and like even Moon eater for me even though it is just it is also just a stunning picture um I feel like I want to be that sometimes you know yeah there’s two of them with the mask um oh I’m not coming up under your subscriptions live tab that’s weird um yeah I don’t know why that would be okay so the one that I’m talking about soul of Soul of the storm that’s the one I’m talking about that I believe she looks like a little girl that’s nude in a puddle but and with no clothes on but not you can’t see anything um I feel like to me the reason that I like that one so much is because I have been that little girl only I am that little girl sometimes in my life right now like I feel like the world strips me be takes me all the way back to you know even to Childhood where I am that level of of vulnerable or uncomfortable or sad or whatever that it takes me all the way back to just being a little girl afraid of everything and the beauty in it is that the storm you know the storm is all around her she is monochrome everything is in Grays and the storm that’s on her storming and yes that sucks is also just bleeding all of these beautiful colors into her life that you can to me that you can take that feeling of loneliness and that feeling of emptiness and you can turn that into something colorful that you can find something beautiful I mean yes it is disturbing I suppose in some ways that it is it does appear to be a a naked little child like I said you can’t see anything there’s everything’s covered with her hair and whatever but um that that painting in particular meant a whole lot more to me do goodie goodie two shoes um yeah it’s just that one that one meant a lot to me it spoke very very loudly and I feel like yeah and and I feel like Camila de er’s work does touch me in in a every time every every one of them touches me in some kind of way where it I really think about what the hell was she trying to say when she put this together instead of just looking at it as you know a a pretty or not pretty piece of artwork I I always looked very deeply into what those two are stuck together um into what was meant or what was intended or whatever and I’m by no means a I’m by no means an artist myself I’m crafty but I’m not I’m not artsy but I I live with a couple of artists my husband paints my son does digital art stuff and so I’ve guess I’ve been trained over all this time to like really try to think about what what the artist meant or was trying to convey yes it it sold out it sold out twice actually it sold out first um when they did the uh the early release for diamond and Ruby and then sold out again because they had extras to do for the general because they learned early on that if a piece sold out in diamond and Ruby and they didn’t have any for General General people got pretty pissed and understandably so um but yeah and I I don’t know if it’s I don’t know if it’s because it’s Camila to ero that that’s the reason that it sold out as quickly as it did I’m not really sure if people saw what I saw in the painting you know I don’t know but I know I know the way that it it reached me you dropped your phone okay like in a hole you’re I I guess I mean if you were gone Audrey we probably we’ve been just talking so don’t worry you’re fine don’t worry about it um but yeah I don’t know if it was because it’s Camila to ero I don’t know if it was because you know they saw what I saw or whatever just yeah I’m not sure but yeah there’s a whole there’s just a whole lot more to that piece for me you won’t let it happen again better not better not be dropping your stuff stop dropping things only time you should be dropping things is when you stop drop and roll if you’re on fire I’ve straight dropped my phone into a toilet before do you think I fish that sucker right back out you’re right I did did it work ever again after that no it did not still had to replace it now my current phone the one that I’m using right now I have dropped it in my bathtub like fullon dunked in the bathtub and it worked just fine you deleted some chats oh well they’re I mean they’re probably long gone now shame on you you’re fired you’re not getting paid for this anymore I’m doing pretty all right I think I think I’m doing okay I’m surprised that this is taking me as long as it is to finish her up but I don’t mind because it’s a labor of love I’ll still be able to start the other piece I’ve got how many hours left a lot of them I still have a lot of hours left so should be right um but I’m doing well thank you for checking in I appreciate it um good conversation keeps me keeps me going I just really hope that there’s enough people that are around you know middle of the night times because that’s when I think it’s going to be really hard CU right now it’s still you know early in the evening I have another one coming what do I have another one coming what are you talking about yes life with nauy I am really doing this for 24 hours straight silenced Audrey yep I’m gonna do it nauy I’m doing it I’m at seven hours right now yeah heck yeah I think I think it’s cool too because I don’t know just like in life you know what I mean like people are going to like different things they’re going to appreciate different things but as long as everybody’s coming from a place that’s like receptive to you know I might not like what you like and I might not dig what you dig but you do you and I’ll do me and we can still all live in the same tree you know what I mean I’m going to put that on a t-shirt you do you and I’ll do me and we can all live in the same tree done nailed it pay me but it’s like maybe it’s like different animals that all live in the same tree in the picture like it’s a picture of a tree with different branches you do you and I’ll do me and we can all live in the same tree I’m brilliant you have a nine-month-old oh girl o I yeah I don’t think I could either nine months and 21 weeks you got Irish twins and congratulations man wof they call them Irish twins I don’t know if you knew that when you have them that close together that’s Irish twins I can say that because I’m Irish that would be I mean I had a hard enough time in mine are four years apart now question for you a real serious question was that on purpose you lost your mind okay so I’m guessing that was not on purpose maybe not so much that’s okay though I probably be freaking out probably lose my mind I kind of lost my mind when I got pregnant with my second anyways um because he was definitely I I mean I don’t want to say accident but I was on birth control taking my birth control religiously but I got sick and I was on antibiotics and they never even thought to mention to me like hey this antibiotic could mess with your birth control and got preo was taking my birth control until I was probably three and a half for 4 months along didn’t know had no idea was still having a period like normal I’m like um probably TMI but that’s okay I’m all about life with a TMI but yeah I was like um that’s not okay and by that point I was damn near in my second trimester I was like well okay do Sherry because it’s really it’s useful in a lot of different ways yep and I agree cat I think that sometimes you just end up with a kid in your uterus and that’s just the way it’s going to be and I mean granted like sure there’s options at certain points in your life and okay if you take those options not not my business it wasn’t for me like it wasn’t something that I that I could or would do at that time but that’s not to say that if I needed to at another time I can’t anymore here because it’s illegal in the state of Wisconsin but you have it because we live in 1871 um not getting political I have about how many 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 there’s still a lot of different colors on here to do on this one panel oh yeah I think I would fall into the different kind of gal yeah I don’t know why they don’t tell us I’m not really sure if that’s on purpose or what but yeah it sure don’t make your birth control work very well like um that’s a problem I would love to do a diamond painting retreat but I would I might be a little concerned that like youa and I would end up in a you know in a place with like people that are not at all like me and then it would just not work out very well and and then I would be sad but maybe like just young people don’t do not young people but you know youngish people or people of a different flavor variety of life don’t really do Retreats they’re probably too busy like living life I guess I don’t know I love this piece so much now I’m going to get thank you Sarah Dustin probably doesn’t say thank you but I will too bad I don’t have another coupon to use what time are we at 558 and I said what 7 o’clock for the next giveaway sevenish cuz the last one was at like what 3 3:00 wait so if it’s 7 it 7:30 in your pajamas yes get it in your pajamas so when you’re where are these Retreats usually at yeah he better understand I think he did as soon as he saw it he completely understood oh okay okay okay I know him well got you yeah I um I would love to I would love to do one or go to one whatever I don’t want to have to plan one though I I love to plan things I don’t always love to execute things like or I like to do things on the fly like this this this just kind of happened in a conversation that I had with Dustin about something that I wanted to do cuz I told them you know one I I want to uh raise awareness on mental health because that’s very important to me um because that’s how I came to this hobby right and then two um I thought okay well there’s no way that it doesn’t at least get me some new followers like some new subscribers right I don’t even know what my number is at currently last I looked last I looked I think my number was at like five 15 followers maybe maybe there a little more than that I’m not sure if somebody wants to look and tell me or don’t look and tell me and I can look in the morning and find out if I have any new subscribers that’d be cool I don’t care um but I thought new subscribers would be cool and I figured doing something really unusual like this you know want to watch it I would think I would watch it may be like this this person is nuts let me see what this is about and maybe they stick around and watch some maybe they don’t watch any I don’t know come on come there we go but as for whether or not I’m really going to do it I’m really going to do it like I said we’re seven hours in now going going pretty strong but I also I got I got sleep like I got better sleep last night than I’ve gotten in a hot minute so that definitely helped oh okay you were looking for somebody else who was Diamond painting live and you found me that’s interesting yeah well hi well geez welcome all you new people that’s exciting that makes me happy I’m very glad that you found me that we found each other welcome aboard the the crazy train I’m not going to sing any aie for you but I tell you that it’s usually a lot of a lot of fun and I make it up as I go along if you ever wonder I’m making it up as I go along some of it I over plan and then some of it I’m just like me forget it that’s too much work like trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the prizes I got to thinking about it and I was like you know what I’m just gonna do it on the Fly I’m just going to do it as I do it figure it out as I go because it just seemed like overthinking it if I started like planning exactly when I was going to do a giveaway and whatever though if if I do this again next year which I might I’m thinking about it very highly thinking about it if this is successful enough and I do it again next year um there’s other things I might do a little bit differently like um maybe do like guest appearances I mean honestly if there was a diamond painting YouTuber that wanted to get on live and then like join in you can do that with streamyard I’ve I don’t know how to do it I’d have to do a little reading but hey if Audrey or Sarah can one of you do me a favor um and remind me at like 9ish to go on and set up the next the next live so that my 24 hours doesn’t run out I have to move the live at after 12 hours because otherwise it won’t um save the stream and then people will be able to see the beginning but not the end of the live so I don’t want to do that I don’t know why my my Pyrenees is down there like literally whining for I don’t know he’s been doing it for like 20 minutes 30 minutes but I don’t know why he’s just down there a whining away all these like maths whatnot very pretty oh I’m just kidding I got all those I didn’t do underneath um oh my God now I’m so s super excited about chroma Lord yeah I’m [Music] thinking that’ll be that’ll be the next squares thing I do with my life I guess maybe I can if I find satura I could make it a point to have Diamond painted every Morales piece this year I don’t know something like that oh come on you’re working on a mystery huh all right hold on I got to back up in the comments a little bit hello candre s candra szender d you’re here until tomorrow morning I appreciate it man because I could use the help we’re probably you’ll set an alarm okay thank you um make a eat dinner okay Barbara we’ll see you in a little while all righty good morning guys from aie AI aie o o woken up grab a coffee get your art and paint all right cool Duffy man has it already been that long you went to sleep and came back holy sh Nikes Dustin would be a great guest you think that you really think that but am I on Twitch yes uh if you look up the same house of miscellania I do a live stream on Twitch every Thursday and Saturday at 7:30 I usually keep my lives on Twitch but this seemed more like a YouTube appropriate thing we have a we have a nice little group on there um sort of a little more intimate I mean might not be after all of this I don’t know but it it’s whatever yes if you want to join on the twitch please do so pretty quick here though I think I’m going to have to take a a break to go to the tinkle orium you got coffee to work okay reading the comments yes me too Kimber Kimber Lily I think that it is mental health is massively important um number 56 huh uh mental health is massively important um the reason that I started Diamond painting in the first place uh since you’re new to the channel um it was suffering from a debilitating opiate addiction and while I was in impatient rehab there was a woman that was sitting down she was Diamond painting and I asked her like what is that what are you doing she let me sit down and Diamond paint with her and that pretty much changed oops not wrong color um that pretty much changed the game I would I fell in love with it immediately because I had been a crossstitcher a failed crossstitcher um I don’t have but a couple of completed crosses I used to get frustrated when I’d mess up and I just throw the whole thing away um but that gave me a coping mechanism it gave me something to keep myself busy like whenever I started to obsess over you know just thinking about drugs and going to find drugs and whatever um it helped me through pretty much the entirety of my recovery process and and then now it’s something that I’m able to do that brings me a lot of Joy just just calm soothing um good stuff very very good stuff so yeah mental health very very important to me okay I’m finishing this s that’s that and then I’m going to go to the tinkle orium yeah definitely look me up and her face is gorgeous all right let me put these purples away and then I’m going to go to the pink orium um I I thought there was a way to do a banner or something on here let me let me see something really quick hold on um let me see no I want to pause let’s see maybe okay wait wait I might be able to do it in camo hold on a minute is there a way for me to do no I don’t know you guys I don’t know I thought there was a way that I could let’s all tinkle together tinkle break time for a tinkle break okay all right I will tell you what I’m going to put just uh something up that says I ran to the bathroom do I have a piece of [Music] paper oh nope I found this paper though all right let’s see no no no all right well Sarah if anybody comes into the chat just let them know I’ve run to the bathroom Audrey same please I’ll be back in less than 5 minutes I promise I even wash my hands but it doesn’t take me long doesn’t take me long at all so I will be right back otherwise everybody to the bathroom I’ll mute it too while I’m at [Music] it e e e I am back yay you booped thank you for booping do the boopy oh you got chipotle all right here we go all right um A’s are there any more pluses besides that one in her face that’s missing probably not let me where’s my plus just do that right now fill up her face with the face stuff there you go cuz that was bothering me I don’t know about anybody else but it was bugging me it’s one little hole in her face all right what is this I’m on A’s do I have enough I think I do I should have okay it’s close but it’s not that bad everybody booped the like button I can leave that sit there for a minute for new people that come in where did I just put it oh right there there we’ll just put it right up there it’ll just be sitting there I have like the perfect little companion for when I move over to magical moonlighter he’s hiding he’s nervous he’s scared of everything so I got to put him out after cuz he’s just nervous he’s a nervous Nelly all right all right um A’s and A’s and more A’s and last a any more boop right there okay there we go finished your third section for the day on Earth star nice I should really do something for my daughter for graduation now that you’re mentioning it but I don’t know if I could finish excuse me the one that I would want to do for my daughter for her graduation well I could probably give it to her as a graduation gift like when we do her graduation party so I guess that’s not totally true that’s actually a good idea I have plenty of these and she hasn’t seen all of them she’s seen a lot of my diamond paintings but not all of my diamond paintings um am I missing something what am I missing am I missing a little container I don’t think so yes I am it’s right over here okay um what’s next let’s do those weird little looks like Saturn yeah that’s a great idea I’m totally stealing that just so you know thieved is your daughter graduating from college high school middle school kindergarten you never know nowadays man that’s a dark orange it’s a really beautiful dark orange this is actually a an orange kind of color that I enjoy oh my god do you know how disgustingly excited I am about chroma like I almost cannot handle myself right now and that’s going to that’s going to go up as soon as the live gets done so I’m GNA have to holler for Dustin to come up the stairs like to be ready oh wait I’ll just ask him for his credit card info it should be fine there’s beans I can hear them outside my door he’s hanging out what’s up big boy what’s up big head how you doing you just come in here to bug for a minute all right um I’m going to do these two ab s that are just sort of floating little floating ABS one and a two there we go next color we’re going to do clovers I think oh come on there we go oh okay so there is another Margaret Morales this same artist is there’s a kit being dropped tomorrow that’s called chroma and it is absolutely gorgeous gorgeous I’m I’m definitely getting it I asked Dustin if he would get it for me and he said yes so I’m just having a little bit of PE pants about that because it is beautiful um let me see uh it’s on um here we go here we go here we go blam it’s it’s that and it’s so beautiful oh some oh my God sorry my my chihuahua was in the room with me and a person walked by on the sidewalk and made a lot of sound and when she barks she screams so sorry if you just had heart attack too wow woo I forgot she was even sitting there oh yep peed my pants and I just went pee Lord won’t be able to edit that out for anybody sorry o she did that in a in a video too I was trying to I was trying to show her off in the video oh my God Lord I was trying to show her off in the video and she was sitting up in the window saw somebody and immediately dog screamed like that because of course she doesn’t just bark because she’s a Chihuahua she has to scream about it too oh my God you’re too Yorkies got interested sorry woo if I could put up a trigger warning I would but I can’t it’s done and over with now well what time what time frame are seven s hours 19 minutes in I’m going to need to maybe add that in later trigger warning my dog’s going to flip ass at about seven 7 hours 19 minutes in Lord anyways J’s you have three dogs so oh yeah sorry sorry sorry sorry I have three dogs also I have a um my Pyrenees beans and then I have sugar she’s my Chihuahua and then Bowie who is yes named for David Bowie um is a border collie mix but she’s not like she’s my my good dog like she does doesn’t do anything she barks sometimes at passing people or whatever she’ll bark when the other dogs are barking because it’s you know it’s bark time but for the most part she’s my good dog like she she’s the one that comes back when I call her she’s the one that listens when I tell her to do something like she’s a good dog she’s a good dog she is also scared of the vacuum scared of fireworks scared of you know loud sounds sometimes if we clap too loud it freaks her out and she goes hides but um yeah she’s the good one she’s the oldest child so she knows better she’s learned by now what she’s supposed to do oh fun four cats with two Pitbull man that’s got to be fun it’s got to be fun and interesting sometimes yep yeah usually um beans like if a squirrel farts he knows about it and he’s got to let everybody else know about it too he’s like did you hear that squirrel fart I did like calm down little boy sorry I see a pop drill down here so I’m going to fix it real quick there we go all right [Music] um it’s so funny CU usually during my lives like the dogs are pretty quiet they’re just not really interested in much you know they’ll just hang out be quiet whatever today not so much they’re like that’s the most noise I can make today just to bug you it’s all right it’s bound to happen within a 24-hour time frame so glad we got that out of the way early oh man okay let’s see here a McNab shepher huh yeah the other thing and I don’t know it’s her collie thing or whatever but um she’s not incredibly people friendly like she would rather be around us and she’s okay with other dogs like she just really doesn’t care about other dogs but when it comes to people she especially does not like men she definitely does not like kids like little kids I don’t have little kids around so it’s not so big a deal but she’s just a nervous Nelly and she does not like people generally she would just rather be around us as people but unless we like literally walk over to a person entering our home and like kind of Pat them and tell them like see this person’s okay they’re our friend you know like whatever she she’s interested in tearing faces off so we just like we can’t let her off leash when there’s people around outside um she accidentally nip well I say accidentally she did it on purpose but she got away from Dustin at the front door and nipped a little boy that lives like across the street from us and she didn’t break SK thing she like she gave him a little pinch and it um it caused some bruising so the dad called the police it was extra it was really extra like yeah so we had to do the whole like rabies thing all of that fun stuff that we got her fixed then so I guess it all worked out but um he really just didn’t need to go all that far with calling the police and whatever um and then we took her to the dog park where you know you’re supposed to be able to let your dog Park but we had her off leash she was doing fine there was an older woman that was walking with us with her dog and then this other man like we were going this direction the man was coming this Direction with his dog Bowie was like right here next to Dustin and the guy here he literally just like lifts his head up and like gives a nod like hey what’s up and Bowie ran from around Dustin and like grabbed a hold of like next to his ribs got his shirt she didn’t actually get his skin thank goodness ripped his shirt though his sweater and I was like oh my God starting to freak out like this guy’s going to sue the out of me um but it ended up being he understood we put her on the leash and we haven’t taken her back to the dog park since then we take her to other places where we know we can walk her and it’s you know we can keep an eye a weather eye for people from a long distance away so then she can be off leash safely and we don’t have to worry about her biting somebody cuz I don’t want her to be deemed dangerous or you know I don’t want to have to deal with another bite order quite honestly um cu cu I the end result to be oh we have to destroy the dog because she was just being a dog you know now beans on the other hand he just doesn’t know anything he’s just a big kind of dumb dog you know he’s not dumb at all he’s very very smart but he’s just kind of gofy you know he’s like Gumpy he doesn’t know any better he doesn’t know that he’s huge so he’ll like run over to people and try to jump up to say hello and it’s like dude you’re massive you probably shouldn’t run up and jump on people CU it’s scares the crap out of them they see this huge dog you know he’s like three times the size of my freaking border collie and they see him and they’re like literally there have been people who will run across the street to get away from my house when I am I have him on a leash and letting him out to go to the bathroom like he’s really not that scary he’s friendly I promise but you know he starts barking or something they just see a barking dog that’s huge and they’re like no I’m good I choose not to get ET today all right to cross the street and get away from him and he’s just like confused like why don’t you love me poor guy the Chihuahua she just she’ll run at people but like if you stomp your foot at her when she’s running at you she will like tuck tail and run away like she she barks tall but she runs real small all right let’s see let’s go with we go with one I guess maybe get it out of the way because there’s a few of them there I love that crunchy sound yeah unfortunately yeah ours is also not really an option for having people over not too much I mean it it’s unfortunate too because like you know as much as I’d like to have company over and whatever it really it’s her house too you know what I mean like she should be comfortable and feel safe and comfortable in her home and if somebody is making her so anxious and nervous like there have been times where we’ve had come over and then like for 3 days after she’ll have like the nervous runs and it’s like no I don’t want to do that to her don’t want to do that to her if I don’t have to so much confetti let go of it oh it wasn’t going down that’s why it’s kind of a short drill weird yeah nice yeah it beans barks because he wants attention and wants you to come pay him some attention sugar barks because she thinks it’s what she’s supposed to do as a Chihuahua and Bowie doesn’t like that’s the thing about it too is like she doesn’t she doesn’t give any warning when she’s upset she’ll just run at you and bite your face unfortunately and like I said I I don’t want to hurting somebody all right what’s that wine wine yeah and that’s the thing too like part of the reason why I have a big large dog is because our house has been broken into before and I would like to be known as that house that has that giant white Cojo dog like even if he’s not mean you want to be you want to be afraid of my not scary dog fine stay out of my house that’s all I’m asking um I mean it’s been several years since that happened but like I didn’t forget about it Bowie definitely didn’t forget about it she was locked in the basem*nt when it happened our other two dogs were up that we had at the time were upstairs but they were little dogs like they were friendly little dogs we’re convinced that whoever broke into the house knew us because who goes into a house with barking dogs if you don’t know the dogs like not too many people but anyway uh that was when my life was a little different too you know what I’m saying so um there’s a hair I see it I see it I see you hair got it um but Bowie was locked in the basem*nt because she used to destroy stuff in the house and then now I’m I’m kind of bummed she was in the basem*nt because she probably would have taken care of whoever was in the house I just I’m glad she was in the basem*nt though because she was a puppy kind of then and you know they could have hurt her so it is what it is whoa stuff is replaceable but my dog’s not replaceable you know Diamond do Symphony second kit ever nice all right you can do it Duffy you can do it I have faith in you you got this you got this all of it you got it as Roy Orbin Orbison says you got it anything you want come on there we go like didn’t want to pour out the drill so I’m just kind of working out of the container but it didn’t want to come out of the container there go anything you want oh God that’s gonna be in my head now you got it need anything at all you got it [Laughter] baby anything you want you got it everybody that like doesn’t know any better always thinks that that’s Elvis but it’s Roy orbon um let’s do this anchor beans’s favorite place my Pyrenees his favorite place is in the bathtub he likes to lay in the bathtub and like scratch on the sides what is my favorite Diamond painting company oh thanks Jayy um my favorite Diamond painting company I mean it’s kind of subjective and it kind of depends on the thing I really super super super enjoy Diamond Art Club I have an affiliate link with diamond Art Club if you are interested and you’ve never purchased from Diamond art club before you can use the code m sc15 to save 15% on your first purchase an affiliate link so yes I do get a little Kickback from that but it all goes back into the channel um that said I do really enjoy Diamond Art Club um their quality is like Beyond Compare um it’s really hard for other other Diamond painting companies to compete with them for that reason uh and their selection is massive that said um I also like Bud lime um no I’m sober uh oh get that done Audrey um I also enjoy smaller shops that are also licensed companies um I’ve not yet worked on my lazy river crafts piece Lazy River crafts is one of our sponsors I believe I’m going to be giving away um one of her thing you know what I think what I’m going to do is foro because if I do want every I know I just sidetracked but give me just a second because this is all going to make sense in a second um I think that I will do lazy rivercraft and Diamond Art Club like separate but at the same like same time frame um because or in the same kind of group because if I do okay so if I do a 7:30 and then like a 10 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. give didn’t offend anybody do not feel like you offending anybody at all I’m sober I’m not a prude okay because there are other people that drink and drink around me I just because I’m sober enjoy yourselves it’s just I have I have poor life making life decision like I have poor decisionmaking skills in my life that doesn’t mean other people don’t that that they can’t drink go go for whatever um but if I do one at 7:30 then my next one’s at 11: and then the next is at like 4 in the morning and I don’t know I guess it kind of depends on who would be on at 4 in the morning because I don’t think there’s going to be like 50 people on at 4 in maybe maybe there will be hi again beans how are you what’s up big head yep go find something to do go find yeah lay down and relax um but yeah so if I wait and then I do one at 4 in the morning there might not be anybody on and I want to make sure that yeah I don’t know 12 year time what time is it your time right now and then Duffy you said it’s well it’d be 4 in the morning my time what time is it your time Duffy cuz you’re in Australia right what time is it there right now and at 7:30 where you are okay so you must be East Coast Natty um okay so that’d be 11:00 p.m. my time cuz 11:00 p.m. is an okay time like that’s it’s late but it’s not so late yeah okay New York um working dang Barbara get it get it I’ll be working on my second painting when I finish this one um but yeah like it’s 7:30 in the morning where you are so you’re 11 hours ahead behind whatever um 11 hours difference okay is it the 26th or the 27th for you Duffy that’s such a weird question to ask you’re in the future or you’re in the past that’s what I’m trying to figure out I’m Coast to Coast woo okay keep me going all night if you like helps the algorithm anyways um 12 oh 12 hours well no but it’s 6:30 where I’m at 6:30 p.m. but is it the 26th or the 27th where you are Australia are you a day ahead of me or a day behind me or a day well the day of I should say 27 yay you’re in the future how’s the weather looking in the future is it better is it better weather it’s kind of rainy here um okay so if it’s tomorrow morning there already then by 4 a.m. it would be in the afternoon there so if I do a 400 a.m. than anybody who is anybody who is like International okay yeah okay so 11 hours in the front not 13 in in behind Okay um or no nine whatever it is I don’t do maths I didn’t go to school for maths um and Canada sweet yes um Jayy I am on hour 7 hours and 38 minutes we are at 7 hours and 38 minutes um yeah I’m just trying to figure out like okay so then that would be better for an international thing um so I should probably okay so what I’ll do what I’ll do what I will do I will do the 7:00 drawing will be for lazy river crafts and then I will do um I will do a diamond Art Club I will do a d I’ll definitely do a diamond Art Club at 4 in the morning because um you can get International Diamond Art Club you know what I’m saying and then they don’t have to worry about like paying any shipping from the from the person that they’re winning from they can just get their okay cool all right excellent beans you’re dude you’re like sliding my table around calm down there doer you’re so big you don’t know about your size what are you whining about bro beans why are you whining you big boy you’re welcome you’re welcome for the earworm oh my goodness um so back to your question about what Diamond painting companies I like so lazy rivercraft is another one um and I have not yet worked the piece that I bought from her but it looks absolutely stunning like the render I can already tell the render is going to be great now are the drills going to be Fantastical maybe not I don’t know um there’s also a jaded Gem Shop jaded Gem Shop is a small shop um and she just she’s fantastic in all ways honestly um but if you if you spoiled yourself on diamond Art Club and you’re working on dreamer designs I’m sorry um I mean I’m not I’m not trying to dog on dreamer designs but I am in the middle of a dreamer designs piece myself a different one that I have is a whip and it is a disaster everything about it has been a disaster the drills are a disaster the gapping is a disaster I’m very very very very disappointed the first first designs piece I did was a round and it was fine but the square is really like just it’s shameful really shameful the glue is not gluey the gapping is awful the drills are garbage I’m just really disappointed um because I also been spoiled on diamond Art Club and their drills being amazing and the rendering being amazing and beans stop dude you knock my table over if I close the door he’s just going to have a baby fit so I don’t close it on him because I know he’s just going to freak out he laid down and he’s like trying to knock my stuff down I think he’s just mad that I’m not paying attention to him Art and Soul craft home craftology oh okay I’m have to add that to a list well you’re welcome to hang out you’re welcome to hang out but yeah I would you know there’s also um there’s also just diamonds that’s uh the same company that I that I bought my Patty wax from is also called distracted by diamonds um they have a small shop with licensed artwork um what else uh there’s Bella art diamond but I have not yet done my kit from them um I I don’t other people might know a little better about Bella art diamonds as far as like quality goes uh my kit that I received um when I got it it had glue like all over the bottom right oh okay I feel like I’ve what’s the other one that’s Australian based is that create love share is that Aussie based I feel like there’s another one that’s Australian based it’s like newish but not new um but my my piece from Bella art diamonds I was really disappointed because it arrived with glue all over the bottom left corner sorry I’m just trying to get her situated again since the dog moved my table and stuff around um I received it glue all over the bottom I reached out and I said hey you know I got this it has glue on the bottom it was on it was like it was on the um the uh what is the word up like The Legend with the numbers and all of that and then it was also on the little picture in the bottom that like shows you what the artwork is on the canvas okay um and I I asked like hey what do I do you know whatever they told me to use rubbing alcohol on on the glue to get the glue off okay um I wasn’t sure was I supposed to use like um because I had isopropyl alcohol which they said yes that was the right stuff um so I used it it took me a few different like goes with the alcohol but what ended up happening was I like I I took part of the um Legend off the side and then the artwork had glue on it and the like the little picture that’s not actually the piece but it’s just a picture of the pie um oh yeah charge your phone charge your phone mine’s mine’s plugged in um but I didn’t want to damage the artwork like to show what the piece was so I left some glue like on the bottom of it but um I sent pictures of kind of the damage that I did to it and it was just like oh yeah looks okay if you have further issues just reach out so I felt kind of a little bit upset about that like I mean it is what it is I’m it’s not so bad that I would say don’t try them out or something it was just my experience was not maybe awesome but um the other part that I did not care for was the fact that like the background is supposed to be black in the render like on the charting of it and I don’t know if like the the ink was just low in their printer or whatever but it looks green like it doesn’t look black it looks green now granted that’s not going to matter once I cover it up it’s supposed to be but if I was if I was not sure that the background was not supposed to be green instead of black um I might be a little confused if I were a brand new person who just didn’t know anything about anything I might be a little bit lost so um I mean it are those nitpicky things maybe I don’t know and what they’re looking for but I haven’t worked the piece yet so I can’t say whether or not it’s good or bad it’s a dragon so I know I’m going to get to it this year sometime I just don’t know when um he’s blue so I was thinking maybe like August or something Franchesca Studio works oh Diamond painting Fanatics now are those ones that are also licensed and then with Franchesca Studio I’m assuming that like her business is based out of Michigan but she is probably getting her stuff like most people do from China what is the one no they’re in Australia and they sent me an email because I I asked them about international shipping hold on a second um let me see what their because they’re in Australia International I’m just trying to figure out what to search [Music] um I can’t remember oh man yeah I don’t know I don’t know for sure um oh good good good and I’m not like a snob about licensed work or anything I just um I would prefer not to buy from an unlicensed company like I was saying earlier I had somebody reach out um new what is it newcraft and they’re very clearly like not American well they wanted me to like they wanted to send me some free stuff to review for the channel and um they sent me like a couple of items that they wanted me to choose from and I went and sort of looked around because one of the diamond paintings was like Wizard of Oz but it was like the movie it was not just as random it was the movie so not in the in the public domain for sure and so I’m like I sent them a message and I asked if they were licensed you know hey I think I would rather do like your suncatchers and stuff because I I don’t want to work with an unlicensed company for Diamond paintings but you know I would talk about your other stuff well they never answered the question about whether or not they were licensed if they had licensed artworks or if they got stuff from like shutter stock I went back on and I did a deep dive and almost the first few things that come up were uh Mrs butter D who I know for a fact is licensed with diamond Art Club and is not licensed with other companies so so um I knew that okay you’re just you’re you’re dealing stolen work and you’re selling it so I did report I did I did tell them I cannot telling stolen artwork um so that they knew I knew that they have stolen artwork and Club know like hey I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done create share love yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they’re they’re out of Australia too yeah and that’s the thing like my my husband is an artist my son is an artist like my logo for my page that was done by my son the the bottle with the clouds in the back and all of that that’s my son’s artwork so like I would I would love to see that as a diamond painting honestly I’ve thought about it actually like making a diamond painting out of that custom um but you know I would hate to see some of his work that he like worked so hard his work that he slaved over to be sold by another company and um and for him to not get any money for that especially when like you know he he does commissions and all kinds of things my brother is also an artist he works for um uh icons role playing game it’s uh it’s like a it’s a role playing game but company um but he does all of the artwork for icons um and so you know like if somebody was stealing his artwork and then not giving him money credit for it like I would feel terrible I would feel really terrible so I just I don’t mess with unlicensed companies and it’s not a judgment on anybody who does it’s just like okay fine you want to buy from an unlicensed company because that’s what you can afford I get it I understand just don’t knowingly buy stolen artwork I mean if I’m buying something from an unlicensed company at all it’s probably one that I know for a fact is AI like it’s definitely AI now that still hurts artists in a way because they’re they’re not getting money out of that but I mean it’s not it’s maybe it’s taking a job from them but it’s not literally taking money from them that they should be earning for a stolen piece of artwork you know what I mean and so like I did my my stash video and I had mentioned in it like hey I am pretty certain that this piece right here is likely stolen artwork it was before I knew any better like please don’t judge me but if somebody knows who this artist is let me know and I’ll reach out and I will send them some PayPal money and I did they they found out that it was Christine Karen and I reached out to her I was like hey here’s the deal I purchased this from an unlicensed shop you know out of China I did not realize that it was so sorry I know better now can I send you some money what your PayPal and so I sent her a little money on PayPal just because I felt really guilty about it um but yeah and it’s like I don’t want to discourage people from Diamond painting because you know a lot of people really cannot afford more than a few bucks for a a painting that said I also see people that go on and they they’ll have hauls like they will spend 30 or $40 on 16 paintings but they they could have um they could have saved themselves that 30 or 40 bucks and bought one good one instead of 16 crappy ones but yeah it whatever um he posted recently about his art being stolen and if we see it tell him so he can fight it yeah it’s so hard like I even I even got a hold of Mrs butter D when I saw not this one recently because I reached out to her about another time and it was something I found on AliExpress or whatever and I was like you know here’s the store information whatever and she’s like I mean honestly yeah it pisses me off but I can’t do anything about it because the licensing laws are so different there and by the time that you fight it and whatever it is what it is I’m like you can’t even like send them a message and say like hey that’s my artwork please don’t sell that well I mean that’s if they’re receptive to it because if they’re making money off of it what do they care like that’s terrible that’s terrible so yeah if I see stolen artwork I’m going to let the artist know about it but like what do you do what do you do it’s too bad it’s really too bad and so I mean I I get it like there was a a YouTuber that did their own like you know what’s up diamonds around the world hello hello welcome to the channel we’re all bozos on this bus um there was a a YouTuber who did like a uh what I wish I knew before blah blah blah blah blah um that posted something fairly recently and she goes on at length about yeah if you got to buy unlicensed then you just need to do that like I’m an artist and I I don’t you should care you should care you should care a lot in fact it’s like I said it’s different somebody’s buying unlicensed because it’s just unlicensed and it’s AI artwork okay fine but if you’re buying knowingly stolen artwork like you should care maybe maybe that’s why you’re not a millionaire making lots of money as an artist I don’t know I don’t know but it does matter it does matter um he’s like advocate for yourself damn it but n you know yeah diamond paint with us diamonds around the world we are working on various things um everybody’s kind of uh up in the air about different things that they are diamond painting but I am working on aisai from Diamond Art Club this is my very last Square to work on I received this piece It’s a 65 by 95 on the 12th I kitted her up on the 12th started working on her and I’ve been going like I’ve been going at it with this diamond painting solid since then and um I’m just about to finish her very very soon I would say in the next couple of hours she’ll be done yeah yeah honestly that’s and that’s the thing too you know you buy all those those sh*tty little 20 by 20s they don’t even look good they don’t look anywhere near that if you had just saved your money for a a couple of weeks or whatever and you could have bought yourself one really good one one really good one from somewhere like too bad because then then then there’s complaints well this doesn’t look good at all it’s like well no of course it doesn’t because you’re working with pixels and you pick something this big like this big now the only thing that I found that’s that big tiny that looks good is like a paint gem or something that’s designed to be that size not the not the artwork that you know uh that’s why I go at on at length in my what I wish I knew video on like how to find good Diamond paintings even if you are Balling on a budget like make sure there’s a dang render if you don’t see a render don’t buy from them just don’t buy from them it’s not worth it see what that thing looks like first or see if somebody else’s completed one first cuz there’s some shops on AliExpress where you know if if uh you post a picture or whatever it lets you post a picture for your review and so you can find some that are pretty decent that you know they’re not awful looking I mean ever moment ever moment does a really good job with their drill quality like their customs look really good I don’t know that I would buy um because they sell diamond paintings like the same I mean to be honest the same stolen crap um as everybody else does but they sell it for more expensive and I think it’s just because they’re really well known at this point I mean they do work a little harder on making sure stuff doesn’t look like trash but and they’re at least receptive when you have questions or whatever you can ask them for a render on something that you want in a different size but other places it’s like you could send a message and never hear from a human being ever but yeah I don’t know I don’t know I just it really put a like left a bad taste in my mouth when she said I’m an artist and I don’t care if you buy stolen or like stop stop it don’t tell people that please don’t tell people that you can tell them to have a little bit of pride in their their work and the stuff that they’re buying and to not buy garbage how about that you could tell them that um because it it just it drives me insane when I see people do um yeah and don’t custom licensed artwork either don’t do that if it’s a if it’s a piece that you well and see Jed Gem Shop you can do Customs through Jed gem shop but she expects that you have the artist’s permission that you are that you have something signed by that artist stating that you have permission to use that artwork um she expects that before she’ll even do a custom of a licensed piece now if it’s you know something that you got off of AI whatever there is no artist for it obviously that doesn’t matter but um she’s not going to let you steal art either and I okay so I was misinformed um somebody had said that uh Jada Gem Shop uses ever moment for for customs and she does not they both use the same company to get supplies from so it but it’s not they don’t they’re not like Affiliated in any kind of way she does Customs on her own they do Customs on their own but they get stuff from the same like supplier or whatever like the drills and whatever you lost me like I’m gone anybody else lose me am I am I still live um I just want to make sure I’m still everybody can still hear me oh okay um maybe it was just Duffy dropped you lost me for a second yeah I mean live happens be something happened I don’t know um but uh what was the somebody said something and I wanted to yeah getting their hauls like I see these giant Teemu huls and full of just stolen crap and I’m like like you you need to be an affiliate and get free crap so badly that you need to show off your Teemu huls and review your hot garbage in plastic like great um because there’s a lot of people that don’t care they just don’t care they would take whatever affiliation they can get to get free crap um and I mean you know some of it’s very cute and it’s like oh it’s coasters or oh it’s you know whatever but time to eat something I have Dustin bringing me dinner at 8 o’clock he’s going to bring me some pizza but thank you for checking in on that I had a um I had a Euro earlier for lunch um so yeah I just they’ll they’ll show off all of this plastic garbage whatever and it’s like Yeah The Coasters are nice the stickers are nice whatever but um I just don’t think it’s worth it to kind of you know I don’t want to say sell you’re soul to the devil CU it isn’t that but it it’s stealing it’s stealing and that’s where they get their the bulk of their money is from theft and it’s unfortunate it’s unfortunate to me somebody said something about uh well the the craft of diamond painting originally comes from China so didn’t we just steal it from them and now they’re just stealing from us I’m like what what does that that doesn’t make sense like the craft of diamond painting doesn’t belong to anybody like yes there are companies that do it but you can’t like it’s not it’s like there has to be an open market for that sort of thing like that’s it’s liter you’re literally talking talking about an oligarchy um like a like a monopoly an oligopoly whatever the heck that’s called oh my gosh too funny oh wow well you should let us know who that is so I don’t have to follow them or watch their stuff I mean granted I can usually figure it out pretty quickly it really is coming along I’m almost done getting close getting closer your channel my channel isn’t for you okay let me steal in peace would you gez leave me alone so I can theve things that’s too bad that’s really too bad Target is the same as AliExpress no it isn’t no it’s not God why are people dumb I don’t understand don’t understand geez it’s like I maybe maybe the the point they’re trying to make is that you’re buying something that’s from China but it’s not it’s not the point okay but these same people like you know you can’t be all mura about it and then buy crap from China that’s how you feel about it you know like no no no right right target pays for the licensing that they use if it says Disney I bet you it says C with a circle around it right next to it for copyrighted because they paid for that licensing all right last bit of green it’s a fairy dust I love this fairy dust color I don’t know if the I don’t know if the camera well just cuz I’m live but it’s a fairy dust and it’s so whoa was going to do a little a little dance but it’s a green fairy dust and I love it so much it’s my favorite fairy dust so far my favorite color is actually but I love this fairy dust it is so good it is so good oh I lost one where did it go I’m going to have to do a putty check again for this part like I said I get to working up my putty so much and then it becomes real stringy for me and then I don’t I don’t like to work with it so I just trade it out that and I’ll be able to use up my um my Winter Dreams so that I can switch over to the lucky clover and that smells like Lucky Charms and I am here for it oh Dustin also brought me some check mix too so I’d have a little snacky snacks I thought about getting Doritos I was like oh maybe I want Doritos no Naomi do not buy Doritos while you’re working on a diamond painting you Dingus you a Cheeto dust give me some Cheetos and some Doritos so I can just get Dorito dust all over everything it sounds great duh glad I glad I thought about that one a little harder before I actually had him buy them raw Baba well hello raw Baba how goes oh my goodness um where am I at here there whoops definitely need to change my putty sliding everything everywh now is like not quite not quite enough so it’s like it’s taking the drills up into the like no no but I just want to finish this little spot so I have to I don’t have to do anything with don’t even want to get picked up anymore you’re fighting with me or I’m droing I’m halfway to the freaking spot let me just get the doubles here real quick there we go there we go crunch not a huge fan of the ABS yeah you know that’s the thing too I feel like I feel like the cheaper companies they they make every time you have black they make it an AB like every time my this really like crappy unlicensed piece that I have I mean she doesn’t she’s not crappy necessarily like she’s gonna look okay because she’s a 50 by 70 but um she’s an AI piece like you can kind of tell she’s AI um but uh it’s an issue because they used uh abs for all the black stuff and so it’s like oh okay so you just made it a shiny piece of crap cool love it that was a decision oh come on it went out the side really come on get off my finger go into the square go into the square there stuck on my finger good enough three more to go one a two a three uh kidding really come on stop fighting with me bam all right I think it is time to take a quick break I’m GNA put these drills back in here real quick first we’re going to take a quick stretching break because it is about 10 after that seems to be about when we’re taking our stretchy breaks and then I can scooch things around on this here table oh man both my hips popped when I stood up that’s always a good sign put hella hours in it you’re going to toss it I mean I’m I’m honestly kind of thinking about it with mine too really really really thinking hard about it because I I know I’m now that I’ve been working on diamond Art Club Diamond Art Club Diamond Art Club I would I wouldn’t probably enjoy going back to it she’s well let me where she at um here I’ll show you I’ve only got and I I keep noticing that as I like rub my hand across it that drills are popping but like she’s cute she’s cute but I know that now that I’ve been working on Art Club like I’m not going to probably pick her back up and like you see her whole face right here that’s all ABS all the black all of that black is ABS I mean they basically just use ABS to you know like doctor up the piece but it’s not really anything that special and when you look at her closer like the art really isn’t I mean this is all red and pinks and it’s of course confetti everywhere so so I don’t know I will probably end up just rolling her up and pitching her in a garbage cuz I’m probably not going to work on her again I don’t know before I toss her I’m I’m going to leave her sit and think about her for a while you know so and throw her over on the bed why keep garbage yeah I know um so I here’s the thing I have really enjoyed working on squares um really really enjoyed it I hadn’t worked on a squares piece ever until just this year this was the first year that I ever did a square that like the full thing because the last one that I had it was from um it was from a crappy unlicensed company my mother-in-law got it for me the the square the drills were trash like the whole piece was really just trash and um so I started working on it I was so frustrated with it I threw it away and um never picked it up again after that and um so it was until this year that was five years ago it wasn’t until this year that I actually picked up another um I picked up another squares piece I started out with paint gem um because you know paint gems in squares all of it and I love that one so I was like all right well let me try something bigger because I had started out on apples from Diamond Art Club and um I I was like not doing well my my line was starting to go like a full line off because I wasn’t being really deliberate on um you’re right Glory that’s very true my time is valuable and I have better pieces to work on all right you can you’ve convinced me um but I started on apples I wasn’t doing very well so I was like oo I better just stop so I did paint gem pieces and that I loved apples oh I loved that one so much I sold that one somebody bought it from me hi Scorpio Moon welcome um and then I worked on paint the moon I okay I talk about this piece all the time what I just do with that plastic hold on a second okay let me I’ll cover this up again real quick cuz I want to show you this paint the Moon it’s the best $25 I have spent in my life I always keep it nearby because I show this thing off all of the time let me move my trash drills I love this piece this is the first square piece from Diamond Art Club that I ever finished and it’s so pretty it’s just so it’s so shiny I mean it’s just shiny but like these are all ABS the yellow that you see here that’s ABS there’s ABS inside of all the stars I love that he’s standing on a ladder and he’s paint literally painting the moon and then the clouds down here are all just they’re luscious the colors are perfect so when you look at my background for things um I’m using like a picture that’s from down on the bottom part like in my banner on stuff my banner is actually part of this painting I just I loved this painting so much 25 bucks on Amazon because it’s an Amazon exclusive um loved it absolutely loved it okay so it is 7:15 I would like to do a drawing um for a a couple I want to I want to bring up a couple of things since I’m in the middle of doing two things here one um I do want to list off our sponsors again one more time just so that I have their GES out there um so well girls locked you need to get that one that one is amazing um so our our list of sponsors I would like to share again uh first and foremost is Butterfly Effect wees that’s actually the dot dot putty that I’m using in my own placers I absolutely adore Butterfly Effect wees I was very very happy that they sponsored because it’s like the only putty that I use really anymore um our other sponsor um and I will be doing another giveaway for butterfly effect wears but later on we’ve already done our first one for them um I also have DP with sparklers which we have given away uh the $15 gift coupon that they gave to us uh we wax or anxiety art Adventures um um they have also uh given us some we wax with a wax melt um that one hasn’t been given away yet we’ll be probably giving that one away sometime tomorrow I believe in the morning um we also have uh some gift cards from or gift certificates excuse me from Diamond Art Club uh there’s two of those to give away I believe I will be giving one away at right around 4 in the morning um like my time but that makes it an international time of like you know early afternoon or late morning uh because I want to make sure that the international people get in on something really good and then the other will probably be given away as like my final giveaway for Diamond Art Club which will be about 10:00 my time tomorrow morning it is 7:15 p.m my time right now so be aware whatever you got to convert for that I’m Central Standard time so if you’re wondering just convert 10 10 a.m central time to whatever your time is um and then last but not certainly not least is Lazy River crafts has a $25 gift certificate for Us gift card whatever you want to call it um and I’m going to give that away right now so I want you to put in hold on let me get my thingy ready now that I’ve learned um we’re going to go back and we’re going to go choose this live stream and I would like you to put in you’re G to put in hashtag laaz is going to be the is going to be the um entry you need you’re going to need to put in to the live stream that will count how many times everybody puts in hash lazy it will only count one per person but if you put in hash lazy then you will be entered in a drawing for a $25 certificate from Lazy River crafts Lazy River crafts is amazing if you’re curious you can go and take a look at either their website thank you Sarah for adding uh all of the links I super appreciate that otherwise I do have a unboxing video for a lazy river crafts piece looto lunar which is stunning but um she is a licensed Diamond art company and is absolutely fantastic and I thank her immensely for sponsoring she was in here earlier she had to get going but we’ve had stop-in from a lot of our sponsors today we had somebody from lazy rivercraft we had somebody we had we wax Laura was here um also while you are shopping around another one of our sponsors is cat proof trays cat proof tray I I use their trays almost exclusively they are fantastic um the things that I like about them is that they’re are multiple sizes um I am not the kind of person who likes working with a spout personally um I have found found that going right out of the corner works just fine for me the other thing that I like about it is I have cats and dogs and they tables and they knock things down all of them come with a flexible lid which is like a tupperware container you can put it on the top it fits very securely onto them and you can walk away from it and not worry about your diamonds going anywhere there’s a video on their site where they take one of these with diamonds in it and Pitch it at a wall I’m not gonna do but you can pitch these at a wall and the Diamonds are not going to come out uh this is their fine loaf size which I like the best but you can get them in serious sizes they have a long one I think it’s called The Long loaf with a lid they have another I don’t remember what this one is called I’m going to be honest with you um but this is more of like a I guess a regular sized kind of tray with lid and then the last one is like if something’s confetti heavy you can get a kitten sized tray of this thing it is so cute checking in on me I’m doing all right Laura doing all right I’m here I’m awake it’s going okay um if you want to enter in a drawing Laura uh I’m doing a $25 gift gift certificate for lazy river crafts if you put in hashtag lazy then you can uh you can enter right now let me see how many we’ve got in the giveaway so far 32 entries um I’m going to keep that going for at least next five minutes just so people can get in and here’s Laura from art anxiety art adventures and we wax so she’s one of our wel come back um now if you are interested in getting your own cat prooof tray please go over to cat proof trays and put in the code Naomi and you can see the spelling of my name it’s in the banner at the bottom Naomi 20 we’ll save you 20% on a cat proof tray I’m going to be getting one before the end of the uh evening those those code that code is good until the 1st of May so if you don’t want to get something now you totally don’t have to maybe you got some money coming up in the next you know uh whatever the next week you can wait and that’s good until the 1st of May and yes you like this one this is okay so this is the Starlight Earth that’s the the color of the silk that she uses I love this one this is Starlight silver and you see how it’s kind of reading pink pinkish purple I love that one and then this one is mermicorn silk like a mermaid Unicorn it’s like a purple pink hybrid sort of deal and then this one which I find hilarious is uh it’s like Dune Dune color Sand Dune um so it’s like a Sandy color and then it’s got a a sand worm on it which I found hilarious I love it thank you Michelle I’m so glad you’re enjoying the channel I’m I’m having fun making videos I’ll tell you that much probably too much but I will get these out of the way and give you another minute if anybody else would like to get in on a $25 uh gift card certificate whatever you want to call it gift code um for lazy river craft uh please put hash La into the comment section I give you another minute to get those last few in and then we will draw for that bam welcome new people yes the skinny that the skinny width on that one I really enjoy for like heavy color blocking pieces and it looks purple but it’s actually like silver it it does have a it has a purple tinge to the the silver silk but it’s Starlight silver I just like that it reads kind of purple and silver color Shifty I really really really want the witches brew color it’s like a it’s like a color shift from purple into green and it is gorgeous oh glad you glad you found me Susan I like having people to to paint to paint along with me too you have the S the Sandy color and the longray that Silk is a little different like the others seem kind of softer in a way not that it’s harder it’s just it feel the silk feels different to me not in a bad way just feels a little different I enjoy it all right and now I get to put my new no I still have a little tiny bit of the Winter Dreams Come on Winter Dreams I got to use the rest of this man so I can get my my Clover my uh scented one in there might as well just pick the whole bang thing up and just try and shove it in there um it actually might be good for two uses but we’re not going to we’re not going to do two uses we’re going to do one use and then I’m going to move on to my Clover one oh okay welcome Melanie welcome so yeah everybody’s got a yeah everybody’s got a different kind of technique that they use when they Diamond paint mine is I don’t know I don’t think it’s anything special maybe I guess maybe the one special kind of thing that I do is to Diamond paint I use the multipler to single place also okay all right let me share the screen here um if anybody just came in and you want to get on this drawing you got about 30 seconds if you put hash La into the comments you could win a $25 gift code for lazy river crafts it’s a diamond Painting Company all right here we go hashtag lazy if you want it in there you better do it now there you go Kayla get you get you some get you some present I’m going to do that share screen I don’t need to see these tips again okay thank you um where’s that giveaway tool sharing all right are we ready here we go let’s see who’s gonna win who’s gonna win oh oh Marilyn well done Marilyn B Marilyn B could you please send me a email with your information so that I can get that over to Step at Lazy River crafts my email address is House of miscellania all one word no spaces obviously at congratulations um yeah paint the Moon is exclusive there’s a few exclusives and they also have some of the uh uh the Landscapes like there’s a larger it’s a landscap it’s a green one I can’t think of the name of it but it’s in very small size on Amazon and you can get it in the large size in uh in the large size on like diamond art club’s normal page oh I could probably stop sharing my screen huh but yeah they they sell Amazon exclusives over on Amazon or diamond Art Club exclusives to Amazon that’s what I’m trying to say all right we’re going to I don’t really need this little bitty bit here so I’m going to you know what normally I wouldn’t but because this is about enough to go and well I’ll set it to the side no I’m going to pitch it otherwise I’ll be tempted to use it and I just want to get through it so that I can start up my lucky clover one all right let’s see here we are on hour eight and a half you guys woo we’re a quarter of the way through a quarter of the way okay Carol I will try not to have too much fun without you I promise I will try but yeah you can check out Diamond Art Club on Amazon somebody told me that they were selling in a store and I’m like in a store like I didn’t know that but I have not seen them in any stores like in stores anywhere near me so I don’t know I don’t know the validity of that statement I think they meant Diamond dots personally but maybe I’m wrong maybe they really meant a third of the way oh yeah maths I I didn’t go to school for maths six hours would be a quarter isn’t it yes yes Jesus I shorted myself some time yeah wof goodness we got to go another four extra hours just to just to fit it all in there oh no no no oh come on there we go oh man we’ve talked about a little bit of everything let’s see let’s see let’s see okay so I’m checking in on everybody’s Mental Health currently okay um tell me all right uh tell me about a time when you were the most proud of yourself okay and then meanwhile I will tell you about a time that I was most proud of myself and I will share with you one of my rules about compliments okay so because that’s a that’s a quick kind of story I have this rule that I learned from a friend of mine that I performed with at the renaissance fair and it was it’s actually like things that she has told me besides her book which is called make it worth it if you’re not a street like if you’re not a performer if you’re not a it’s still a good book for just about anybody it’s called make it worth it by Ann Elizabeth shapera um and one of the things that she taught me was about um self-love and self- appreciation and accepting compliments from people so part of the reason that we don’t um that we don’t typically like we deflect from people sometimes it’s out of embarrassment and sometimes it’s because you know we we just feel some type of way like when people compliment us our first reaction is to deflect right no I’m really not that great you know so and so is better or um no I’m really not that great looking or you know maybe you’re feeling fat that day and somebody says wow you look really fantastic you losing weight and you’re like no actually I’m gaining weight or whatever um so the the rule that she taught me okay if someone compliments you about something you should really just say thank you the reason being is when you deflect a compliment from somebody instantly you’re shutting that person down right and we don’t want to shut people down in our lives you also are telling them outright that they’re wrong about something and we shouldn’t tell people that they’re wrong about things even if we feel like they are so here’s the thing she told me because I am horrible about taking compliments I’ve become much better about it um but here was was her she’s like there’s going to be a time where someone will be around you and they’ll hear you deflect a compliment and they will be able to call you out on this and then you’re never going to want to do it again and here’s why whenever you deflect a compliment from someone if somebody calls you out on it you have to give them three compliments about yourself I was like whoa that’s too much I don’t I don’t know anybody that can just rattle off three easy things that they like about themselves or that they feel proud about themselves or whatever um you know I I was like nuh-uh that’s not going to happen so from now on I’m just going to say thank you and walk away smile nod say thanks whatever I got to do to avoid doing that well I got caught out multiple times multiple times in Nots about myself somebody would say something about me and i’ like yeah I mean not really but okay and immediately somebody nearby would call me out yellow me three and and then right then and there I’d have to give them three and not three lame ones like I’m really I’m really smart I’m really funny I’m you know really uh I run fast or whatever like no I had to give genuine compliments to myself I was like that is so uncomfortable let’s just not do that so women especially and not saying men don’t do it too and don’t have their their moments or whatever where they’re hard on themselves or hard on each other women are especially hard on each other and hard on us hard on ourselves so it would be fantastic if you employ this rule with your friends whenever you’re complimenting your friends if your friends cannot seem to take a compliment say hey the next time that you deflect my compliment I’m going to feel like you are personally affronting me and telling me that I’m wrong and I don’t know anything that I’m stupid and I know I’m not stupid so if you keep telling me that I’m wrong then I’m going to make you pay three compliments to yourself and every time that you don’t you’re going to continue to owe me I have a friend who owes me 11 compliments for themselves it’s a guy um he’s very self-deprecating and I love him like family to me and so every now and again when I haven’t heard from him in a while and I miss him and whatnot because he’s like my brother I’ll just randomly text him and say Hey you owe me one and he’ll have to pay me a compliment via text message or the phone um so employ that with your friends because as women we need to remember to uphold each other and ourselves up you know do it with men do it with everybody do it with everybody that said something that I am very proud of about myself um I have the tenacity of a giant squid okay I do not give up on pretty much anything that I’ve set my mind to if it’s something that I want badly if it’s something that I I feel like I yes so take the compliments when they’re given to you please um I I have always felt like one of my strengths has been a tenacity that I just don’t give up I’m all about friendly competition I’m all about um you know recognition for my hard work and but I do not give give up so I I’m actually proud of myself one for starting the YouTube channel because like I said I around with that for probably a month and a half before I ever really posted a video I was nervous I was but I had told myself I was going to do it and and so I told myself I was going to do it I’m going to do it so I’m very proud of myself for actually like getting this far for one and then doing this live I said I was going to do it a few days ago and here I am doing it so there you have it yes giant squids it does feel like it’s taught it does feel like a taught thing with women um and you know I I I don’t know why that is but I I use this with my kids you know what I mean like if I compliment and and my kids do it with their friends like they they now have employed this with their friends that it’s like if I give you a compliment you take my effing compliment okay you take it from me you take it and you absorb those words and even if you don’t agree with me even if you think I’m I’m silly or whatever I’m not silly I know what I’m talking about you know what I mean like I’m not a dumb person don’t tell me I’m dumb so take my compliment swallow it say thank you and walk away or whatever so I’ve gotten much better at not deflecting compliments that are given to me because I don’t want to give compliments about myself because that’s really hard hey man that’s that’s super impressive too that is super impressive too Kimberly yeah what what’s your culture Scorpio Moon I don’t want to assume um a I’m so glad to hear that I’m very very glad to hear that girl’s locked CU and Laura good for good for you it is not easy speaking from experience kicking anything like that is not easy at all real easy to say yes real real hard to say no Michelle good Ona I’m going to go back a little bit and make sure I didn’t miss anybody’s cuz I was talking and and Diamond painting okay I don’t think I missed too many I did a stretch right before I did the giveaway Duffy just so you know I just didn’t want you to worry okay I didn’t miss too much all right cool man I’m proud of you for walking too and Laura you you like I said Kudos man it’s not it’s not an easy thing definitely not an easy thing I mean I don’t know if you were able to do it on your own if you went to meetings or what however you did it I mean it took me going to detox going to rehab like all the things in order to to kick my addiction so you know whatever way you did it I’m glad you got there because you know like they tell us that AA and na there are only there are only a few results from staying addicted to drugs or alcohol jails institutions and death that’s it those are your three options and it is so true it is so so true now for addicts and alcoholics I mean obviously every person who picks up a drink isn’t just automatically an alcoholic but we know who we are we can always smell it’s like across the room it’s like gar but with with with uh addiction and alcoholism you must have been tickling and you missed it Yos oh okay yeah well I mean you know but I bet you you’ve had to be that way for lots of different reasons though Scorpio Moon lots and lots of different reasons all right where’s my other soda there it is Bam all [Music] right oh wow okay that’s fun Creole do you like you do you have like the whole Creole um accent going on or have you kicked that or did you not want to I don’t know so you probably like I’m I’m not trying to make assumptions or anything but you probably know some like real voodoo stuff I know they don’t mess around in Barbados they know some they know some real Magics some scary Magics don’t cross Scorpio Moon she’ll come get you I’m also incredibly lucky to have a very supportive partner like you know Dustin Dustin understands so much about me like it it would have been easy for him when he found out what I had been doing for years under everybody’s nose like he could have just left me high and dry get out of my house don’t come back you know whatever I think now granted I feel like if I would have relapsed or something that probably would have been the end result would be like bye but you know he he sees the work that I put in and he like he sees it he sees it and he sees it like he mentions that he sees it it’s not just you know unspoken or whatever hard work and he mentions the hard work he sees me putting in all the time and I just I don’t I don’t know how else to live my life you know boriqua sorry I love that word I just love to say that word I hope that wasn’t like I hope that didn’t bother you sorry cat oh my goodness yes well done to everybody man oh not tickling well you know tickling and tinkling whatever whatever floats your dinghy it get you across the river uh tickling I was busy tickling okay listen I wasn’t judging I just read what you wrote that’s all oh no I grabbed too many I put it on this one oh [Laughter] I watch too much television I am around and I don’t even watch any television I just like I just like words that’s all so I have um speaking again on Mental Health I have something that is called sthesia okay and um part of sthesia is like things things get kind of mixed in the brain right so colors colors have numbers assigned numbers have colors assigned letters have numbers assigned um when I hear certain things I feel certain Sensations in in or around my body there are words that I can that I say out loud that um make me sick to my like legitimately sick to my stomach there are words that other people say out loud that make me legitimately like throw up because when I hear them I taste something or I feel something something like like you know like bugs crawling on me or whatever it’s a very weird thing to have um I still have yet to figure out where it comes from like if it’s kind of a a an Autism thing or whatever like echolalia is not a problem for me but it’s a problem for one of my kids um or uh misophonia is another one where like certain noises some for some people it’s loud noises for others it’s like really annoying noises like I can’t I cannot stand I can’t stomach stand or handle like Styrofoam together or um for some people it’s crinkling plastic for some people it’s really loud sounds for others it’s you know whatever but it or chewing oh chewing sounds like some people just cannot manage that well that’s a problem for my oldest child like we all kind of have these issues around like mixed signals right well so when it comes to that particular word boriqua I just I like language there are certain words that are are good words and then there are other words that are not good words you should touch grass yes yes go touch grass um I I touch the grass too much probably as a problem um and uh oh my God everybody’s going to give me about that manity story oh it was terrible oh was so bad it was so so bad oh she was pissed she was mad she was real she was Big Mad um but there are certain words that are like really awesome words like I don’t know what it is but the word coupon whenever I say the word coupon it it gives me the sensation of like when you go go down a slide um I get that sensation when I say the word coupon the word glisten is like that that gives me chills up my arms serious chills up my arms why I don’t know I don’t know it’s part of the um it it’s part of synesthesia it’s just something I’ve always had um and I don’t tell people the words that make me sick to my stomach because there have been people in my life that have teased me with those words on purpose to make me ill or they thought I was kidding or whatever um yeah and and then there’s sound to I have I have issues with sound to color synesthesia like I when I listen to certain music I’m it’s like watching a fireworks show Almost it’s crazy it’s crazy um and so like yeah there are just certain words and when they’re fun to say like that I just or fun sounds to make it it feels awesome inside my body and so I enjoy saying them so yeah that’s that’s where all that comes from weirdness freaking manity I I’ll I know I’ll probably regret telling that story but I will not at all regret telling that story I’m I hope a part of me hopes that someday that person that well the woman now she’s a woman um and I don’t know where she is anymore I don’t know what ever happened to her cuz you know we weren’t like work buddies or anything we just happen to be working together I can’t even remember the girl’s name um but I hope someday like she runs across that YouTube and she’s like I am that Manatee and I’ll be like oh my God see I didn’t mean I but I didn’t mean I didn’t mean you were a manate I just meant damn it oh I am that manate oh my Lord that’d be so funny that would be so bubble yeah you know I have not loved the bubble air packs oh aluminum but do you say aluminum or do you say aluminium like like you’re British because I like both I like both hey man it’s you just never know like if she’s still mad about it yeah that’ be pretty sad but she was real mad about it she was real mad like really thought I was calling her fat I was like but I just know that’s not what I meant I really didn’t I was just trying to you know tell you something interesting and and to like say like you are nowhere near the size of a manity don’t even worry about it and then it didn’t come out like that so well sort of my life I catch myself saying things and I don’t know you guys have probably noticed um as I as I go along when I am that man to gonna put that on a t-shirt too I am that manate um oh no uh you’ll probably notice that I catch myself saying things like throughout lives or the the videos or whatever and I am inside I am having a like a 12-year-old me giggle moment about it like every time that I accidentally say hard on like being hard on myself and then I’m like I start to giggle and then I correct what I’ve just said so it I didn’t just say hard on but I did all the time because I’m 12 Joann’s oh okay well I know I know about QVC because that was recent um the QVC thing I wish that the initial host lady would have just shut the hell up and let Angie do all of the talking about because one apparently Angie had mentioned to uh like one of the diamond Art Club people that we T that I talked to um that they were in her ear the whole time basically telling her up that she needed to speed up she needed to speed up and then two they only gave her like basically 45 seconds to talk they let the other lady talk and she didn’t even know what she was selling it’s like if you’re gonna sell something at least know what you’re talking about like she called them beads and it was just like what are you doing Pizza little early thank you I’ll take it early thank you love you honey Pizza I got a delivery um it looks hot AF though so I’m gon to let that cool down a minute um so yeah I like if they would have just let Angie do the talking she was doing the sales pitch Uranus I just did it myself oh no oh sorry Rose we we did the giveaway already I will have the next one at about 11:00 p.m. um and yeah sorry about that um so yeah they completely rushed her through the whole thing it was very rude it was really really rude she starts out she doesn’t know what she sell and then you know Angie’s trying to get through her pitch like even just part of her pitch and they’re just rushing her the whole time and you could tell she was flustered really nervous already and then they’re just rushing her through the whole thing it’s like yeah those kits were cute and everything but like why’d you got to be I I think they sold out of them I believe I’m not sure but yeah that was just really that was really crappy when I oh and that was the other thing you guys same same sort of situation as the man I had gone on to like the the um sneak peekers have a little group page whatever I’m not telling you secret Secrets but there’s a there’s a Discord um and um there was uh like they posted with Angie whatever and I sat on there I was watching the part where the lady was doing her portion but in live time they were watching Angie do her part I said on the group page I was like man they should have had one of the sneak peakers do the sales pitch because I’m watching the the lady who doesn’t know what she’s doing do the sales pitch they think I’m talking about Angie so Katie is like a Angie did a great job and I’m thinking fudge I didn’t mean that I meant the the lady the initial lady I’m like Angie did great once I got to that part and actually saw it but then I really felt like an a-hole I was like no I didn’t I didn’t mean Angie no now y’all think I’m an a-hole like God dang it why it just I can’t I can’t win I can’t win so for the record if either of them ever watch this any if any of the sneak peekers watch this I was not talking about Angie I swear I was talking about the lady the initial lady she was terrible well whatever I didn’t mean Angie I promise I did not she did great she was wonderful I just wasn’t at that part yet I wasn’t live with you guys I was watching watching it like because I was late so whoops sorry about it sorry I was really hope they didn’t because yeah a few of them took it that way I think that’s what they thought I meant and it was not at all what I no oh man if kids I listen the best oh good I’m glad you bought that one because it’s a good one the best jokes that I have have either dad jokes you just bat your coffee um or either dad jokes are kid jokes if a kid wants to tell me a joke I’mma listen the best one I have it’s in my repertoire okay and I tell this to every person what do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino elephino it’s clean but it’s not a kid told me that joke I was like that’s the best joke I’ve ever heard who told you this joke they should they should be congratulated because it’s wonderful uh too funny but yeah so I I really hope I really really hope that they were understanding of the clarification that I did not mean Angie I swear I didn’t I did not Angie did great but there I think there’s probably some people who watch QVC that like they just kind of don’t pay ATT hold up a second though umk you thank you for laughing at my joke it was terrible but I’ll take it um the other thing is like okay so um I was going to say oh oh my God it just like literally jumped out of my brain um oh there’s probably some people that like they’ll just buy whatever the hell somebody on there is selling and they don’t really care what’s what’s being said like behind or in front or whatever they they just don’t care they’re going to they’re going to buy whatever they like to buy anyway that wasn’t actually what I was going to say but I’ll finish that sentence um because I’m sure that they understand that you know the the Ladi don’t know oh I do know now what I was going to say I Echo Cara’s sentiment they were concentrated on lotion for 45 minutes prior to Diamond Art Club being shown on there but they couldn’t spend seven minutes to let Angie like do her Spiel I don’t get it I get it they were rubbing lotion on it was a lotion Fest over there it was like what is happening so yeah they they could talk about lotion for 35 45 minutes but they couldn’t give time for Angie for Diamond Art Club I was like come on come on now sad day sad day I knew I’d get there if I kept talking all right let’s see here fives fives vibes yeah lotion it was um oh what’s that brand I think it’s like love brand or something I don’t know I don’t know it was just dumb they had like four different scents on the stage and they went through like the the features and benefits of all four of them like like we care you know what I mean like okay you needed to talk about that for that long all right I’m going to take a bite of this pizza y’all [Music] M looking for fives oh there we go Dusk to Dawn no it doesn’t sound familiar short [Laughter] [Music] one really come on trying to do this one-handed and eat pizza at the same time mhm I’m going to do it I’m doing 24 hours we’re at hour number almost number nine sorry I’m eating food I’m trying not to talk with my mouthful but I’m also trying to eat my food so there is that never mind my pizza oh he brought me napkins what a nice guy okay I need the next one [Music] though s where is s all right it’s not delivery it’s Dustin my favorite kind of pizza is Douro to be honest with you I love Douro but I knew um here’s the thing like I love Dustin but he burns my douros and I get upset like real upset so the only time I’ll eat Douro is if I cook the Douro because then it’s not crunchy like I can’t even I enjoy the crust on douros specifically so when I can’t eat the crust because it’s just burnt I’m like pissed about it so where did my straightener go oh I knocked it on the floor that’s right just got to Snug that in a little bit here we go but yeah he burns he burns my dour nose and then I get really angry yes yeah so you just say thank you you just say I I honestly so I’m one of those lucky people where my my hair is going to turn white it’s not going to turn gray it’s not going to you know know what I mean it’s going to turn white cuz all of my aunts have my mom’s would have um my grandparents both had white hair so mine’s going to turn white my dad’s has gone white oh I missed a whole row of fives damn it all right we’ll fix that in a minute um but yeah my my hair will be white and I do you do you know the movie The Last Unicorn I feel like if I finally get white hair I will have reached my final unicor corn form that’s the way I feel about it I’m not going to dye it I’m not going to try and change it I’m just maybe I’ll be like you and I’ll put like a color in it or whatever but uh-uh I’m going to be proud of that get you some wine girl this pizza’s good um yeah I I thought like you know because I’ve seen obviously lots and lots of gray hair having my last job working with senior citizens and um I uh I would tell them all the time like you know I’m I’m not going gray I’m going white like at the at my temples that’s where I’m really starting to notice it um my hair is turning white right there and so I’m not going gray I’m going white and some of the residents were like man I wish my hair would have turned white instead of gray and then like I’m told you know CU there were some residents that actually had white hair that when that happens I need to start using like a special yeah but there’s nothing wrong with silver though um and two white stripes sounds awesome I you have your not natural red hair at 53 did you send me a a email I just want to make sure you did um but yeah I I apparently am going to have to use a special soap like a special shampoo to uh stop it from turning like yellow or something he may have overcooked this just a little bit just a little bit I don’t want to tell them though I’m just grateful for the pizza is that a puppy I hear padding around out there C sniffing the door oh okay well did you see you won destiny I’m pretty sure that was yours right almost positive oh wow yeah Melanie my uh sorry my oldest brother went gray when well white when he was 19 and I’m not really sure why um our dad went kind of he went white early too but I think it’s something to do with the Native American genetics portion cuz my dad my dad looks like he walked off a reservation I am very white and do not look Native American at all I look like all of the Irish family I don’t look anything like the Native American side of the family my grandfather on my dad’s side was full-blooded Native American and all that fun stuff but um I don’t I don’t look like that I mean I look like that side of the family but I don’t look like uh the Native American portion side of that family just the Russian or uh Irish sides of my family and it’s like maybe maybe that I feel like maybe that’s why 39 was also a hard age was because that’s also when I started to notice that my hair was going different colors okay let’s see here sorry I’m talking with my mouth full that’s rude but I don’t figure you want to sit here and listen to me chew either I hope I’m far enough away from the camera you don’t hear me chewing if you hear me chewing chewing please let me know I will stop immediately and make it so you cannot hear that because that would make me want to punch somebody I’m so glad to hear that Glory I’m very very glad to hear that because I I definitely needed na in my life when I had na in my life after getting out of Inpatient Rehab I I was glad that I had na to go to because otherwise I would have been just a hot mess I basically made my like I didn’t work I made recovery my my full-time job for nine months after I got out of rehab because I just did not trust myself I didn’t I didn’t want to I didn’t want to make a mistake I just I just wanted to be safe I was never really lucky enough though to make like friends at na or AA and the first sponsor that I ever had like she was a mess unfortunately like I didn’t keep her as a sponsor for very long and then I never got another one I felt like I was okay without the sponsor um but there are people that definitely need one I just wasn’t one of those people that was like real at real risk just because I was so determined by that point like I will not ever use again um but the sponsor that I had started with CU I was trying to do the right thing you know right away whatever um she would like at meetings she would just burst into tears and like tell everybody her personal business and like she just was always always talking about how her life was a mess she was financially effed and like all of these things right and like there’s nothing against somebody who’s crying at meetings or that has a life that’s crazy or whatever but like don’t don’t try to but then when we would sit down and she would try to give me advice on this that or the next and it’s like how are you trying to give me advice when you can’t get your own crap together like no no like probably wouldn’t be suited to me maybe somebody who’s like not quite as far along in their life Journey as I was at that point but I mean that also because I like I said I’ve been an adult since I was like 11 years old and um yikes yeah yep yep it it it was like I feel like back then they were just hand over fist they were like you like drugs try this out okay cool you know probably could have just given me an endset or something or told me to do more exercise es or referred me to a chiropractor anything other than what you did but no no no doctor was like here you go drugs cool and then says you’re not at risk for addiction liar liar liar pants on fire your pants is burning sir okay um number seven do seven next take a bite of this pizza yep you understand I just I was never a kid that was just never my thing I always hung out with adults I had adult conversations with adults I didn’t know how to be a kid and then like my dad was military so I didn’t really have friends my age anyways I was always like the teacher was my friend because nobody else would talk to me you know all right let’s do this mm okay so for those who do not already know this is aisai from Diamond Art Club by Margaret Morales yes I know I am almost done with this piece and I’m supposed to be here for 24 hours to Diamond paint I already have another kit all ready to go a fresh start it’s uh the one that I just did a sneak peek on so I’m going to start on that one and see how far I can get with it I don’t know if I can get all the way through it in the remaining time I’m going to try but I am it’s already kitted up and ready to go so when this gets finished I will move on to that piece just in case you were like oh she’s going to she’s going to stop when she’s done with no I’m not I said seven I said 24 hours and I I’m going to do that I meant it I really really meant it I don’t know if I can eat any more of this pizza is the thing I will at least try to eat a little more so that I’m not like you know starving later or something yeah I wish there were more doctors that felt that way that like you know they would really have thought about it because any any doctor worther salt understands that an opiate is addictive you know what I mean like there’s no such thing as a non-addictive opiate no um Susan no I do not do this every Friday I um okay sorry I’m talking about my mouthful um okay so I do a live stream I do a live stream on Thursdays and Saturdays but on Twitch um hold on a second oh you missed this one but you got the other ones okay I was just reading your stuff Scorpio Moon um so I do lives on Thursdays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m central time on Twitch not for 24 hours although many a time I’ve been on there for eight hours or more um depending on who’s online and how far I am into a piece and how much sleep I’ve gotten that day Etc but whatever no I do not go on for 20 I don’t Diamond paint live for 24 hours every Friday that would probably kill me probably be dead okay I don’t want to eat any more this right now okay well Scorpio Moon did you see did you see that there’s a new Maring out this weekend because it’s called chroma it’s rainbows it’s stunning I hold on I bet I still have the yep there you go there’s a picture in the comments they’re releasing a new one this weekend I almost wet myself and I already asked my husband and he said he was going to buy it for me cuz I was like please if I don’t get it I won’t get it I was trying and I say this all the time and I’m sorry if you’ve already heard this before um if you’ve already heard this many many times sorry um I was trying to buy satura and um I had her in my cart I was in the middle of paying for her and she sold out while I was paying so I missed her but I’ve gotten the other ones I have onime I have Dragon Spirit I have this one so I’m still waiting for satura to restock again so that I can try to get her again but meantime also in the in the VIP there was a voting or was it in the regular maybe it was in the no I think it was in the regular group there was a voting for the next um you know for the next Diamond paintings or whatever and they had like four Margaret Morales pieces in there to vote on I don’t know why they wouldn’t select any or all of them to be honest with you because like Margaret Morales sells out every time so maybe that’s just an idea of what they’ve got coming up I don’t know but it looks like they’re going to be putting more of her pieces up for offer and I can’t effing wait I’m just kind of hoping that it’s not going to be like a batch like they’ve been doing with um recently where I’m going to be poor ass broke and not be able to afford because my husband’s only going to you know support so many of my diamond paintings who’s going to be like I just bought you one well I need you to buy me another one um so yeah I don’t know I hope that they’re not doing that I hope that they take a break in between but I mean if it was just for vote I guess I gota wait and see what happens but yeah there is a new Margaret Morales coming out this weekend I don’t know who got the sneak peek for it but I I’m so jealous um I mean even the Kutner is just fantastic but I mean you know like I I got to I got to say whether or not I wanted this piece that I um sneak peak but I’m sure that I’m sure that the Morales and the katner were probably planned for somebody who has a little one a little more experience under their belt with more subscribers so it’s okay I’m not mad about it or anything I like the piece I have very much plus I am not a gift horse mouth looker I don’t look gift horses in the mouth I don’t know what that expression actually means like who’s walking around like what’s a gift horse for first first and foremost I don’t know what that is and secondly who goes around looking horses in the mouth yeah tell them they’re not real diamonds well and I don’t really like real diamonds anyways like so yeah I didn’t even make him buy me a diamond for our engagement ring he lucked out there I don’t really care about actual diamonds I don’t like conflict therefore I don’t like real diamonds um yeah created or whatever but I don’t know I my first my first ring that I’d ever gotten from him was a moonstone but my sister stole it so yeah my replacement was a diamond but it was from a consignment shop so I knew that it you know it was from like 19002 maybe 1920s it’s an art deco piece it’s very beautiful but um apparently it was mined in the United States um they could tell by the cut I guess it had a specific cut on it but it was mined in the US and so I know it didn’t have any conflicts except you know maybe just American conflicts which aren’t there enough of those already oh no oh no no no no if they broke up with Mrs butter d i I’ll cry Lindsay didn’t get hers either like on time yeah I got the owl o a conversion Oh you mean like a yeah I like amethyst a lot what do what do you mean oh okay I wonder which did she say does she say which one she’s getting or what she’s got or you just don’t see something from Lindsay yeah I would have thought whoever got the the Margaret Morales would have had that sucker up immediately after it was posted like as soon as they saw that Facebook go up I mean I haven’t looked in the um in our group either to see who’s posting what what did uh Mrs coffee get Katie has the Morales okay oh and Lindsay has a Spangler I’m surprised they didn’t give the Spangler to Rachel not to check the age of a gift horse but checking its age by okay okay okay well girls lock you should get this owl that I’m going to I have it kitted up I’m going to be working on it oh oh cat that’s smart that’s smart so maybe maybe she didn’t get anything or she just hasn’t posted anything interesting down arrow down arrow I sold it oh I hope people I hope people buy it I enjoy it I think it’s beautiful I love owls I’ve always loved owls and I like here’s a weird thing I know it’s not my spirit animal because I know what my spirit animal is I asked for my spirit animal and it was it was sent to me um by ancestors apparently um but and I’ll I I’ll tell you that story that’s actually kind of a funny story but I do I’ve always loved owls always loved owls and I don’t know if it’s just like a wisdom thing I’ve always felt like it was you know like ancestors who watch over you appear in the form of an owl or something I don’t I don’t know I don’t know I’ve always Lov owls always have um you must choose and yeah I mean I yeah they kind of effed me on that one oh and so SS and washy didn’t get hers either wow that’s crazy okay well yeah I don’t know what it is with UPS recently but they’ve been they’ve been kind of not on time a lot I noticed that just from other orders for things um or it’ll say it’s on time and then like you check the next day and all of a sudden it’s 3 days late it’s like it will be delayed 3 days it’s like what three days why um yeah I can understand that so they kind of messed me on that one releasing a Morales on the same weekend um you don’t really know what it means to have a spirit animal as an owl or you don’t know what spirit animals mean or so like typically a spirit animal is when you um have either you’ve requested a spirit animal by you just meditate on it I mean you don’t have to have Native American lineage or whatever to meditate on asking for a spirit animal um and it’s a little hoey sure but you meditate on it and you just say you know higher power Creator whatever um send me my spirit animal and usually what will happen is you have some sort of a some sort of an encounter right it’s not just an everyday like you see it or whatever but typically a spirit animal is something that you would encounter either often or in a strange way and that’s how you can kind of tell that it’s connected to you um and I I’ll tell you the story of mine in a minute but like you don’t have to have even asked to have like just weird experiences where this animal just keeps showing up in your life somehow um so I asked for my spirit animal I always thought my spirit animal was like a horse or something because I’ve always had a very deep connection with horses I’m a Sagittarius you know there all kinds of fits um but we were going up to the Northwoods in Wisconsin and I I’m going to request my spirit animal because we’re going up where you know there are lots of native peoples and it just feels kind of like it’s probably going to be Sasquatch or something but I’ll ask well so we’re in the car and I’m talking to Dustin about requesting my spirit animal and I was like yeah I’m going to request my spirit animal he’s like well how do you do that I was like you know this this this whatever he’s like well what is that you know I’m like literally explaining it to him and he’s like oh okay well that’s cool and then all of a sudden something flies into the driver’s side window he’s driving we’ve been in the car probably four hours three and a half four hours point and not Sasquatch um so we’ve been in the car for hours at this point he’s got his window open because we were smokers at the time we’ve since quit um but he’s got the window open and all of a sudden some something huge flies through the window it’s nighttime flies through the window hits him in his chest like and you you can hear it hit his chest it was like hits his chest and then flutters down beside him like between the the seat and like the door or whatever and he’s like what the hell was that and so at first I thought it was maybe a bat because it was dark out it was large I just saw it hit him and I saw that it was large and Flappy I was like uh so I’m like pull over he’s like no I’m not really that worried about like pull over you don’t know what that was there could be a bat in the car right now so he does pull over and it’s this massive moth I mean a huge moth and so he’s like wo that’s crazy he asked me like w does that mean that’s your spirit animal I said no dude that’s your spirit animal hit you in the he you not me so we looked it up because we were curious like what does it mean to have a moth as your spirit animal and everything fit him everything fit him and it was really crazy it was like wow okay well you got your spirit animal so I meditated on it that night I was like I want to see my spirit animal we go the next day to a place called Copper Falls which is this beautiful State Park in Wisconsin and um we get there you know we always pack things for a hike because when we go on a hike it’s not just like a walk we go on like a six or a seven mile hike through Woods you know what so um we were planning on going on the regular like three M I think it was like three mile Loop and we brought stuff along with us you know snacks and whatever um and I told him hey let’s go over by this fence because there was a fence with a a fence post with like a placard on it that told you a little bit about the park State Park whatever and I needed to fix my shoe so cuz we had again we just been in the car a long time to get there so I needed to fix my shoe and I wanted to like put my foot up on the the fence post thing so I go over and I’m like I set my bag down on the ground and I’m messing with my shoe and all of a sudden this little chipmunk just comes scurrying out of the woods and stands there right next to my foot and I’m like well hey there you know like what are you doing buddy and he’s just staring at me so I reach in Dustin’s like give him some of your trail mix and I was like okay so I reach into my bag and I throw him some nuts you know whatever he stuffs them in his little cheekies and um he doesn’t leave like I’ve just given him a like a good siiz little handful of nuts and he’s not leaving and I’m like well okay that’s weird um he’s like feed it out of your hand i’m like hell no I’m not getting bit by a chipmunk today like that’s not GNA happen he’s like feed it out of your hand um okay I’ll try so I put some I put some nuts in my hand and I’m like hold my hand out and he sat right on my hand grabbed the nuts out of my hand stuffed his cheeks and then and then he sat like next to my shoe and ate his nuts like he didn’t run away with the nuts he just sat there and eat eating the nuts and so he’s like I think you found your spirit animal I was like uh yeah I guess so so my spirit animal is a chipmunk I looked that up everything’s fitting I’d have to look it up again to like give you details details on like what a chipmunk spirit animal is but it 100% fits me and my personality perfectly I’m like yeah okay I’m going with it it’s it’s correct it’s correct chipper Dale uh I probably could I really wanted to just put him in my pocket and take him home because he was so damn cute he was so stank cute all right I need new putty so I get to use my lucky clover dot dot putty he was so cute though so yeah if any of you were ever curious about like want to look up what a chipmunk spirit animal is go ahead but that is perfect for me it is 100% perfect for me all right let me oh my God you guys okay first of all this is the lucky clover dot dot putty this is what it looks like it’s really cool um I love the colors but the smell oh my God it smells like you stuck your face into a box of Lucky Charms and just took a whiff marshmallows and everything oh my God it’s so good okay I got to I don’t have a flat spot I’m put this underneath it no oh my gosh I just oh yeah it’s it’s good it’s good stuff it’s real good stuff when am I doing another um when am I doing another one of the drawings for butterfly effect wears um Elvin Simon Theodore uh Britney come on it’s the chipet jeez okay has anybody seen the movie um it’s a chipmunk Adventure is what it’s called and they like they go around the world the point is that they’re it’s them and the chipet and they’re supposed to collect dolls like little stuffed animals that look like them and they find out later that the the um that the dolls have diamonds in them and that they’re they’re trading dolls so they would take a one doll of themselves and pick up a different doll of themselves and they would do an exchange you’re not playing with any of us anymore um so uh they um they exchanged these dolls right only to find out that they were like laundering Diamonds the whole time it’s them in the chip chip hats and they’re in a hot air balloon they’re like literally World in a hot air balloon okay it’s but it’s called Uh the Chipmunk Adventure I’m pretty sure I I’m almost positive that that’s the name of it is the Chipmunk Adventure great great chipmunk Adventure whatever I love that movie like love beyond words I love that movie so I mean honestly like there’s a song in there where um like Britney the Chipette she’s betrothed marriage to uh it’s on Amazon oh my God okay you guys got to my my wreck for the for the ENT ire live watch the the Chipmunk Adventure it is so good they have songs they sing um okay so at one point Britney is betrothed to like the Sultan of Arabia or whatever in the movie and um the they sing the girls sing a song like and well the the chipet and the Chipmunks they sing a song like versus each other uh we are the girls or we are the boys of rock and roll and it is the best song ever uh they sing a rendition of Woolly Bully when the boys are like grabbed up by this Amazon you know tribe out in the middle of nowhere um the uh the girls like I said Britney the main like the pink chipet she gets betrothed to the Sultan of like Arabia which is a little boy okay they’re now they’re the size of humans in this movie of course uh their babysitter is like the whole thing is just great well anyway so she gets betrothed to a um a sultan in Arabia and one of the gifts that he gives to her like as a as a wedding gift is a penguin okay well they’ve decided like the girls have decided that they need to make a pit stop and take this penguin back to talking dog movie um it is it is not a talking dog movie it’s talking Chipmunk movie um but uh oh unless you’re talking about a goofy movie which is an amazing movie too um but they they take this penguin back to Antarctica to its mother and they they s in that part of the movie that’s called my mother that’s who I need now you remember like the Chipmunks and the chipet like they have no parents right they have uh uh Dave who’s not really their dad because he’s a he’s a person and the chipet were like um in the show I lived across the street or something lived with like they lived with a woman but not their mom well they’re talking to this little baby chipmunk about their or their baby penguin excuse me about their mom and they sing a song called my mother that’s who I need now I watched this I give my dog a voice too I watched this movie shortly after my mother passed away and still to this day like I cried about that song before my mom passed away and now that my mom’s gone it’s even harder to watch that movie and not like SOB my face off during that song a song in a Chipmunks movie makes me SOB my face off but it’s such a good movie oh it’s such a good movie um the the main character Claude he like he has this he has this relationship where he and his sister’s Yorkshire Terrier are like always at odds with each other like just the dog doesn’t speak the dog is just a dog and dog-sized even though these Chipmunks are massive in comparison but it’s movie I know I’m like talking like a fever dream or whatever like this is the craziest thing but it is such a good movie the Chipmunk Adventure yeah it and I mean honestly I have it on DVD so I don’t have to watch it on Prime I that DVD has seen so much mileage um but it is such a good just wholesome sweet movie that if you are like a an 80s child at all just go go watch that movie even if you’re not an 80s child it’s just wholesome fun sweet movie from the 1980s that I love so desperately it’s so good so good I don’t even oh Chipmunks that’s right I’m like how in the hell did I get on a rant about the Chipmunk movie my kids love that movie because of course you know as a good parent you share your favorite movies from childhood with your children oh my gosh I’m I’m using the putty and I’m smelling the putty as I’m using the putty and it oh smells good smells real good it’s real good it’s worth it it’s totally worth it doesn’t matter how old you are you will enjoy it because it’s just it’s just sweet and if you don’t cry during that song the my mother that’s who I need then you’re a monster you are a monster and you need a heart Scamper I don’t think I’ve heard of that one scamper you know what other movie messed me up as a child The Brave Little Toaster that one screwed me up real bad like every every probably PTSD I have is probably owed to that movie I don’t remember it anymore really I just remember it messed me up real bad all right let’s see here while my oh geez sorry scared me I was just trying to move my hand and wipe my nose um does the performance dep which performance does the performance depend on climate oh for the putty no the Etsy shop for the putty is Butterfly Effect wees and I’ll be get I’ll be doing another giveaway for this putty um probably tomorrow morning page master was really good too The Land Before Time holy crap that one also destroyed me uh Neverending Story the the part with a tray you that destroyed me as a child I grew up so fast man they mess you up in a good way but they mess you up um yesh I remember seeing Lion King in the movie theater I was like I don’t know I feel like I was maybe 11 or 12 when The Lion King came out but that scene with Mufasa like after Mufasa get spoil it for anybody who’s never seen it um but the part with uh Simba and his dad Mufasa that part wrecked me too um I missed two sevens get those real fast but yeah no this is actually a putty that I have found that does not have like Reliance on specific climate or weather or humidity because it’s a dry putty it’s like um it’s uh it’s always kind of dry it so it’s not like it doesn’t get sticky right away or whatever it’s just dang it come out of there thank you um yeah I if you’re a hard Placer too it’s real good for hard placers I’ve I’ve had a lot of really good luck with it a lot of really good luck don’t know what her what their formula is for their putty but it’s worked for me every time like AB I’m doing abs right now and if it’s fresh for me the ABS usually just come off without a hitch it’s like when it’s worked I feel like it doesn’t pick up the ABS as well or doesn’t let go of them as well but when you first put the the putty in there for abs it works very well I don’t try to go more than like a few at a time because I feel like if you go more than a few at a time it’s just you know it’s harder um also like trying to put it in between a small space is rough too because you know you got to push kind of hard so you push it into the putty but I mean yeah ABS I don’t really have an issue fairly fresh it just comes right off of there and I’m a hard Pusher so I know it’s not just because I’m pushing super light or whatever sometimes sometimes they get stuck but not usually it also depends on if I’ve like flattened it out real good yeah I haven’t I haven’t tried the um Diamond Art Club putty wax or wax putty or whatever the hell they call it I literally yell hey you guys when I’m with my children at like the grocery store if I can’t find them if they’re like wandered off somewhere some people knowingly laugh others are like what is wrong with you oh come on come off of there yeah sometimes it’s like if I’ve worked it too much then the um putty doesn’t want to work as well for abs but for the most part like if I just go a couple at a time it it comes off there pretty well sometimes also the if the canvas isn’t sticky enough sometimes it’ll fight with me too but I love [Music] it but like I said this is the one that I’ve had the most luck with out of any of the putties that I’ve used I’m going to try um because if those of you who wen’t on here earlier yeah I’ve also heard it’s a bit weirdly soft okay okay you found my you found my trigger word I gotta I got to pretend like just going to let that scroll by for a little while y um yeah I don’t um I haven’t tried it and I don’t know I to try it I mean it looks like you get a lot but okay so let say I get and um and uh it’s terrible that’s an awful lot of putty to just have to not like for a long time you know what I mean I don’t I don’t want to have a bunch of putty that I’m not going to do anything with I mean granted if somebody else found it was better um what’s Diamond gem Diamond Jim did a oh I’m not I’m no nobody gets to know what the word is I’m not even gonna say it because then it’ll be repeated and on somebody and I don’t want to do it um Diamond did a comparison video um or some smart ass like but for really will go on to all of my videos and then like just post that word so we’re just going to skip it we’re going to skip it we’re not going to talk about it it’s gone gone gone um so uh he had done a comparison video where he did like just the regular pink wax on one part of his painting and then that that putty um and I mean granted like I love Diamond Jim he explains things very thoroughly so if you’re watching his videos like be prepared he’s going to explain things to you very very thoroughly that said you can kind of skip around a little bit if you need to um and it shows that like with the putty he was only able to do like a section about this big without stopping to like refill or whatever because that was the whole idea he wasn’t going to refill it he was just going to put it in there and then use it for as long as he could use it and he said he’s a very light touch person like he barely touches the drills and barely touches the canvas when he places so you know if you’re a hard place it might be different whatever but he was he did a little section like this big with the putty and then he basically finished off the rest of the the um piece with just the pink wax so I don’t know that was his experience I feel like you know kadye gave it a try and didn’t really didn’t really give me a good idea of how she felt like it worked but I’ve noticed also Katie is a very um yes we did we bonded over his hourong Basilica Venice wow um but uh yeah if if somebody could Supply even like just a sample sized something like maybe if Diamond Art Club and I don’t think they’d ever do this but maybe if they just put like even something like this in with everybody’s purchase with just a little sample of their putty maybe they would sell I mean cuz right now they’ve got people buying it that are trying it and then reviewing it online but that’s not I mean to me that’s not really telling me what I need to know because like you can’t tell how hard somebody’s placing you don’t know what somebody’s temperature is like in their home or in their region or whatever like all they can say is well I’m a really light Placer or I’m a really hard Placer you know what I mean like it’s it’s hard to say um and I mean not that it’s like break the bank expensive or anything but like I said that’s an awful lot of you’re throwing it away why don’t you send it to me and I’ll try it out and I’ll review it too you just mail it to me you’re like nah how about no um but yeah I just like I wish that they would just send out a little sample size so that people could try it I was I was only half serious if you don’t if you don’t want to yeah you don’t have to you don’t have to mail it to me um but yeah I think that would be really wise of them you just do that and then people would have an idea about what they want to do with it if it’s good for them or not good for them because it’s a lot it’s a whole lot a little putty on there pick it off come on there thank you okay well I’m not afraid to give you my address if you’re not as long as you’re not going to give it out to everybody I want to at least try it but I also don’t like I said I don’t want to get a huge thing of it and then find out it’s just not going to work for me and I can then if I don’t like it I’ll mail it off to the next person you know what I mean somebody else who wants to try it or I will I’ll myself break it up into SE se you know get some of these things or whatever and mail out some samples to people who want to try it because I I think that there’s lots of people who who want to try it but they’re just not willing to make the investment for something that they’re not sure it’s going to work for them all right here we go okay okay so girls locked if you don’t mind sending that to me send me an email just send me an email hey give me your address or something it and then um Sarah I’ll send you and Cat some just send you a little bit and see what’s what I don’t mind doing that um cuz I do I do I want to try it want to see what it’s like and I know um Sarah you wanted to work on your own kind of putty maybe not necessarily for sale but just to work on your own putty um I mean even seeing if that as a base or something I don’t know that you’d want to spend on making it a Bas I have no idea but you know giving it a try and then I can review it on my channel too there we go come on cuz I mean I used their pink wax for forever and ever and ever before I started using other stuff and and I so I know that their their wax works you know what I mean like their wax is better I feel like than most wax that’s out there but o let’s see how adventurous I’m feeling let’s see if we can do one this many oh oh look at that yeah get in there get in there well that was my own fault I didn’t have them on there very good go just some more ones there do I have an email yes it’s House of miscellane no spaces obviously or whatever oh Vanessa you’re a little bit late on that we already did that drawing some hours ago sorry I will have other drawings um coming up the next one’s at like 11 o’clock okay I’ll give you my opinion don’t you worry about that um all right got those I’m going to do my couple of little white AB ones up there I I like adore this flower in her hair it has so many abs in it like what you’re really seeing you’re actually see the ab shine in there cuz that’s not holes or whatever that’s that’s the ab right there you’re seeing the shine on like in the flower last ABS I’m putting in the picture right now these are the last of them bam those were the last ones for this piece oh my gosh I’m almost done like but really almost done it’s crazy I can’t believe I can’t believe how like quickly I went through this piece just generally I can’t about to be another Morales like tomorrow that’s insane I really am going to try and talk him in to get me the kater too we’ll see if he’ll do both man I just really want to know more about the like anniversary sale and they don’t really give us any information like as sneak peekers that I’m aware of maybe they’re giving them to other sneak peekers not me maybe I’m just too new I don’t know but I have no information on that and so I don’t know if I’m going to be sent any kits one kit five kits no clue no clue at all but I told my husband that I wanted to hold off on a Mother’s Day gift until I knew what was going on with the anniversary sale well I I don’t know anything so there’s that you’re swooning over this painting I know I’m cover ing her face kind of I’m I’m sort of obfuscating her face just cuz I want to do a big kind of reveal you know what I mean so I’m kind of trying to cover up a little bit being sneaky [Music] sneaky ooh time for a stretch yeah you’re probably right yeah it’s been time for a minute okay 8:45 okay um let me do the anniversary sale last year was like beginning of June right even though their anniversary is technically I believe in May so I don’t know exactly when it will be this I don’t know like I said I don’t know anything they didn’t tell me nothing they have not said anything to me let me finish up with this color and then I will do a stretch break because it’s just like some stuff over here and then I will stand up do a stretch break and then I will also quickly um get get the stream prepared because I don’t want to lose any footage did you ever find out about like if it if it will allow me to bring everybody from this stream to the to the next or if they’ve literally got to jump from that one to the next I didn’t remember if you said anything about that because what happens at the 12 it will keep doing the live but it will not archive it meaning it will not record it so anybody who’s watching the live later um they will not see the end because it won’t have like recorded that long and I would like to think that people who are going to watch somebody do a 24hour live or even attempt to watch somebody do a 24-hour live yeah so if there’s like 40 new kits and they’re going to send me a couple extra or whatever like that’d be rad but I really don’t know I really don’t know anything unfortunately they’re pretty Hush Hush about things that they don’t want leaked out like you know somebody got a very gentle scolding about the fact that they kind of implied in their video that the new Square diamonds were out it was a gentle scolding but it was a scolding like hey we haven’t released those yet and there’s information out there that they that we have and we have not like please don’t tell people we’ve done that let you know when we have da d da so the new squares are not out yet but they’re going to have 21 facets um and apparently they’re lovely shiny and beautiful they said that any any of the flat top squares that you’re seeing like those won’t be in the kits anymore at all I don’t believe um but don’t quote me on that just in case case I’m wrong but I do know that I do know that the the new the new ones are not out yet so oh whoops right there more a little bit more a little bit more there we go there we go all right if you are diamond painting or if you are working if you are doing anything get up off your booty and stretch time for a stretch guys get up reach for the ceiling yeah stretch out your wrists roll them around get them get them up move them around try if you can to kind of stretch at the hips a little bit you know like pop your hip out to the right don’t bounce bouncing when stretching is bad for you you can actually do damage if you bounce when you stretch so then stretch out on the right there you go all right and I’m GNA stand up just for another minute just CA um let me one second I got to yell down the stairs for something hold on hey Dustin can you bring me a patch please I just realized I need to change my nicotine at some point I put it on late last night not late but in the evening because I knew I was gonna I was going to be up you sent yeah but I can’t look at my phone is right here so I can’t uh oh uh oh uh oh hold on I think I froze thank you can you guys hear me cuz I can see you hold on hold on a moment hold on a moment just a moment there are we still good are we good are we good all right can you hear me now I don’t know what just happened how geez I don’t know what happened okay sorry about that that was very bizarre um I don’t know what in the heck just happened there but weird okay anyways I just went to yeah so I can’t I can’t actually like look at any screenshots or anything did you come in during a bathroom break no you came in and my my camera froze I don’t know what happened um so uh I can’t actually look at whatever screenshot you sent me Sarah because it it’s on my phone which is right there I can’t do anything um I also cannot believe I’ve almost finished this painting like that’s nuts um so I have to really quickly uh I need need set up essentially like the next um Diamond painting live at the 12h hour mark it’s going like um it’s going to stop recording it will stop archiving so I’m going to set up a new live and then um you guys okay on the left clicked videos where to redirect views click select I don’t know what that means on streamyard or on like a regular live though because I’m I like I’m using maybe let me try something really quickly all right so when I set up the when I set up the other initially like just as a thing um that one is scheduled I’m going to schedule another live stream Studio title okay um on the YouTube live you’re seeing the answers before I say the questions try hitting refresh my um for whatever reason my video went down for a second Audrey so if you’re having some sort of like it’s like the loop is weird or whatever hit Refresh on your stream get out of here puppy dog okay I just got to grab information on my other one so I can put it on the new one and then description grab this wh not all of that dang it [Music] stop okay that and then there we go public schedule for later today at 11:00 p.m. we’ll go 1055 just to be on the safe side even though okay upload thumbnail we’re going to use logo that one okay create okay so now I should be able to when that is scheduled jump into it like I did the last time I think so we’re going to see how that goes but you all yeah she also has anticipated a lot of my questions before I have yeah um where to redirect views oh okay okay hold on a second all right so let’s see sorry I I will go back to Diamond painting in just a minute I just want to make sure that I have this fixed beforehand um okay so on the left click videos I don’t see videos though I don’t see that as an option how like sorry I’m just putting my hand through here because I think I’m getting a delay too cuz I just put my hand through and now I’m watching and that’s so weird I haven’t seen my hand come through again like at all and I got my hand under there now that feels like 30 seconds of delay I still have not yet seen my hand come up on this like screen that’s weird okay well all right going back to this one um yeah I don’t know it’s very weird it’s not it might just be easier for people who are on this live I have the other one scheduled on my page so if you go and look at my page you’re going to see that one on there so you should just be able to enter it that okay hi I’m here hello um okay so about it right this minute because I feel like I think I have as much done as I’m going to do and rather than worrying about bringing everybody with me I’ll just you guys can just jump yeah you can as I said it okay so I’m gonna say uh hello and then I’m gonna I’m gonna say hello at the same time that I put my hand under no that’s not going to work duh okay um I’m putting my hand under right now and now I’m talking and talking and talking you close the live refresh and there’s no delay okay good so if you’re having if you’re having issues just refresh that’s that’s all anyways all right moving on and then if you wouldn’t mind and you want to continue watching then then I jump over to the other live I’m going to jump over at 10:55 so that’s that’s how that’s going to go and there should not be now any delay if you’ve refreshed your screen um my stuff is fine now the one that was in the little video like in the live I don’t need it so I’m G to refresh that too just to see if it’ll fix it because I’m already in the live this one’s just being really weird and to go with what I’m using in streamyard because I think that’s just better I don’t think I need this one for anything in particular so I’m going to get rid of this one and just go back to my streamyard one because it’s working fine how’s my hand holding up pretty good actually shockingly um I’m telling you it’s it’s thanks to the Marilyn did you email me I I believe that you were one of the winners right okay I got to put a new patch on okay good want to make sure um yeah and you guys are answering my questions like really quickly so I don’t think there must be very much if there’s any delay it must not be much at all so I do like that um on here at least it seems as though the stream is like pretty much right on top of things whereas with twitch it does have a delay like it’s not long it’s a couple few seconds but it’s enough that I notice it whereas on here while I’m on streamyard I’m seeing everything kind of in live time literally in live time so I think that’s pretty cool um let’s go with this color couple of randos those the same color yeah little boxes for your drills okay cool I don’t mind using the baggie like if something is already bagged up um and numbered and stickered and all of that crap for me then I don’t mind leaving stuff in baggies uh I mean like whatever fine like paint gem I just work them right out of the bags but um if it’s something I I wouldn’t like baggie something as my storage system out of like the manufacturer bags I wouldn’t I would zip locks myself for that but I mean other people do I’ve seen some people that they have a really cool system with that where they use baggies one you know hand reasons like you know Mobility or whatever but um they get this like ring it’s like a metal ring and it has these plastic um like that they slip the baggies into and then they can like flip through the different baggies I thought that was pretty cool I mean not something that I would probably be into but to each their own some people like Elizabeth Ward some people do not beans don’t come in here whining at me please if you have something you need you need to go tell Dad go tell Dad about it don’t come up here whining at me sir oh nope you didn’t you didn’t miss it but welcome back you have not missed it getting close though getting very very close yeah don’t whine at me sir you just lay down relax wouldn’t that be weird if I was talking to Dustin and not the dog don’t whine at me sir lay down relax all right let’s see so pretty she’s so pretty all right what in the heck there we go whoa that’s how I end up with drills all over the painting or all over the floor I bump it with my pen never fails never fails one too many I’m I’m trying to like kind of cover her face just a little bit just so like that there’s a reveal sort of deal at the end I’m trying to be sneaky sneaky not coordinated enough for bags yeah I hear that I definitely hear that um this what I want I’m just got to push that over just the we sco just a little baby sco move you up and up and up and I need two this kit has just been a a lovely Sunspot in my life yeah well you know it just means he doesn’t see me as much he’s working anyway most of the time that I’m working on her although when I’m up like literally all night long and he wonders like why didn’t I come back to bed at all because I was up working on chroma whoopsy poopsie all right let’s see there we go there we go all right all right next color I think we’re going to go with four I love this blue I love all the I love all the colors in this honestly like literally all the colors in this are totally like just in my wheelhouse pretty much everybody lots of lots of people lots of people have been here through the whole thing there’s a there’s a good group of like 10 or 12 of you that I know for sure have been here through the whole thing so far so I appreciate that been hanging out with me for 10 hours and 15ish minutes so thank you for hanging out with me for 10 hours and 15 minutes yes please if you guys are finishing pieces while you’re working like while you’re working on stuff please please please send me an email with a picture I almost kind of want to use that like um even as like a like a little promo thing like and this many paintings got finished or whatever during the live so if you’re working on a you know or just progress or whatever just send send me send me an email with some pictures I think that’d be really cool to you know kind of just do a quick little video like a video recap sort of thing and show even like just highlights in the conversation where we were talking about mental health ores and because I’m going to have a finish you had me on the TV oh Lord you know I was actually looking at Stats um on uh YouTube and it says that there’s like a good chunk of my audience that watches me on TV that puts me up on their TV to watch me thought that was pretty cool I didn’t think that I was that interesting but all right I suppose if I wanted to watch something um a little closer I would put it up on the TV also but I never use my TV because the children or my husband are always using the TV so I watch everything on my phone everything literally everything I watch on my phones because someone always has use of the television it isn’t me so if I’m watching Hulu or prime or YouTube or whatever I’m always watching it on my phone on occasion I will watch it on my laptop um when I’m like upstairs Diamond painting or you know creating a video or something I will watch it on there but otherwise it’s always on my phone either my old or my new phone come [Music] on you testy little booger get in there there we go yeah so um I thought that was an interesting statist there’s a lot of interesting blah interesting uhhuh interesting statistics language words hard um oh a thunderstorm yeah see like we didn’t get a thunderstorm here we got some rain little drizzles little drizz you’ve been banned to the phone also yeah it’s like everybody in my house uses my TV except me jerks don’t get an opportunity man I I like this this sticky wax that’s in here I like this even better than like my little my little sad hunk of sticky wax look at how sad a sad little hunk of sticky wax um it just seems like it’s actually even like harder than the sticky wax that I have right here this is almost like soft now in comparison which I find pretty fun yeah interesting statistics um lots of interesting stat can’t interesting statistics that I found about my page like it gives me you know like what percent of my audience is female what percentage of my audience is male uh what age groups you know whatever pretty pretty interesting I’m just over enunciating so I can actually say the word interesting all right we’re going to go to that weird whatever that Sy I call it a pillow but it’s not a pillow it doesn’t even look like a pillow I don’t know why I call it a pillow but that’s what it is it’s a pillow it’s like a I don’t know what you’d call it a a rectangle with a line but to me it’s a pillow it’s a pillow I don’t know why it’s what I call that symbol it’s a pillow yeah yeah we don’t want tornadoes no tornadoes no bueno no bueno tornadoes I love this painting so much I’m G to move that up a little scooch scooch whoops scooch scooch there we go who would have thought that little squares on a sticky on a sticky surface would be so much fun to like just sit and stick who knew oh oh you have a she buus I’m sorry what a she buus no no thanks shall work more tomorrow we don’t want that we don’t want that so are you get chroma also Sarah and are you kidding her up immediately that is my real question who is who all is getting chroma tomorrow and who all is planning on kiding her up as soon as you get her CU I believe I will be in the kid up camp I really like I really kind of want to put her in my like saver stash like where I will save that for another day and enjoy it at another time but I really uh that’s really hard it’s really really hard like with aisi I knew I knew I could not wait I couldn’t wait there was no way but like chroma I think I’m going to do like an like an early look for her maybe possibly well no I guess now that I’m I don’t know is it okay let me ask a question and you you guys tell me is it weird or bad form for me to do an early look on something that was sneak peak if now I am doing sneak peeks with diamond Art Club so like if somebody did somebody else did the early look is it weird if I do an early look or somebody else did the sneak peek that’s what I’m trying to say yeah I feel like that’s weird I feel like that’s weird and I won’t do that so I won’t do that with chroma I just asked you guys and answered my own question but I feel like that’d be we I feel like I would be I would feel some type of way like if I did a you know if I did this sneak like okay I okay I did magical moonlighter right if I did that and then another sneak peeker were to do an early look on magical moonlighter I would feel some kind of way about that so I feel like you know what I mean I I need I need a a a she bus like that’s crazy is it like literally a um is there like it’s literally a bus you’re on a no bu o ouch you bought a house and bought a bus and converted okay I mean I’m I’m all for that man the swing first okay I don’t know there’s there’s a few that like I’m basically on a no by myself because of my money situation but I um but I like there are certain things where it’s like I don’t I would have to I would have to get it you know what I mean and I mean I think I don’t know it’s hard for me because I know that there’s people that are on no buys and things like that because they’ve already got a stash of so many things or whatever and they don’t work on paintings nearly as quickly as they buy up Diamond paintings totally understand that my stash is huge and I there’s no possible way I could finish all of these like in the next several months but I also do like several in a matter of a month and so like limiting myself to a complete no buy I don’t know that I could do that fully because I know that the kit the kits will get done you know what I mean like I know they’ll get done will it be like this year no but I do know that like I’m I haven’t literally bought a stash beyond my actual life expected behind words like I put in my in my things I wish I knew like I’d never heard that term before I have not purchased so many stash you know so much of my stash that it’s beyond my life expectancy um so you know you got a coffee maker a fridge what wow a king-size B dang I need to get me a bus see now if I got a bus though like actually really if got a bus my husband would want to convert it into like you know something for us to travel in and I can’t I can’t do a she shed because we’re not allowed to build on the tiny little plot of land area that we have that’s attached to our yard because it’s not technically a yard it’s a lot well so they won’t let us build a shed on it so I can’t even have like a she shed for just that I could you know run some electricity to but all right where are we meeting you in the bus where’s the bus we’re going to have the retreat in the bus since I’m planning the retreat I’ve decided it’s in your bus we’re gonna just gonna hang out wow just shut that I don’t know what he decided to bark at all of a sudden but my husband’s not going to do anything about it interesting maybe bus crashings in Oregon you guys call it Oregon right not Oregon I want to be right because we have a we have a town in Wisconsin that we call Oregon like that’s the name of the town but my understanding is that the state is supposed to be Oregon I think my husband went outside maybe and he heard the jingle jangle of the Bells maybe I don’t know we have like sleigh bells on our front door because we were trying to train beans to ring the bells when he needs to go outside but all it did was train him to know when the door is being opened so that he could bark at people before they get in the house so there’s that but I guess the nice part about that is that if he hears somebody enter the house he’s going to bark a right on get you some oh okay so you’re in the same kind of situation I am not the second one okay so it’s Oregon um yeah because we have a place it’s called Oregon like and I don’t know how uh how like crazy it must drive you when people call it the game Oregon Trails when it’s like Oregon Trails which for the rec for the record my family always died of the rickets on the Oregon Trail the Oregon Trail um that was all of that one I think oh my gosh she’s almost done she is so close well see and at least you knew about that for I like it I I like it and I I wonder if I could steal that idea not like I said I think my husband would be happy to try and convert it into something for us to travel in cuz we’ve talked about you know doing a van or whatever but I don’t have a space that’s mine everybody else in the house has a space you know what I mean like um my husband he utilizes our room for his succulent Obsession sir succulent and his succulent Obsession um and all of his stuff is basically in our room I don’t have a craft I don’t have a space that’s mine my kids have their own rooms you know what I mean I do not have my own room right now like I said said I’m in my daughter’s room using it as a Craft Space so I have quiet and things like that but a bus would be awesome even just without a fridge and everything else just to have a space that’s mine um do you have a bathroom in there or do you do you use like a like one of those oh you know the the it’s a it’s a potty chair but it’s like um it essentially has an enzyme that eats your poo and your pee or whatever like you don’t need to have anything water to it or anything like that composting yes composting toilet right on that’s super cool was it was something like that a converting project like that really expensive like what what I mean if you don’t mind saying what does something something like that cost to to like do the conversion assuming that you know like you kind of did most of the work yourself or maybe you didn’t I don’t know oh oh okay so that’s probably not something so much in my budget right now but um it could be someday I wonder Okay so so like with building rules and stuff like that I kind of wondered whether or not like okay so I can’t build a shed but what if I buy one of those preconstructed things and moved it onto the property does that count I don’t know I’d have to look into it yes I I also wish it was normalized like you know just because just because I love people doesn’t mean that I want to be around them 247 you know oh okay I also thought about like even like an Astan type situation but again like my husband would really want to recreate that as a piece for us to travel in so that you know we could go our places because we’ve talked about that lots of times so I think if I turned it into a she buus he’d probably be angry with me but yeah I feel like people need their own space it’s like you know let’s not crowd each other I love you but I want to love you from a distance sometimes uh oh she’s starting to shape up on the side there what is this supposed to be is it just a shadow maybe it’s just a shadow and I don’t because I don’t have all the colors in there I can’t see it yet it’s a third eye on the side of her face no I don’t know I’ll figure it out when I get every oh I think it’s like a shadow of her hair maybe something like that any more triangles no yeah yep and I I mean once my oldest finds a place of her own and whatnot like I’ve already told my husband her bedroom becomes like essentially a craft room or Craft Space for me in office or whatever like I need a space that’s mine and I mean like even even sleeping quarters I should be able to sleep in my own space if I want to sleep in my own space I should not feel obligated to sleep in the same space as another human if I don’t want to because like right now most of the time if I’m sleeping somewhere sleeping like on the couch our bed is too for my back and actually causes me more pain than just sleeping on a couch does so I choose to sleep down on the couch it’s not like our marriage is on the Rocks because I choose to sleep on bed but my bed hurts me so I would rather not physically in pain right um but yeah I wish that was more normalized because then when I tell people like I sleep on the couch or whatever they look at me like I’m crazy or like I’m weird am I glad I did this yes yes I am very much so uh I feel like doing this has been good for my mental health in a lot of ways and reason being and thank you for asking um reason being is um one I I feel like there’s been a whole just now 10 hour 10 and a half hour conversation around around the mental health of those in this space and that is really important I feel like it’s also uh men and women being able to have an out like an out in the open upfront and honest conversation about mental health too um and about addiction and everything else like I had thought initially about making this live stream about addiction I even talked to Dustin about it I was like yo you know what do you think and you you know he and I kind of kicked back and forth and agreed that it would be narrowing the focus a little bit too much where really like if I talk about everything to do with mental health then everybody’s a part of the conversation so I don’t want anybody to feel like they’re excluded in any sort of way um because another thing that my friend Ann Elizabeth explains in her book um make it worth it is that exclusion to a human being feels like a physical punch to the face the same pain that you experience from being punched in the face you feel from being excluded and everybody has felt excluded at some point in their life even if you think that somebody is like the most popular person in the world and whatever they’ve been and felt excluded before too and it’s an awful feeling it’s a terrible feeling and so part that’s also part of why I make sure to add during my welcome what’s up guys gals and non-binary pal it’s to let everybody know that they are included that there is nobody who’s left out of the convers and everybody deserves a seat at the table you know what I mean um I feel like this has also been good for my mental health because I haven’t had a lot of connection with adult outside of my home and then those I’ve been either managing or taking care of in The Last 5 Years so it’s been very good for me in that respect too um so it’s just it is what it is I I feel very good about even now 10 and a half hours in I still feel very good about what I’m doing um I I hope other people do I mean I’m cutting in and out am I um is everybody else having that problem too long lives I do on Twitch it’s my audio weird um Let me let me check something really hold on one second hey Dustin are you on your game right now okay is anybody else like on uh no weird okay my my audio is going in and out they said so I didn’t know if anybody was on something or what no it’s not my family nobody’s on anything like well weird um I’m not sure why it would be doing that I haven’t cheen touched anything I haven’t moved anything just some okay well if it gets really bad let me know if it gets really bad I’m not sure what I can do but weird it’s so weird to me that like literally nothing could happen and nothing could be CH and it would do something like that that’s just bizarre cuz I haven’t moved anything nothing’s changed you know what I mean that’s just bizarre to me um but if it gets really really bad just let me know um but yeah so I’m I’m very happy that I’ve been able to do this and as far as long lives go like I said I do a long live pretty much Thursdays and Saturdays on Twitch I’m on there typically like four hours I wouldn’t mind moving one of them to YouTube I was thinking about moving the Saturday one to YouTube um because that’s one that I’m also I’m online for a long time because I don’t always I just go for you know an hour or two to be kept busy or company or whatever for a longer time sometimes I literally get on a live randomly on Twitch because Audrey is lonely or what whatever not as bad as it was on Twitch just spotty okay yeah twitch was being really weird the other night too last night just bizarre I don’t know um but yeah sometimes Audrey will just be like yo I’m are you going to do a live tonight can I twist your arm into doing a live cuz I’ve got to drive to Buffalo or whatever I’ve got to drive somewhere for hours and can I do it at the same time I don’t know I’m sure I can there has to be a way and twitch is very easy it you like literally you just sign up and you search a person it’s really not terribly difficult the reason I like the twitch is because it there’s a smaller group of us like it’s it’s kind of um the people who are on there want to be on there you know what I mean they’re not like just jumping on lurking whatever they’re well I mean there are people who jump on and lurk and say nothing but it’s just a little bit more intimate like the most I feel like I’ve had on a on a twitch live is like 15 people it’s just real small it’s real small I mean granted I say that now and then somebody hears us and they’re like I’m goingon to go on and see what’s up on Thursdays and Saturdays the more the marrier honestly in both situations but I do like that the the twitch is just a little bit of a more intimate kind of setting I guess I thought about starting a Discord group um which is sort of just like a it’s like a community page or whatever where it would be a community page specifically for people my channel that connect on my Channel or connect with each other via my chats or whatever um that you know it would be a Discord for basically uh what did we decide on not sparklers we decided we were A Dazzle A Dazzle of diamond painters um credit to whoever said that I can’t remember who it was now but props to you um like you know if this Dazzle of diamond painters uh wanted to be on a Discord welcome back Carol um if this group wanted to be on a Discord Community up and you know whatever like it was one of the recommendations for uh a patreon page was like you should consider getting a Discord and then your community can uh you know get in touch with you there um on the patreon specifically uh I’m going to be doing a weekly Vlog there’s there’s more content that’s available via the patreon um where I talk a little bit more about like more personal things um show pictures of my kids or not proba my kids but you know know my dogs my my stuff in my house I thought I would do this thing where for the weekly Vlog I would pick some random item in my house like okay for instance I have weird in here I have a a Ouija board collection why I don’t know because I do um I have an owl it’s a it’s a figurine an owl figurine that is made entirely out of cow manure dried cow manure why do I have that again I don’t why not right I did I got my pizza I got some pizza yes cat and so yes where your Randomness is celebrated listen Randomness is celebrated around me all day every day um but you know like those are the sorts of things that I’m kind of planning for the patreon something that is different something that is fun you know so if you’re interested again no pressure on the patreon you don’t have to feel obligated you know whatever I will still be friendly and whatnot with you even if you I’ll hate you a little bit but but really no no no hard feelings at all yes yes thank you anticipate my needs can you um soda also just so I have a fresh one thank you you’re going to bed oh beans your head is bigger than mine by twice did you know that that doggy look what Dustin brought me what a smart man what a smart man he is I shake the shoes out of it and then I leave it next to me so it can settle I shake the shoes out of it it doesn’t even make sense what I just said all about um but yeah no pressure on the patreon if you choose to join the patreon it helps the channel me immensely um you’d be supporting me in getting myself an actual desk you would be supporting me in um possibly you know some Financial Freedom from having to uh panic and worry thank you and worry about a job because I’ll let you know if there’s an ad to good night honey love you that wasn’t a no oh my goodness um but uh yeah a little bit more Financial Freedom so I don’t have to panic as much about not having a job right this moment because I’m looking but like I can’t make a job appear you know what I mean I’ve been applying I’ve been trying but I feel like there’s a certain um a certain discrimination against women of a specific age or older you know what I’m saying like I am I know that the jobs that I have applied for I am beyond thank you Scorpio Moon thank you very much I appreciate that like genuinely um I qualified for some of the stuff that I’ve applied for like even the things I’m not still overqualified for in a lot of ways but why it’s like I get a job offer and then it’s rescinded or whatever like well we decided to go with another candidate okay well that would be great if you could explain why and then when I try to get an explanation why they’re like we sent you your Consumer Report okay and what in my Consumer Report what we sent you your Consumer Report cool okay so it’s something to do with my consumer report but you won’t tell me what all right well cool it is what it is you know um I’ve got this uh School for the Blind uh employment opportunity that to hear back from they said that it would be probably not until the end of next week that I’m going to hear something so I’m not going to panic um I’m not going to get my hopes up too high about it because reasons recent reasons um but uh I feel like you know I as much as I’m not qualified for that job I’m I’m also very qualified for that job so we’ll see we’ll see and the nice thing would be that um the nice thing on that would be that uh I would have Summers off if I choose to he said that people can work like there’s work to be done if people want the work if they’re looking for hours they don’t want to be home you know whatever that they work essentially for people with you know stuff but um that you’re not required to do that you’re only required really to do your your year like during the school year and then the summer is yours so I can kind of make a decision like okay do I want to be free in the summer to do whatever I do and then work just normal school year and the hours are like 6:30 to 3: I think 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. that’s nothing that’s nothing at all weekends off like I can’t I can’t fault that but I also cannot deny that I feel like I have been discriminated against in a lot of different ways and part of it I think is age because it’s funny how you know when you start talking about the questions that they really aren’t supposed to ask you but I talk about my kids because they’re you know important to me they ask me about my hobbies I talk about my kids um and I’ll say things like yeah one graduating from college I think they can kind of put the put the pieces together it doesn’t take a dummy to figure out like oh you have college age and a high school graduate Age kid okay so you’re you got to be older than or whatever yeah and that’s that’s the other part too or I’m overqualified okay interesting interesting it’s like I kind of feel like when I was hiring I would much rather hire somebody over the age of 25 because no offense but there’s 20 of them no no offense to 25y olds at all but the um the fact of the matter is that most of the attendance issues and attitude issues and whatever came from 20s something so no offense to you guys but straighten out your attitude and show up for work that’s all um and not all of you obviously that doesn’t apply to everyone in the whole world but that was primarily my issue and that was why I was working 70 hours a week was because I was covering for people who just decided they didn’t want to show up for work that day you know um I mean I was doing some superum crap by working 70 hour work weeks I mean I literally made 30 Grand in overtime last year see now I’m a really good interview too and I know that I am I know that I am right right Vanessa 100% true it’s like okay so the next person who comes in you’re not going to show them how to do their job you’re not going to train them at all you’re just going to expect them to know what they’re doing when they walk in the door somehow I doubt that somehow I doubt it but you know I mean it’s it’s rough it’s really rough it’s not food beans I know it’s a crackly wrapper I do have food that you can eat though here you go have that you can have my my crunchy crust that I can’t eat I’m break a tooth or something right and that’s the thing too it’s like okay I don’t care that I’m overqualified I knew when I applied when you posted that it was $18 an hour that it’s $18 an hour if I wanted something more I would go look for that but you posted a job that I applied for at the amount that you posted it for if I wanted more money I would have brought that up I never said a word about more money or whatever it’s like well I mean I can understand it’s not it’s not a lot of money for somebody who’s probably looking for blah blah blah I didn’t say anything about that like you’ve already counted me out of this job and I haven’t even turned it down yet it’s like what is happening but I also and I’ve tried to do it less and less in interviews but I do talk to them about my past with drug addiction because it is important to me that I like I show them that I have dedication to something and quitting a an a serious opiate medication like that’s important you would think they’d be like hey man you’re dedicated to something you’re doing great you know whatever I don’t know maybe I’m wrong Maybe I’m Wrong what’s up Dereck exactly exactly Scorpio Moon just just tell me I’m too old and move on like I don’t know how’s your evening Derek we’re just chatting about jobs and frustrations with being old and I’m not even old man like gez whatever I I’ll I’ll find I feel like life’s going to put me in the right path for something now my therapist thinks he outright said to me um that you’re going to make this YouTube thing a thing he’s like you’re already doing it and I was like well I don’t know I mean I’m going to try I’m going to see if I can’t get somewhere no you’re going to do it and I was like all right glad you got some confidence in the sit situation whoa beans stop rolling over you’re about to knock my table over stop it bro why you got to lean on my table anyway Dusty yeah and and that’s the thing that’s the other thing too I don’t want to take the right now job I want to take the right job that’s the right fit that’s the right you know the right everything I don’t want to just take a job because I want to take a job I want to take job that I’m going to be happy at that I’m going to enjoy myself that I’m going to feel that fulfillment that I want you know all the things but it also gets really frustrating to not have my own money I’ve never not had my own money this has been the first time in a long like since my kids were little because I I didn’t work when they were real little I stayed home with them I felt that was very important um just because you know studies show that kids who have a stay-at-home parent like they read quicker they behave better like all of the things instead of letting a television raise my kid or a excuse me a daycare situation I wanted to do it myself so that’s what I did it would have cost me more to get a daycare anyways but um I just yeah I haven’t had money in a minute and that’s really weird for me like really really really weird and I did end up investing some of like I pulled for my 401k um because I wanted to make sure that I had something to live on for myself without draining everything and I did end up spending some of it on diamond painting stuff because I knew I wanted to do the YouTube like I knew it was coming I knew it was a plan so I wanted to spend at least invest a little something into what I’m going to be doing Without You Know draining my funds entirely for it um but so I don’t know was that maybe but it’s not like I went all right gez I need to go and spend $40,000 on and I it wasn’t $40,000 for my 401k it was a couple few grand not a lot um but I knew I was going to need to have at least some things to start I had to buy myself a new phone mostly because like okay my old phone that I was using by the way for like regularly using I don’t know if you can see but it’s got a massive like there’s a crack right here it’s huge there we go it’s got cracks like literally and I used this thing for almost a year because I’m kind of a tight WT about that sort of stuff but I knew okay I can’t record on that um just do it Scorpio Moon just do it I I wished that I had the nerve to do it too and you know what I just started doing it because sometimes you just got to do it and you know I feel like and no literally no offense meant to anybody who’s been a YouTuber for a long time but I feel like there there is plenty of room for new creators that are ready to deliver some new ideas or new just new you know I mean like new faces fresh blood yes there’s there’s going to be people that are going to be the the trusty go-to forever like that’s just the way of people we trust a man I uncovered her face I didn’t want to show it yet um no but look at it guys it’s it’s gorgeous I can’t get over it I just can’t woe um just watching her take shape has been amazing um but there’s plenty of room for you know fresh blood just people who want to do try new things do things a little differently that aren’t just doing the same the same things week in week out you know whatever I’d subscribe to your dusty ass Channel maybe a couple dusty ass old ladies on here talking to people about Diamond painting and I think that was the other thing too like part of the reason that I wanted to um kind of focus on mental health is because yes yes okay like there’s um people like DP addiction Adventures you know that are talking about mental health but I wanted to make it some sort of a focal point of the channel to talk about mental health because it’s important it’s very very important um because it’s it’s how I found diamond painting it’s how many people find diamond painting or they find themselves in Diamond painting and that was massive wildly important to me so that that was the something different I felt like I bring because I focus on that you know my all of my Whip and chats have something to do with mental health she said shut up well I’ll have to check you out too and it’s not even like a subscribe for a subscribe like if I if I think that you’re Dusty I’m going to tell you you’re Dusty no I’m just kidding I wouldn’t I probably W okay if I saw something that I thought like hey when you introduce yourself or whatever I’m a little unclear with what’s happening because it took you a minute and a half to get to blah blah blah whatever I’ve done it for other people and it there’s never any offense me it’s always like hey you could improve this a little bit by doing XYZ I and if it’s if it’s not wanted just say nope I don’t I don’t need you to do that for me and i’ like all right cool um but there’s a lot of new people popping up that either want a little advice on you know what do I do if I want to start a YouTube this is what I did I I’m not a guru I’m not a I’m not a you know I’m not a YouTube like influencer or anything like that but I can tell you what I did that’s been successful for me and if I if I see something as a viewer that I think you can you can work on or fix or whatever I’ll I’ll let you know but um you know even for having the the light on I am not really seeing a lot of knockwood I’m not seeing a lot of gapping in her face or around her face at all so that’s good the amount of just shading that is going into every part of her hair every part of her face every part of her everything it’s just really beautiful and I really like the um kind of like the redish effect that she puts around the eyes of her subjects yeah and and it’s important that we use our spaces I also appreciate honesty like if I if I say something that sounds wrong or whatever like call my ass out on it immediately call me out on it I I like to be I like to be held accountable for what I say and what I do because you know I figure if nobody’s going to call me out on it but I keep doing or saying whatever then I’m never going to learn never going to learn can’t get better if I don’t know but I know that there’s a lot of people that I I feel like if I said you know certain things to them after they’ve been in the space for longer than I have that they wouldn’t appreciate it they’d be really upset like who the hell are you why are you even telling me this like go go about your life and I be like all right cool later sorry I bothered you I just need one of these blue ones God this is a beautiful blue it’s like a violet actually I want my life to be this color so pretty this whole color palette this whole color palette has been gorgeous all right let’s see um when I’m when I’m not like in the middle of aive I will definitely sub you um okay next one I fig by the time that we’re ready to switch over to the other one I’ll have her done um and show her off to you guys a little bit cuz that’s I mean yeah it’s not going to take me an hour to finish up the little bit that I have left um and then I can start getting set up with the other piece it’ll all work out perfectly um and then I’ll explain to people at that time like yo you need to go to the other live because otherwise I’m going to lose the I’m going to I’m going to lose the feed for recording yada yada I’ll do a giveaway when we get over there you’re wanting to give away then you better you better go over to the other one when it’s time I’ll get there when we get there don’t worry about that right now but it’ll be about 11-ish when I do the next one um yeah I’m just I’m I’m happy that there’s a space for like for me I feel like there’s there’s a space for me to try to help others which is what I’ve tried to do my whole life I feel like um you know one of the things I worked on when I was in rehab was uh you know some of these like not toxic traits but like traits that I have that um are you know I guess things that end up defeating me or messing me up or whatever and one of those is like okay Cape wearing I man am I a sucker for a cape I love a Superman cape I think that I’m going to save everybody I think I’m going to fix everybody all the things and then people pleasing oh my God I people please even if it even if it costs me all the spoons for my day I will people please just to make sure someone else is comfortable um I always forget when you know that I’m supposed to have a turn at that yeah I’m not very good at that part but one thing I have noticed though after her putty after this putty the butterfly effect wears after it’s been worked like a lot work I feel like it gets a little grainy and I mean not in like a bad way or whatever it just it definitely has like an expiration point where it’s like okay you should switch because it’s starting to feel grainy and I’m not even sure how that h i mean it still works too while it is grainy it’s just weird it’s really weird but again I’m a really hard presser so I’m probably like you know working it like you would a dough or whatever and eventually I’m sure that it just gets of that yeah it thank you very much I I like my nails too um yeah if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet you might want to do that or not maybe you don’t want to do that I don’t know uh and then if you want to be notified of any new content make sure you hit the Bell to be notified um what other things subscribe to the patreon should you want to um Audrey usually handles that stuff but she’s I think she’s gone for a while oh see I have a rainbow pen that stop moving my table beans well it’s up against the bed now so I don’t think you can I’m at 590 holy shnikies thank you I was at 52 I think this morning I believe that sounds right well cool cool cool I dig it thank you my god wow I’m GNA have a moment on my own about that when I when I catch up with myself there we go whoa I pinched it I pinched it too hard and it flew some oh taking a break yeah it’s okay she can take breaks I don’t mind spop that like button if you have not already booped the like button um yeah I uh it’s going to take me a minute to catch up on that cuz not not at all expected um I figured I figured it would probably take me close to six months to get to a to get to 1K I figured at least 6 months if not more because the way I was counting subscribers was like what I was averaging which was like 25 25 every couple of days so I was like okay so if I count that then I should hit a thousand before you know around the end of the year so I thought yeah maybe I’ll hit that around about December you know whatever but I don’t know I guess I’m I guess I’m making the correct choices so that’s good um I figured the live would definitely I know I’m going to not do that I’m going to not do that oh well a airine from uh that’s from rainbows right um points with my brain my brain is not wanting to think of the name of the shop uh and I literally just said it earlier because like I said if I had if I had started doing pens earlier I would have done the same thing um because I freaking love rainbows and every pen that would want to make it would just be rainbows all day long House of rainbows dang it that’s what it’s called oh yeah you can buy you can buy me a cup of coffee that’s but yeah I figure now that i’ now that I’m doing the live like obviously it’s going to take a little while for people to um to know that I’ve done a live because YouTube isn’t going to just tell everybody immediately and um I think eventually people are going to see like holy crap um yeah I shill it because I wish that I I wish that I had a house of rainbows pen um like people are going to see it and go holy holy schnikes this girl really Diamond painted live for 24 hours and eventually that will you know Garner attention and whatever and possibly subscribers but I know it’s still going to take a minute like you know you know like I said YouTube isn’t putting me in front of people immediately but we’ll see we shall see um there are other people doing lives tonight um I am not certain exactly who all does lives but uh oh no those are probably way over by now holy crap it’s 10 o’clock okay never mind it’s just us you guys it’s just us I Think We’re Alone Now there doesn’t seem to be anyone around around and my dog just looked at me like what what happened mom beans you do not need to go and push that door open buddy they don’t want to be bothered by you anymore well thank you and that’s that right there I have been comparing myself in or comparing myself out like literally my whole life my whole life last you guys last letter I just got this right here and this little this little section right there she’s almost oh no I’m sorry I have her eye I almost forgot the rest of her eye I don’t want to forget those oh my God it’s almost done done um I’ve been comparing myself in or comparing myself out like literally my entire life um I have always wanted to be a part of all the things but I was never really invited to the things so like I always felt like you know there there’d be this like hey anybody want to go grab pizza after work and it it would be not even to the room it would be to the room of four specific people I was probably with an earshot but I was not invited and then they all would go out to pizza and talk the next day about the pizza or whatever house party um freaking Tupperware part whatever they would talk all about how fun it was to do da da da da and I was within five feet of them and they still did not even like think to invite me cordially invite or whatever I always invited people to things and it was always like I’m too busy I can’t I got stuff and whatever and I always took it really personally and then I tried to remember that like you know maybe I’m just not their jam and that should be okay but like am I nobody’s Jam like am I never going to be anybody’s Jam so you know I I think oh okay so you were just looking to see if anybody was live like just anybody at all or you were looking for specific people to be Live Well I’m I’m very very very happy that you stumbled on me too you tripped over me you landed on me it’s okay I liked it um I uh yeah I just I don’t know I I don’t know but what I do know is that I feel like some comparison is good because you know it keeps you it keeps you competitive or it keeps you you know paying attention to what’s out there but that said I also don’t want to get well I’m glad that I’m your jam strawberry jam Jammer Jam Jimmy Jams I’m going to switch at 1055 is that’s about what I’m going to switch over um when I get done with these couple last little letters I’m going to take a tin colorium Break um and then uh I want to show you guys this piece what am I work what letter did I just grab um oo o that’s going to be pretty um yeah I want to go to the bathroom want to show you guys the finished whole product I will switch over the camera so that it’s going to give you a little bit bigger wider angle and then okay but I think I want to tinkle laurum before I show you guys the piece Brown okay do I use this literally anywhere else maybe a couple little spots maybe I don’t remember using this brown anywhere else do I use this just just in there that’s it okay one two three here we go all right last Diamond here it is at 10:13 p.m. been streaming for 11 hours and 13 minutes bam it took me 11 hours to do four squares though well it’s a lot of confetti a lot of confetti well thank you Carol don’t worry we will have a whole tribe there will be a tribe of weirdos just for you and me all right let me I’m going to cap up my my uh odd amount of and that really like really in the scheme of things is not a lot of trash it was just a lot more than I was expecting from Diamond Art Club but it’s not really a lot thank you Michelle thank you Audrey we’re gonna we’re gonna have a tinkle orium break but let me get this crap put away oh my gosh I can kid her down so the next thing that I’m going to do before I like pull the kit apart and all of that is I like to take the um take one of each diamond and put them in a baggie I just started doing this I don’t remember who I stole this idea from but uh somebody had this idea and then what I do is I will take it let that it let that go um I take it and then I put let me see I put it in a bag so then I know what colors I had with that kit and so I’m going to put her bag over here with her yes I keep all of my drills because I’m a weirdo dusty ass dazzlers yes yes dusty ass dazers I love it love it love it love it okay all right meditate on that beautiful face for just a moment um if you haven’t already Boop that like button I will be right back I’m going to go to the bathroom I’m going to put you on mute I will see you in two maybe two minutes I’ll see you in just a minute e e I’m back I even washed my hands all right so let me get some things moved all right did I miss anything yeah no okay all right I’m going a drink yeah so um I’m you oh you keep you keep the b or you keep all of the drills together with the name of the painting but you keep all the drills together so I don’t do that after the fact like I separate them by color and then right now until I can get them into the binders are marked I have them separated just by colors like Blues purples Etc um hi Linda welcome that’s okay you know what you can be here as long as you want I’m sorry you missed the first part but all you really missed was just me finishing aisai I kitted her up on the 12th and she is now done um 14 days 2 weeks um she is a 65 by 95 cm she is a big girl um let me also who let me also get rid of the light board from underneath her for right this second yeah she is now done um but uh that was I just saying yeah so miss anything really we just I just did this but but um yeah so I take the I take the drills and I separate them by color and then later on I have a binder that has the different colors and I just slip them into the binders squares in one binder and then I have rounds in another [Music] um yeah you found it Sherry here you are welcome welcome my hand is good um my back is all right but that’s mostly because my posture is pretty good anyways but let me see okay so I’m going to do an adjustment on the camera angle thingy I go from wide to ultra wide now mind you you’re going to see my daughter’s bed the end of my daughter’s bed so don’t be alarmed um but I go Ultra wide and it’s going to give us a bigger shot all right there we go now if you need more light I can shed more light on the subject as well um in fact let me I’m G to do like this there we go that will also help us okay and then I’m going to lift the camera up so I can give you more angle okay so let me there we go I just want to make sure that I can sort of scroll her up I’m going to start at the bottom okay so this is the bottom yeah honestly so here’s the bottom we got some hydrangeas this is actually so what you’re not really seeing this is the sleeve of her kimono um let me back it up a little there we go that’s the sleeve of her kimono that has this hydrangea here and over here doing awesome I just finished aisai she is all finished and then she is in she’s like in a hydrangea bush kind of like here’s her Obie this is all of her Obi tie right here and then her Obie belt I don’t know why it looks so dark hang on let me let me also turn up a little bit of iso all right hold on there we go I just don’t want it to mess with the speed too much so I got to turn up the brightness just like okay there we go that’s a little better let me go back down just a little bit okay so this is the sleeve of her kimono right here um and then she’s like in a hydrangea type bush look at how shiny oh and then her her Obie is right here and then her sash I thought that was her elbow that’s actually just like a fold in the because her elbow is more like I guess her elbow’s kind of here if I had to oh I felt hold on I felt something there it is to pop that back in place okay that’s the other thing I like to do when I’m scrolling it around so I can check for any pop drills oh there’s another one okay um and then I didn’t think I was going to like it because I was so close to it but this like pink and red right here I did not think I was going to like that and actually it like from viewing distance looks amazing and like the amount of gradient that’s in this piece oh you’re you’re going to see my favorite part up here okay so whatever this is I don’t know if this is the sky or or what but it is absolutely let me let me get you okay the only thing that I will mention because this is light colors there is a little bit of gapping up here but let me go back into the wide um where am I at here there we go all right I’m going to go back into the wide and then I want you to check out there’s like this right here this area right here is like part almost my favorite part of this painting um it’s like these right in here I don’t know what this is supposed to be but it’s absolutely gorgeous I don’t know if that’s the sky and those are supposed to be the clouds or just you know watercolor Beauty behind her or whatever like just just stunning just really stunning yeah yeah I don’t know I don’t know it’s just it’s beautiful and the placement of the ABS and fairy dusts in this piece are like perfect absolutely perfect so like there’s there’s some fairy dust in the purple in her hair bring it down a little bit there’s some fairy dust in the purple in her hair and then you get some of the ABS in that FL flower right there it’s kind of hard to see now but you saw it from before there’s like ABS purple ABS in there and then some purple ABS up in this one here too um all of the white like dot sort of things that you see hold on all of the white dot sort of things that you see these are all white abs like all those little little um that and then like all of the leaves all of the leaves have green fairy dust in them um you kind of see it I wish the camera picked that up better once it’s in the painting but there’s just veins of green fairy dust in all of the leaves but yeah honestly like all of all of these colors are just perfect and then her face her face is so Serene even the fact that like it appears as though her lips are just ever so slightly parted just with two squares that’s just two squares that just makes her her lips look parted like that and yeah some of the color choices I might think were strange like um sorry I see a little Gap uh some of the color choices I I think I would have thought were really strange initially but seeing them all together absolutely beautiful beautiful so all right um let me go should I wondering if I should turn the brightness back down or leave it is this affecting any of the picture you guys are seeing like is anything stuttering or the reason I had the iso turned down was because I was so concerned that it would cause like you know um I’m I’m not seeing any trailing really too bad with my hands but I worried that it would cause issues but are you guys noticing any issu Sho with the bright the iso turned up like that not at all okay then I won’t worry about it cuz it is brighter I’ve noticed it’s been not bright but yeah I mean just just lovely just absolutely lovely I I have zero complaints right now about this kit and then like my final let me put her back this way just a little so she doesn’t slide right off the table and then the final um count for me see I got to get a tray here we go this is the final uh trash count for the whole piece um mostly it was just like dots that were missing like um resin resin dots there was one that was stuck together um but that’s all of my trash for this piece which like I said it was a lot to me for like Diamond Art Club but not a lot in the scheme of things like yeah you can see there’s a few of them that have like a dark a dark spot on them and then like some of them that are CED like that blue one right there that blue one that’s CED that was an issue and then there were a few um just trying to see if I can see them they had like literal holes in them let me flip it around um just like like what you’d expect to see with resin um that blue one in the back row like that like holes you know but nothing nothing really bad you know what I mean nothing that I’m upset with but like I I’ve seen so much worse I’ve seen so much worse with trash I’m I’ve worked on so much worse I I and then you know those weird sticks that you always end up getting in your in your colors just like pour cast off or whatever but yeah I I mean all in all that’s nothing that is absolutely nothing for a 65 by 95 I’m calling that a win you know what I mean for trash drills so all right let me pop over I’m going to get magical moonlighter real quick and put her on the bed oh she’s heavy though she is heavy all right we’ll get our magical moonlighter look at him oh my gosh he’s so lovely I’ll turn that back off he is so lovely oh squeak sorry I love him so much just all the Galaxy and then again all of these dots that are in here those are all going to be white ABS I can’t wait I can’t wait okay so I can literally start anywhere I’m trying to decide what is the best place to uh hello Marin welcome welcome this is the one you need I know it’s so good I wonder what the price point is going to be I mean it’s a what is it it is a um a 55.8 by 78.7 so it’s not like horrible it’s like a 60 by 80ish um but I mean I don’t think it’s going to be it’s a lot of color blocking so I don’t think it’s going to be too bad I’m just trying to decide where I should start I usually when I usually start I just start in the bottom left or right and then only M Aaron okay not Marin but M Aon okay but I think it’ll be I think it’ll be good so Marin or Aaron excuse me welcome um we are going to be on here for like another 25ish minutes um and then we’re going to move over to another my other live stream because what happens is YouTube stops archiving at 12 hours which means that anybody who does not that is not on the live is going to miss the end they would see the beginning and then they would miss the end of the rest of the um my being like they miss the whole point of me being on here for 24 hours so we’ve been on here in 11 hours and 31 minutes and counting but we will move over to the other one at about 10:55 so I don’t know how to there’s a way that I can grab everybody and take them with me but I’m really not with the with the YouTube that way so um this piece that I’m going to be working on sorry about the glare uh is a piece that I just sneak peeked on for Diamond Art Club it is going to come out tomorrow morning if you are diamond or Ruby member you can have access to this at 9:00 am Eastern 11: a.m central time uh or if you are a not a diamond or Ruby the general release is a half an hour later at 9:30 or 11:30 a.m. Central Time so um twitch okay yeah same person same person um but will I be doing a twitch tomorrow that I don’t know I’m not sure um but yeah this owl will be available tomorrow on diamond Art Club but I decided that for the live I want to work on him I love also the fact that these yellow accents here and right here those are all going to be fairy dusts he’s got some also in his chest I’m just super stoked about this piece just generally um and I probably will not lightboard him I think I’m like literally just gonna plop him open and start working on him um that said um does it yes there are five I think there’s five with him um backwards he has a pink a he’s got a pink AB he’s got a white AB harder to see in this light but a white AB he has a purple a purple fairy dust again hard to see in this light but a fairy dust a bright yellow like a butter yellow fairy dust sorry there’s my these were very staticky and then this gorgeous blue fairy dust I am obsessed with this one I love how the glitter in this one it just it’s slightly darker than the drill color itself I love this one but those are the specialty diamonds and those blue ones are all in this they’re like in the night sky did you save 10% by using na10 I bet you didn’t if you go on Art dot yes this is around it I know that the thing says uh Square render it is not Square this is a round piece yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah take it from yes do it do it do it it is beautiful you haven’t tried Square yet well you should because I think you would really yeah tomorrow just got more expensive I’m telling you it is gorgeous it is absolutely gorgeous um okay so I think I can I think I can rock out 20 minutes before we head over there um um let’s see I’m going to move you down this way because we’re going to start in this Square here um I’m going to attach him to the table though so he doesn’t go running away on me this is my trick so that I don’t lose my I don’t lose my paintings I clip them to the table so they don’t run away um all right we will start I’ll just do a small little piece for now maybe and then I’ll pop open more as we go okay uh a reminder to anyone who is here new I will be doing a giveaway when we get over to the other the other live stream um and this time I’m going to be doing a uh what did I say I was going to do a diamond Art Club right is that what I said I don’t remember um I think that’s what I will do is a diamond Art Club um right you you don’t want your owls flying away I know there’s a ker there’s a freaking Morales there’s just everything it’s everything if I disappear oh well I hope that I hope that you’re safe where you’re at Carol um Okay so we’ve done let me let me Mark off my stuff here we’ve got options we’ve got options group let’s weigh in all right we’ve done the Lazy River crafts that’s gone we have one Butterfly Effect wears um prize that is a uh two set of putties um one is the lucky clover scent which the lucky clover putty uh which smells like Lucky Charms you guys it smells like you stuck your face in a box of Lucky Charms and just gave it a sniff um the other is the Calypso which is um uh which is new coming out okay so there’s a a two pack of putty there is also we did the diamond painting with sparklers one uh we have a we wax which is uh a wax company or a wax from anxiety art Adventures oh okay so I also said he had a friend hold on just a minute so I have a brass owl downstairs that I named Fus this is not Fus though he does need a name but we need to figure out what his name is um just licking your wallet but this is going to be this is going to be our owl’s friend this right here I love him so much I love him so much um oh God what’s the Etsy store I got him from Claymore not Claymore sculptures oh this is rastaban rastaban is my little galaxy dragon and the reason his name is rastaban is because that is a star in the Draco constellation so I thought it was fitting for our little dude friend here but I got him on Etsy oh hold on I’m going to get you a name just a second cuz I’ll feel bad if I don’t shout her even though it’s it’s not a cover minder it’s just literally a clay dude she has these ones okay I got one for my kid for his birthday it is literally a mint chocolate chip no it’s a regular cookies and cream dragon sitting in a little Waffle cone with a scoop of ice cream and a Oreo cookie next to it it is the cutest thing she has one that is a stack of pancakes she’s got one a pretzel they’re so stank and cute okay wait uh I’m going to get you a name because I I will feel bad if I don’t um let me see let me see let me see hold on uh my account purchases it is um let me see let me see oh why can’t I think of her name scrolling uh oh it is Claymore sculptures I had it right the first time Claymore sculptures on Etsy um is like literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen I will link you I have a link right here right ready for you um but that is where rastaban is from um they they’re just every dragon on there has its own little personality it’s the cutest thing ever uh but I fit I figured that the Galaxy part was so fitting to the owl that we were going to have him as our little buddy um okay so we wax we have we wax we have Butterfly Effect wears and then I have two Diamond Art Club gift certificates one’s going to be given in the morning so I figured we would give one tonight but through the whole through the whole thing here plus going until the 1 of may you can get yourself a cat proof tray one of these here there ‘s different sizes of cat proof trays the thing that I love about cat proof trays is that the lids it comes with a lid they’re flexible you can put the lid on it and you can throw this baby at a wall and with your diamonds in it and they won’t come out uh the different sizes yes oh right you thank you Duffy so we’re either going to do we wax or uh Butterfly Effect wears so um there’s this size here thank you Duffy for reminding me too um there is a long size I like the long size for long areas of color blocking they’re amazing for that this is the Starlight Earth now I’m not sure if these silks or the 3D um Plastics are still available but the the sizes are there’s the long one here there’s one that is now this one I do is still available uh there’s this size here and then there is a kitten loaf which is itty bitty and it’s perfect for like confetti pieces they all come with lids uh and so you can kind of pick your size there are also bundles that you can buy but you can save 20% off at cat proof trays um the link Sarah has has shared in the comments there um if you use the code naomi2 it’s good until May 1 so if you don’t want to buy today that’s okay if you want to wait you know till what is that you got till next week Friday next week Wednesday you have until next week Wednesday so if you don’t want to buy today you don’t have to but that’s good until the 1st of May and you just have to use Naomi 20 I love the fact that two of my very favorite um like things in the whole world that they were willing to sponsor this event very very happy so do you guys want putty or do you want wax what what do you think what do you think putty or wax do you guys have a preference because I’m fine with whatever you guys want to do putty wax bro wax wax putty oh we’re we’re going to come up even here aren’t we uh oh putty’s winning putty is winning Putty Putty Putty wax both do both I gotta have stuff to give away later too I figure the we wax will probably or whatever I don’t do now will come up at like 7:30 8:00 in the morning let the winner oh let the winner pick which one okay so our most recent winner was was it Marilyn was the most recent winner we’ve had a few winners I don’t know what do you think I’m doing wax abstaining Mar no Marilyn but tell me what whether I should do the putty or the wax I’ll let you pick it looks like most people want wax we had a we had a putty and then all of a sudden we had all the waxes come out to play so Marilyn just help me pick pick whether we should do wax or putty since you’re a winner putty oh Marilyn says putty it’s putty time so we’ll say we wax for in the morning I this one is the one I like best this is called the fine loaf your boy wax I know I know but Marilyn’s his putty and Marilyn has spoken Marilyn’s a wiener okay um I also need to redo my putty actually Marilyn’s just made enemies with half the chat welcome Christian well don’t worry you don’t got to be scared of anything it’s mostly just me talking y’all chatting and um me giving stuff away so you don’t got to worry about too much you got me m goodness um seriously though it smells like Clover it’s your lucky Lucky Charms the the lucky clover it’s so good so good I can just sit and sniff it it’s probably not good for me well welcome lady Wicked I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself we’re having a good time over here um most of us aren’t scary yes most most of us are not scary um in about 10 minutes though uh one we’re going to be moving the live over to the other scheduled live that is on my page so you’re going to want to go over to that live at about 1055 is because um what will happen is on this live when I hit 12 hours it will stop archiving which means that it will not record the remainder of this live for the people that want to watch it later and then they will have missed the end of the 24 hours live Diamond painting So if you are watching this in the future Welcome To The Past um you’re going to want to switch to the other one in just a few minutes here you’ll see it at the end of the count thingy um but you’re going to want to switch to the other one if you want to see the the conclusion of this live because um yeah we gota we got to move it move it like uh some lemur or something oh my God I like seriously I’m like sitting here sniffing this oh my gosh it smells so good uh it so one of the putties that you win is going to be this like really cool like greens and oranges and like crazy colors I love it and it smells like Lucky Charms the reason that I like this putty specifically is I am a hard Placer and that means I tend to get a little overzealous with my placing and like just just you know going a little stabby with the drills um the butterfly effect wears is a drier putty so it can really like you’re not going to overwork it for a long time and it’s I mean like right from the from the get-go I can pick up ABS with these I have a little harder when a harder time when this is dirty to pick up ABS but when it’s fresh putty man it just boop boop boop no problem but uh highly recommend it if you are a hard Placer cuz yes let me hold on let me get this right up there we just you can sniff it you’re just going to have to really like get your face up in there and just give it a good sniffer yes okay you got oh sorry oh my gosh it’s so good and I love the fact that it’s dry because then I because okay I’m I’m not gonna like I’m not going to call anybody out uh in particular but like another putty that I have which I I’ve used and it it smells great and I like it but I have a harder time with this putty um because it’s very like it’s very stringy you see what I’m saying like it’s very very stringy and Butterfly Effect wears putty does not do that immediately it’s it takes a bit for it to get there you know what I mean like that’s that’s a lot of pull um you’re not gonna sorry it’s jumping everywhere it’s because it’s trying to figure out what to focus on um but I I like other putties it’s just that is too stringy for me and when I push hard it literally like goo out over all of my diamonds yes so I’m G to I’m going to save this but I’m going to I’m going to need some corn starch into it I think I’m going to do that with all of my other putties because I think it’s going to fix my problems with them but this this comes just like you want it to be um I’m just trying to decide if I want to keep talking and kill a little time nah I’m G to Diamond paint um and then rastaban is going to watch me he’s going to hang out right there for a minute there he goes um okay let’s just get a little a little bit going here so that I can say I Diamond painted let me get you down to this the corner here never mind my floor you can ignore that there we go okay okay um we’re going to go with our trusty 310 it’s only a little part oh I found a blue one in there we don’t need that trampoline see now this if they were still doing their glow-in-the-dark drills like they used to this would have been perfect for a glow-in-the-dark drill I feel like you know what I mean it is a round piece I love that about it cuz I’ve needed a little Breaky from doing some squares but we’ll we’ll stick some diamonds down and then we’ll move over all of that said we’ve been having a pretty good time I feel like the first 12 hours of this sucker feel like it’s been pretty all right successful I’m not totally wiped out yet so that’s good because that would not be a good thing yeah try the cornstarch hack seriously cuz I I’m I’m tired of being disappointed in my various putties I want to be able to you know use them I probably grabbed one nope that was a perfect amount okay 3 two one bam and I’m a little bit OCD about straightening as I go because I I don’t like to um I I mean I could go through and use one of those big like wedge straighteners later on but I feel like if you do it when the when the glue is fresh you know like sometimes you move stuff around and then the glue seems to just like shift it right back where it was I feel like if you do it when the glue is more fresh that it doesn’t do that as much maybe I’m wrong but all right we need this tea all right rastaban you got to sit down on this plastic here and let it not move around please thank you oh ABS too let me get my little friend out and we will put out our and put out our little cuz I want to do those real quick our white abies just need a few of them there a few whoa I got really confused when I poured these out and they were round CU I was just working on a square piece from the last 12 hours like what what just happened all right I like to um multipl with my or single place with my multipler I find it saves time but you see I’m using this putty and it’s coming right off of there and dropping these right onto the canvas with no problem and it’s not sticking to the doesn’t leave any residue with the putty it just Boop but again it’s pretty fresh I haven’t been working with it so you know it’s not like I’m going to close that up because I’m going to need it later anyways I will just keep a few ABS going on in there cuz I’m only going to need a few at a time so we’ll just keep those in our kitten sized couple minutes from now we will go over to the other live Boop I also like on this one that they did not go super ham with the um with the circles around their symbols and letters and stuff they’re not quite as dark so you’re not seeing like literally

Naomi is diamond painting on Live for 24 HOURS! #MarathonForMentalHealth - INBELLA (2024)
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