John Herbert Dillinger (2024)

John Herbert Dillinger was born June 22, 1903 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the younger of two children born to John Wilson Dillinger (1864-1943) and Mary Ellen "Molly" Lancaster (1860-1907), who had married August 23, 1887 in Marion County, Indiana.

The elder John Dillinger was reportedly a harsh father and a grocer by trade. The couple had one older daughter, Audrey, born March 6, 1889. After the death of Molly Dillinger in 1907, he was primarily raised by his teenage sister while their father manned his business. Audrey married in 1907 to Everett "Fred" Hanco*ck and had the first of their seven children in 1908.

Their father remarried on May 23, 1912 in Morgan County, Indiana to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fields (1878-1933). Initially Dillinger was jealous and disliked his stepmother but reportedly eventually came to love her as his own mother. When in jail he was paroled to see her after she had become ill but arrived home to find that she had already died. Dillinger's father and stepmother had three children, Hubert Dillinger, born c. 1913, Doris Dillinger, born c. 1918 (married surname Hockman) and Frances Dillinger born c. 1922 (married surname Thompson). On April 9, 2004 Ethel Schooling Dillinger died in Indianpolis, Indiana at age 86 years. She was listed as the widow of Hubert M. Dillinger. Doris Dillinger Hockman, born December 12, 1917, died March 14, 2001 in Martinsville, Indiana....

Beryl Ethel Hovious was born August 6, 1906 in Stinesville, Indiana, the daughter of Stephen Hovious and Cara Vandeventer. After he was discharged from the military, Dillinger returned to Mooresville where he met and married Beryl Hovious, in Martinsville on April 12, 1924. However she stated then her age was 19 and she was born August 5, 1904.He attempted to settle down, though he had difficulty holding a job and preserving his marriage. The marriage ended in divorce on June 20, 1929.

Beryl Dillinger remarried in July, 1929 to Harold McGowen, with the pair divorcing in July, 1931.

In 1932, she again remarried, this time to Charles Byrum and they had one child. Beryl Hovious Byrum died November 30, 1993 at Millers Merry Manor, Mooresville, Indiana and is buried at Mt. Pleasent Cemetery, Hall, Indiana.

Dillinger death location - John Herbert Dillinger was shot and killed by FBI agents on July 22, 1934 at the Biograph Theater on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago after receiving a tip from Dillinger's friend Anna Sage. Sage, known as the "Woman in Red," told authorities that she, Dillinger, and Dillinger's girlfriend Polly Hamilton Keele would be at the movies and to look for her dressed in red. Some reports say Sage was actually dressed in orange.

Private User writes -

I am the great granddaughter of John Dillinger. His illegitimate son John Albert Kinder born to marry {Mary} kinder and adopted by her relative Martha kinder of Burfordsville, Mo. [Bertie Albert Kinder and Private] I have photos to prove it.
My grandpa was deeply ashamed that he was a bastard. Since he's passed, I'd simply like it known that he lived a long and heroic life of his own. One of an honest blue collar horse breaker and the most reputable mule team drive of the tri-state area. Despite the roots he tried so desperately to overcome, he was a pillar of our community and suffered a false sense of shame in private. I don't want notoriety, rights, or attention in any way. I just want him to be at peace seeing that he was good own legend that was completely contrary to the paternal set of chromosomes he was given. Sincerely, Nikki Baker
I have entered the names given into Ancestry and come up with nothing since the information provided is so vague but just in case have noted this here

John Albert Kinder BIRTH 24 Dec 1929 Gravel Hill, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri,
DEATH 16 May 2013 (aged 83) Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri,
BURIAL Lessley Ridge Cemetery Huskey, Bollinger County Missouri,

  • John Herbert Dillinger - the story of John Dillinger's rein of terror, with many historical pictures from the Chicago Tribune.

John Herbert Dillinger (2024)
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